1. There’s really nothing worse in watching sports than watching a highlight of your team making a great fuckin’ play in a game you ended up losing.

  2. I think we lost the AFCCG just from Karma. We lost a game we should have won in the same way it seems you all did the week before. I'm a Chiefs fan so obviously I'm thrilled with the outcome from the Bills game but man oh man, I recognize what we all saw that day.

  3. Lifelong Chiefs fan that is also a UCF alum. So conflicted about Gabe Davis that night. On one hand happy for him, another like please stop. But he was one of the hardest working guys I've seen at UCF and knew he would make a name for himself in the NFL if someone gave him a chance.

  4. As a broncos fan, I remeber getting upset when the bills scored because they didn't take enough time off the clock. Such a fun game to watch

  5. Absolutely! Bummed at first of the result, then I was able to appreciate what I just saw. The 2 best Qbs the league had to offer and making new fans of the NFL (my dad)

  6. Watched it with a group of my friends who are all Chiefs fans. Holy shit. Those last 3 or so minutes were an emotional rollercoaster....

  7. They should rename the title “Chiefs defense disappears on fourth down from the 27”. Stevie Wonder would have completed that.

  8. When we brought in Sanders I assumed it was going to be more as a "6th man". He's not really an elite deep threat wr anymore (he can run deep routes well, but just saying he's a better "well rounded vet wr" at this point) and people were arguing with me at the beginning of the season "you haven't watched Sanders play have you". His YPR were actually similar to Diggs the previous couple seasons and he does a lot of what all our WR do very well. He can play wr1 and run precise routes (like Diggs), he can play slot (like Beasley), he's great along the sidelines (like Gabe). I figured we'd rotate him around the lineup and it was great for depth, considering the previous season playoff game in KC when all our WR were injured.

  9. Hang in there, Allen reminds me of a young Joe Burrow. If he keeps practicing he could one day compete with the best in the league.

  10. I was so excited about Davis during his rookie season, and kind of shocked how underutilized he was last season. They brought in E Sanders(whom I love BTW) and Gabe had to take a backseat. It wasn't till Manny got hurt and Gabe had to come back in that he, yet again reminded us how amazing he is. He's so good at the sideline grabs and small window catches.

  11. He broke out last season. Hell, the season before that he was basically the only reason we beat you in the playoffs. Remember those two sideline catches on our drive before the half?

  12. Tbh it's hard to tell. He looks really great at times (this game, insane sideline catches etc.) but at the same time he couldn't beat out Sanders for #2. Maybe that was a Daboll thing though. There were also times where Diggs was getting a ton of attention and you'd think Davis would be free but he wasn't. Hopefully he breaks out and ends up as good as like Higgins at #2 but will see.

  13. Yeah I'm realizing I blocked a good portion of this from my memory. That diggs 2pt conversion catch was insane. And .. it's like this is my first time watching it. I don't remember it

  14. What cracks me up is with how much arm strength he threw that ball. Gabe fell backwards(but still held on to that ball!!)

  15. Ehhhhh I'd say any unfairness now is paid for by how he was perceived on draft day. The Bills had the guts to go for him, and now they're reaping the benefits.

  16. Not taking anything away from Allen, but there isn't anything special about this pass. The route was perfect and there's no one within 10 feet of Davis. Most of the credit should go to him for taking Hughes off his feet.

  17. I was so mad at the bills def at the end of this game. Seeing the throws allen was making, as a fanbase thats all you could ask of your qb. And then the entire def chokes at the end and wastes all the effort the offense put in.

  18. Levi Wallace was asked about it in Pittsburgh recently and he admitted he has partial blame for sure. Said he normally would check where Micah Hyde and Milano are lined up to let him know how to play the TE. He didn't do it that one play and played Kelce wrong and that set up the FG to tie the game.

  19. The way they were made to play was bad. 13 seconds left, how bout you squib kick that shit and take off another 5 seconds or so, make them a bit more desperate for yardage? And then yeah, don’t play like they’re going for a goddamn touch down, all they needed was the field goal to tie it up. The decisions those last 13 seconds screwed them.

  20. Allen can be an absolute stone cold assassin at the end of games, but the Bills D has let them down multiple times in devastating ways. Allen also had a ridiculous TD drive a few years ago right before the Hail Murray play.

  21. MAN i wish gabriel davis got more props for this game than he did. josh allen got all the credit but davis was unguardable. like look at this shit lmao

  22. I was at this game; There were no losers there at all. As long as I live I'll never have more respect for an opponent. THE BILLS team that SHOWED UP and the BILLS FANS that SHOWED UP were awesome. I spoke with about 20 Bills fans during the long walk to the truck and they couldn't have been cooler people to deal with. Broncos fans can go **** themselves after what I saw from them from 2012-2015. The Bills and their fans are always welcome in KC.

  23. Going to try my best to get tickets to the game in October this year. Legitimately can't wait since it'll probably be the only game I'll go to all year, have heard nothing but praise around Chiefs fans and Arrowhead (and food, mostly food)

  24. Chill group of young Bills fans in front of me at the game. At OT they turned and said whatever happens, it had been a hell of a game/experience. They congratulated us before leaving. Shouldn't have been any losers that night

  25. Serious question - were the bills 2 playoff games this season the best all time back to back offensive performances in NFL playoff history? Between the perfect game (all drives ending in touchdowns every single time the offense had the ball) against the patriots, to this almost literal shootout, have we ever seen anything more impressive back to back?

  26. This gives me PTSD. Was the biggest rollercoaster of emotions I’ve ever experienced. One minute I’m throwing my son up in the air celebrating that we’re going to the AFC championship and 2 plays later nothing but pain - stabbing pain.

  27. What a great game. I was in Malta on vacation with my wife, and we were up at 3 or 4 in the morning in our hotel watching and screaming lol. Good memories.

  28. This game by Gabriel Davis was an all timer. Clearly Allen did good but we all knew he was that good. Davis having one of the best wr games ever in the playoffs was wild

  29. He's #2 in his loaded draft class in TDs (17), not including playoffs, which is pretty crazy given that his catches and yards aren't as impressive.

  30. I was at this game and the last 5 minutes of it aged me 10 years. It was an absolutely electric experience that I will never forget

  31. Patrick Mahomes vs Josh Allen rivalry will be going on for a years to come. Sit back and enjoy these games with them going head to head cuz it will be great!

  32. I'm excited to see what Mac Jones brings this year. He played within the limits of the offense last year. I hope they let him sling that ball.

  33. This should be a Gabriel Davis highlight not J Allen. He shook that man to the ground, Allen better not miss that throw.

  34. Was it really that great of a play? Or just God awful coverage. J Allen is amazing but this is all on the Def being awful

  35. I think at this point, both defenses were absolutely exhausted from having to account for high-powered offenses all game long.

  36. As a football fan, I will never forget this game. As an Escape from Tarkov player, I will also never forget this game.

  37. Maybe so but look at all the talented guys who didn't win 2 or at least haven't so far (Marino, Young, Rogers, Brees, Wilson, Warner, Mahomes even although obviously still super early with him) and even with some who did, e.g. Elway and Peyton Manning, it took until the very end of their careers and in Peyton's case, a ludicrously good defense after he was a shell of his former shelf.

  38. I seriously think this is one of the greatest games this century will ever see. The 4th quarter and OT were nonstop, on the edge of your seat, amazing football. I was really rooting for the Bills, but both teams played their fucking hearts out.

  39. It's sad that when you look at highlights from this game, this is typically when they start and show the last 2 minutes and OT. That entire DRIVE was allen just taking over the game. Buffalo took over at 8:55, down 5 points.

  40. Josh Allen is my favorite non-Brown and this isn’t any disrespect towards him, but Gabriel deserves an equal amount of credit for that play. Absolutely nasty route

  41. How is this a highlight? Wasn’t this the one where the Chiefs corner just fell down? Allen had way better moments than this in this game.

  42. It really sucks that the Bills had to be the team that lost this game but at least the Bengals made up for it the following week

  43. Didn't some computer out there list this as the greatest game ever or something? There was some game index or something on PFF I recall.

  44. Man, watching this game gave me blood pressure issues it wasn't supposed to be that good. My goodness, my team wasn't in the playoffs, but these boys put on a show. Can't wait to watch again this season.

  45. These sequences of scoring are why nobody picked up Honey Badger for $18M a year besides the Saints who didn’t care.

  46. Josh Allen: First QB in playoff history to throw two game winning TDs in the same game and still lose. Dude had probably the best two game start to a Playoff in history and I’m crushed he was able to get another game to start breaking records. Who knows when another chance like that will come around? (Hopefully this year but shit happens.)

  47. I thought the game was over here. Then I thought it was over when they scored with 17 seconds. Now I don't know what to believe!

  48. And mind you, this was Davis' 3rd td and then their next drive he got another one. Everyone praises Allen for this but Davis jusy keot getting open and deserves some praise

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