1. idk i think he sees this new group of players as a 2 year project, and i think sean desai is going to be the next head coach

  2. Two years. Carroll retires at the end of 2024. Becomes President of operations. Drew Lock is MVP of the 2022-2023 season. Carroll feels there are no more mountains to climb. Seahawks team declared undisputed greatest team ever. Wilson cries himself to sleep in the mile high city. Tom Brady runs for US Senate.

  3. If Gronkowski wasn't getting paid by USAA, and USAA wasn't running NFL commercials, they'd have to return that extra money to veterans and widows and what-not, and those people already have enough money.

  4. Why are there so many crypto ads? Especially star athletes promoting it. Do people not realize that all their “transfer fees” are going into peoples pockets that don’t give a fuck about their “motive”?? Plus the amount they spend on ads. It has to be insane. Fucking idiots.

  5. It isn't about switching it's about making sure by the time you are old enough to buy insurance the only thing you know about insurance is those funny flo commercials. Same with alcohol. When a kid walks up to a bar for the first time they have no clue what to order so they just go with what's familiar.

  6. The insurance ads drive me nuts. I give you money, you then take that and spend it on annoying ads, then when I need to file a claim you fuck me over? If you spent less money on ads and more on doing what you promised then... Well then that'd be cool

  7. I was told by a friend of mine to switch every 6 months to a year to get better rates... Meanwhile I've been with Nationwide for the past 5 years because I'm lazy.

  8. I can already hear Joe Buck (on MNF this time) saying “LaFleur is the youngest coach to ever do so and so” as Rodgers is warming up and people are talking about him not having more experienced WRs.

  9. dak isnt getting any roughing the passer penalties this year. the press may have forgotten about what he said about the refs, but the refs wont.

  10. After Cam called out Ed Hochuli for saying he was too young to get a call, he stopped getting a lot of RTP calls for helmet to helmet. Probably a coincidence, and I may only be posting this because the tin foil in my beanie needs changing, but it may be pertinent.

  11. Reminds me of when this video when Calgary flames player checked the ref in the back in the middle of the game. The Flames were something like a bottom 5 for penalty taken for a couple years in a row. Then immediately after the hit they sky rocketed up to one of the top teams for penalty’s. I think the coach or GM after a while threatened to go to the public for unfair treatment and after that they went back to not getting called.

  12. Seems like a no brainer.. Marcus Mariota couldn’t win with Derrick Henry. That being said, it’s not the worst thing ever. There’ll be some really good QBs in next years draft if the Falcons get a top 3 picks

  13. At least 3 of the 6 second year QBs will have their teams questioning if this is their guy going forward after this season.

  14. The third place schedule is only worth three games, they have the play in the AFC West (hardest conference) and against the NFC West (hardest conference in the NFC).

  15. I know the AFC West is going to be insanely tough this year, but aren’t most people expecting them to make the playoffs? At least, I know I am.

  16. Funny enough, this is the opposite of my hill. My hill is the chargers will be absolutely loaded and still miss the playoffs. Just like every year.

  17. Pretty sure we aren't trading for Baker unless Trey and Jimmy are both on IR for the season. Even then it's highly unlikely. We'd be more likely to just roll with Sudfeld / Purdy and write off the season.

  18. Honest 7 wins are doable. They lost so many games games because of HOFers doing HOF shit and bad luck last year.

  19. Lions will be decent this year. Probably even a fringe playoff team squeezing into that last Wildcard spot in the NFC. Say a 10-7 record at best?

  20. Dolphins just had two winning seasons in a row for the first time since 2002-2003 under a now-fired coach that's since been painted as problematic.

  21. Sticking with Jared Goff was the best option and he’s still capable of being an above average quarterback. Goff’s play seems strongly linked to his confidence and if anyone can inspire confidence in him, it’s Dan Fucking Campbell.

  22. Russell Wilson isn't going to find the grass is any greener on the broncos. Most likely will miss the playoffs

  23. Seattle's roster outside of QB and WR was rough last year. 36 year old Duane Brown at T. Patchwork everywhere else on the line. DL couldn't get any pressure or stop the run.

  24. I think Denver is a way better situation than Seattle right now. Especially for a QB getting older. Seahawks seem like a quick rebuild and Russell may not want to wait through it.

  25. The biggest problem the past few years in Seattle was the lack of a defense. Now he’s getting the defense that was #2 last year. Granted, defense from year to year can be volatile, but it’s definitely set up to be better than the Seahawks defense.

  26. I do agree that Russell is on the decline but the Broncos seem like they're always good at every position except QB. If he's like 80% of his peak they're a legitimate contender with the rest of their roster talent.

  27. The dude's only missed the playoffs once while healthy and that was a 9-7 hawks team that was much worse than this Denver team. They'll be fine. Maybe not super bowl contenders but they will make the playoffs.

  28. Deebo will be a 49er, but not a wide back regularly. I’ve been saying this since the rumours started. Also, Jimmy G will start for a team that’s not SF. My guess is Carolina.

  29. That's a spicy one... I'm for it but I don't see it. Unless something cataclysmic happens to Josh Allen, the Dolphins are hopefully the second best team in the AFC East. And I only say hopefully because I'm tired of getting hurt.

  30. Alex Cappa is a beast and will be missed by the Bucs. He's gonna do great things for you guys. He's an absolute monster in the run game, and loves getting to the second level. I wouldn't call him "elite" in the pass game, but very good at stuffing DTs and not letting guys get past him. Doesn't commit penalties, pretty much ever. Not a lot of mental mistakes.

  31. I've kind of suspected there is something more than players going on with the line. This year there is no excuses unless they all drop dead. We have a good line on paper. If we can't make significant improvement then we have a problem somewhere in coaching.

  32. Totally agree with the Cardinals. Hopkins being out the first 6 games where the Cards usually play well before a Kliff Kollapse will hurt quite a bit.

  33. We’re not a SB contender but if the defense stays healthy, we’ll at least be in the playoff mix again. Can’t convince me that Mitch or Kenny is worse than the corpse of Big Ben.

  34. The Ravens (and Lamar and JK) bounce back in a big way and are going to win the division and make a run to the Super Bowl after having some of the worst luck in all of the NFL last season. I want to say the same thing for the 49ers but I don’t trust Lance yet.

  35. The AFC Champion will win despite the 2 jinxes the NFC has right now. 1 Brady has won every other year since 2015 and 2 the last 2 SBs have been won by an NFC team who is hosting the SB and just picked up a controversial WR that played in the AFCN.

  36. The saints will be a playoff team. They went 9-8 last year, with the semen demon and a tight end at QB and practice squad WRs. MT is coming back, they got Chris Olave, they got the Honey Badger on an already stacked defense, Jameis is coming back, tell me how a team that is 6-0 against Tompa Bay isn’t going to be not only contending for the wildcard, but perhaps the division as well. People have been sleeping on the saints, but I will not be surprised when they get like 10-11 wins next year.

  37. The "Fuck Them Picks" philosophy is going to blow up in a lot of teams' faces. The Rams low-key generate a lot of homegrown talent and are pretty smart utilizers of the comp pick formula. Not every team is equipped/able to use that draft philosophy to the fullest.

  38. Not a big fan or even care much, but I think Carson Wentz could reestablish himself as an at least decent QB. For as much shit as he has received and probably deserved, we have never seen him in an offensive system that didn't belong to Reich or Pederson.

  39. Chiefs are gonna slump without Hill, Bengals aren’t a fluke, Mac Jones has a low ceiling, Cowboys and Packers will be worse, Bears and Lions will be better

  40. Colts are up 28-3 at the end of the 3rd quarter. Bucs tie up the score. Go to OT. Bucs win the coin toss, score a touchdown. But wait! New OT rules! Colts get a chance to tie it up! Ryan throws it deep to Parris Campbell, Campbell, sideline, touchdow—but wait! While walking it into the endzone, he seems to have fallen over at the one yard line. My sources tell me he tore both ACLs and 3 Achilles’ tendons. And oh no, he spontaneously combusted! So that’ll leave the ball at the one yard line. Good thing Jonathan Taylor is here to charge it in on the next play! Reich puts up two fingers. It’s all or nothing baby! Ryan to #11 on the fade route, Colts win it! 36-35 in overtime! Unbelievable!

  41. Jameis Winston is absolutely our QB going forward and all the reckless speculation about how the Saints needed to address the QB position in the draft will look extremely stupid after this season.

  42. Darnold (if he starts) will look vastly improved behind a much improved O line that gives him more than 1.025 seconds to throw. Not a high bar for him to clear, but yeah.

  43. New York Giants challenge for the east and probably win it. The jets will be sorta competitive too.

  44. Jets are going to be exciting and pretty competitive. AFC is so stacked they won't make playoffs but big big big step forward.

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