1. Stefanski is a good coach and probably will continue to grow as a play caller - he’s only done it a few years and is in his second head coaching year.

  2. As a life-long Packers fan, this shit is so obviously rigged. Whether it's a bad ref or two or the whole damn league or maybe even just a lot of personal bias towards GB...I don't know but some of those calls or non calls were completely ridiculous. It is Aaron Rodgers "turn" to win the Super Bowl and I feel like the league is going to make damn sure that it happens. It feels like such a fraudulent win.

  3. What's even more infuriating is that the refs are absolutely infallible according to the league. You're not even allowed to fucking talk about it. It's absurd.

  4. I feel the same way with some of the Vikings games this year for both the Vikings and the other team. The refs this year are absolutely awful and obviously rigged

  5. To reframe 1, Baker got picked 3 times and it still took a ref’s call to keep the Browns from possibly winning the game. The Packers shouldn’t have been in a situation where they needed a blown call in their favor to win.

  6. Agreed, we lost before half time. Baker probably shouldn't have been playing. I may get heat for this, but I think we win that if case starts

  7. Chubb could’ve and probably would’ve won them the game if they ran the ball on that last drive. You’d think after 3 INT stefanski would adjust but oh well. I don’t think We should’ve won that game. I see No reason to celebrate after that performance. Refs are ass I’m sorry browns fans.

  8. No reason at all to celebrate that win. If the refs don’t miss that call they are in range but we never know. If stafanski keeps running instead of throwing we most likely lose. If baker is half decent the packers lose. Such a shit win.

  9. That blown call is what cost them the game. The 15 yards gained from what was an obvious PI would've put them in fg range. Refs handed it to the Packers today

  10. I can’t believe this entire thread is about the refs. Baker being ass and passing at the end instead of chunk gain running lost the game.

  11. I completely agree, the refs were garbage. And baker clearly threw that pass towards PJ to draw attention to the obvious hold they didn’t get the flag for. With that said, boy oh boy do the Browns need to move on from him. He’s just as garbage as the refs are..

  12. Their cocky comments and their claims of no wrongdoings kinda turned them into Americas most hated team. Cowboys fans are pretty happy tonight

  13. Chubb was killing it with his running game. They decided to let the QB throw for the last chance of winning. Browns things?

  14. What I don't get is that the packers get all these calls but we have 1 superbowl trip and 1 superbowl victory in the last 11 years. Shouldn't they get all the calls all the way to the off-season?

  15. The packers are the James harden of the NFL. They hunt penalties and the refs give them to them in the regular season so they win games. In the playoffs they don’t get favorable calls as often so they get exposed and they lose. Rinse and repeat every year.

  16. “Lot of hate coming our way” no not really I think people are mainly upset at the refs and maybe 1 or two packers players which you are neither so no need to use our

  17. Curious what everyone wants packer fans to do about the refs. We don’t care we’re still 12-3. If I agree and admit the refs help us out nothing at all changes.

  18. Obviously no fan can do shit about bad calls, you expect people to not point them out when they occur though or what are you asking here?

  19. Just accept it? We have to accept the bad calls. You don’t get to have all the wins, all the fun and expect no hate. What’s the big deal man

  20. The refs won this game for the packers. Not Baker Mayfield’s 4 picks (im guessing none of them would have happened if not for the refs or something?).

  21. I just appreciate that your profile picture is fat Jonah Hill because nothing more perfectly describes Wisconsin then a fat guy that thinks he's cool.

  22. Ignoring the elephant in the room. I wish the national broadcast didn't sound like it was a green bay broadcast. Before the game started and even as the browns had the lead the announcers never even acted like it was a close game.

  23. Complain about the refs all you want but baker was missing throws and not seeing open receivers before the non sense… without even mentioning how you don’t run the damn ball with timeouts

  24. Baker was ass but that was a huge no call on that last INT...Stevie Wonder must have been one of the refs out there to not see that DPI and that INT guaranteed the loss

  25. If the browns weren’t crying about the refs they’d need to admit baker is a bum and no one wants to hear about how he’s hurting through injuries after hearing how he was healthy last week

  26. You can tell some of these Packer fans are so spoiled when it comes to football lmao. Never seen someone cry because they won a game and people complain about the refs in it that effected the outcome.

  27. I usually stay in their sub for Game Threads but honestly, I'm getting tired of it. Constant bitching and moaning about coaches, refs, defense. Someone even said if LeFleur wasn't such a clown then they'd be up by 23, when it was only the 2nd Quarter and they only had 3 offensive possessions so far...nothing is good enough.

  28. I can’t believe the Packers playcalling in the second half. Everything was so conservative… I know Rodgers was hurting but he was still able to throw well. The screens were getting completely shut down

  29. Lol idk why I keep seeing ppl saying they didn't run the ball on the last drive... They did. Literally the first three plays on that last Browns drive were a run and they let plenty of time tick off the clock. If not for the no call the Browns easily get in fg range and win that game.

  30. Don't know if this is meant to be sarcastic, but yes. Troy talked about how his shoulder motion did not look perfect, and it could be injury related.

  31. They went over the harness and how it made it difficult for him to throw the left but that was all I heard

  32. I miss when the refs just rigged for dramatic moments like throwing a flag to give the Browns the chance at getting to kick and not just rigging the games for the casinos/apps

  33. Tbh I haven't really watched the NFL much the past few seasons outside of playoffs and I used to be a watch all day on Sundays kinda guy. It was hard to explain what got me to stop but just happened to turn this game on today and yet another one that got decided by another bad reffing call.....I know the officiating has never been great but I guess eventually you get jaded over the years.

  34. Im pretty much the same. Got home from work, turned on the game just in time for that play, turned it right off. Logged in here immediately to see the Packers fans try to defend it. There is zero reason to watch football anymore. There isn't even the illusion of integrity anymore.

  35. Yup, that's where I've been the past few years. I watch the occasional prime time game, but I don't follow anything close to where I used to and it's because the calls have just become atrocious. The NFL has made it obvious they're not going to do anything about it, either.

  36. This is true. I’m souring on the NFL as well. Any play you hold your breath and wait for the flag or they prop up Rodgers, Brady with bogus calls or no-calls. But who cares what we think, revenue and viewership are at all time highs.

  37. Packers are in trouble for the post season if they don’t clean things up. Winning by 2 with baker playing like that and the refs being awfully generous towards them.

  38. All I see are sad bear and Vikings fans in hear complaining about the refs as always when there teams bad

  39. Lol I’m a steeler fan for Christ sake, didn’t really want to see Cleveland win. I’m about as objective a viewer as you could get among NFL fans/rooting interests. Game was handed to GB, even allowing for bakers mistakes

  40. Good to see Packer fans doubling down on the shitty officiating that benefits them. I've seen this story written before and it ends with the Packers losing in the NFC Championship game. This year they will lose the NFC Championship followed by Aaron Rodgers in the off-season.

  41. They don’t get shit on though, unless you count the Niners. The Saints lost to a team who they beat 38-3 in the regular season so the correlation between regular season and playoff performances is not there anyway

  42. Baker could have easily thrown 6 picks in this game. I want him to succeed really bad but this stacked browns team could easily be a 13-1 with a better QB.

  43. Well any team wins more games with a better QB... But holy shit Baker. Last one was BS but there were like 5 others

  44. Even though we won, I don’t feel great. This team is exposed for the playoffs. Other QBs will not play like Baker in playoffs & Matt needs to make big adjustments. The special team played better this game hahah

  45. The fact that this is getting downvoted into oblivion just shows it's flair downvoters in here, not just people downvoting bad opinions.

  46. Bruh fellow Packers fans please stop trying to justify that no call lmao. Just admit the refs gave us that win at the end and be glad we got the W. Ref ball is terrible no matter what side you’re on

  47. It's only that way because it was a bad call at the end of the game. Refs made plenty of terrible calls on both sides and missed holds all night. I think Packers fans are just rolling their eyes knowing all we'll hear is ref ball even though the Browns had some decent bailouts as well. Packers have to stop being sloppy at the end of games though.

  48. I wish you had to experience the opposite officiating that your team is the benefactor of. You would be pissed too. Just accept it. You don’t get to have your cake and eat it too. We’re salty because we’re essentially playing by a different set of rules than you guys are and it’s bullshit.

  49. Why not run a bit when you got 3 timeouts? I felt like they didn’t utilize their time outs on that last drive and risked it by throwing the ball.

  50. This hold was phyisically more powerful than the holding call against King in NFC championship game last year but it was not called. It just wasnt as flashy... unfair but the reality

  51. Stefanski wants to be a pass heavy offense. Thats why. He hates relying on the run, wants to live and die through the air even without having the proper personel for it.

  52. The state of officiating in the NFL is an absolute joke. Every single week games are decided by bad decisions that the average viewer can easily point out.

  53. People complaining about 4 picks but 2 of those picks should've been overturned and there were multiple other missed calls going in favor of the packers

  54. How many games have been decided by a bad/no call involving ANY team? It's a league problem that feels like it's getting worse but truthfully has been awful for years. Unless we stop watching the NFL isn't going to do anything about it. If you think this is limited to the Packers you are as blind as the refs.

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