1. That looks like it could be a certain big box store. I admire the lady's tenacity and willingness to stand up for what's right, but I am not risking a single ounce of my safety to protect the profits of a multi-billion dollar corporation. Dude could have pulled a gun and shot her, all over a bazillionth of a fraction of a fraction of Walmart's profits.

  2. Granny didn't give a shit about profit margin of company XYZ. She's about preserving the integrity of a social order with example, and not falling prey to bystander effect which may have consumed her once before, and she's lived with that regret, perhaps for decades... not anymore. Most of us have our own inner demon backstory, as does the alleged robber.

  3. Ah yeah, its america. I always forget that they have way too man weapons... I wouldnt think about a gun in my country, thats crazy.

  4. Aye, if a multi billion dollar business cared they would hire a security guard or something. No need to put your own safety at risk for a store

  5. I lost the man who raised me due to my own inaction. It was a similar situation to this and I just let the guy go because fuck their profits, you know? I could have easily stopped him long enough to stall until the security guards caught up. Well, the guy gets to the street and my Uncle gets in his way. After a brief struggle, the guy shoots him. It was after I found my Uncle in the road, bleeding out, that I finally understood when he would tell me that with great power, comes great responsibility.

  6. No gives a shit about profits. We give a shit about shutting down some fuckwad that’s trying to steal because next it’ll be from your house.

  7. We need more of a society like grandma. And less of a society like you. Walmart isn’t the bad guy here. It’s people who create a victim or entitled culture. That’s what creates a void for criminal and degrading culture. If more people understood the power of the consumer and personal/community accountability. This kind of thing would rarely ever happen.

  8. Yep, we had a guy come into my local Walmart who was stealing phones. A good Samaritan stopped him, a scuffle happened. The Samaritan ended up being shot in the head and the guy shot the greeter on his way out the door.

  9. It's not about the profit, also pretty sad that you gotta worry about getting shot for doing the right thing over there.... Gun rights yay... /s

  10. Man poor guy probably needed food, it’s not like the company loses anything anyways. Edit: for those do you saying that theft affects the company/the consumer, no it doesn’t.

  11. Literally thinking the same thing. A fellow human is in need of food and general livelihood items and has to resort to stealing to acquire them because corporations have all the world's wealth and the cost of the majority not even having enough to live comfortably. The world is proper fucked.

  12. I work at a big chain grocery stores and we are employee owned. So it takes money away from us. This is very common where people walk out with baskets through the front or fire doors. Many times they have a get away car. They will go from store to store doing it. Even when we know its happening we cant do anything but call the police, but it's not stealing till they walk out. By then it's too late. To put into scale about the money loss. Say 3 bags of salad are left out in all of out stores, 140? I think. It takes 1.2 million in sales to make it up.

  13. Companies literally have a section in their financial statements that sets an estimated of how much stuff will be lost, damaged beyond being able to sell, and stolen. So that stuff is accounted for before it’s stolen

  14. Both my parents were 14 yo when the Great Depression started. One day when I was about 8, the subject of dogs came up. They reminisced about their kitchen doors to the outside being scarred from the dogs trying to reach food thieves. 8 yo me asked if the police ever caught the "Bad Guys".

  15. Ya, I honestly feel a bit bad for him. He’s not walki gout with a TV or something. I can’t see everything, but it looks like garbage bags and other household essentials. None of us know this guy, or his recent hardships…

  16. Saved the day for who? The corporations who make record profits while the rest of us deal with record inflation and stagnant wages? What a fucking hero..

  17. I mean she had no business what so ever to that, if it wasn’t this sad man, whom I think needed that food and household items, a real robber would’ve slapped the shit out of her face and stole her cart too! We live in a sad world!

  18. He’s clearly either homeless or too poor to afford any of this. People in here act like he was robbing at gunpoint, for profit.

  19. Ya I don’t know how I feel about this one. When she pulls off his balaclava and he’s trying to pull the cart through the door he’s not angry there is just pain in his face.

  20. Exactly how I felt, if people are stealing food to feed themselves or children because they have nothing then I don’t blame them, supermarkets throw away a ridiculous amount of produce every single day

  21. They honestly used all that propaganda on them to turn them into these useless social justice warriors, thinking that they can make the world a better place if they just ignore the evil corporate overlords and follow the rules laid before them.

  22. Fuck that guy… everyone else has to work and pay for their stuff and this dude is like fuck society, I’m just going to walk in and take what I want… Fuck him and press charges.

  23. That bitch. For all she knew the guy was desperate to feed his kids... Or be an actual criminal with a fucking gun... Sometimes just leave shit to security or cops.

  24. That's a lot of Doritos if he's feeding his kids you'd figure you'd steal some yogurt or peanut butter or bread. I'm sure he's just feeding his poor family with that cart filled with extraneous garbage. Literally the only to thing in there someone actually needs is the garbage bags.

  25. Then he should apply for food stamps. Get a job. Go to a food bank. Ask for money at a church. What the heck is wrong with Reddit? Every comment here supports theives. As if the complete breakdown of the fabric of society is acceptable to them. Hurr durr corporations bad. Theft like this causes prices to rise even more for the rest of us. It causes criminal mentality. It eventually causes stores to shut down. For high value items to be locked up or tagged with theft prevention devices inconveniencing everyone. Have you seen Walmart beginning to tag steaks with electronic theft devices? Seen the stores in California close down? Fuck people who do this. Life is difficult. That doesn't give you an excuse to be a piece of shit. This guy isn't Robin Hood.

  26. We’re becoming so poor that some of us have to steal… but no, thank god we saved the multi million dollar company that throws out thousands of dollars worth of product per day… wahoo!

  27. Notice he's not trying to steal a Xbox... It's garbage bags and unrefrigerated food. The poor guy is probably homeless...

  28. This video actually happened a few months ago in my town in Canada. Thieving got really bad at our local Walmart after one of the security guards got stabbed trying to prevent two tvs from being stolen.

  29. This looks like some of the stores and issues we have in Northern Washington, plus the gray skies and trees. It’s a complex ongoing issue for sure

  30. The amount of people in this thread trying to justify a robbery attempt is downright hilarious

  31. Theft is a crime. I, and likely most people, have more sympathy for someone stealing necessities for survival vs. someone stealing luxury items to enrich themselves. The two aren't the same and the difference is more than just the price.

  32. I'm not justifying the theft at all. But the woman putting herself in harms way to protect that store is bogus

  33. I would have believed it at first glance. But the fact the guy doesn't punch or even fight back suggests he wanted to take out some food and plastics as shelter for the night rather than to create chaos for society.

  34. Considering the situation, and what he had there, I would have paid for his stuff, rather than belittle him like that.

  35. This right here. It's obvious the dude is just taking stuff to survive. It'd be one thing if the guy was wheeling a TV out the door but he has trash bags and Doritos ffs.

  36. God forbid a desperate American needs food so badly they'll steal it from a multinational corporation. Sit down granny. Take a break.

  37. Please don't do this. This guy seemed fairly docile but a shopping cart full of groceries isn't worth a potentially unstable person physically harming you because you got in their way.

  38. I really wish we would stop glorifying shit like this. Dumbass old lady easily could’ve gotten hurt or killed, and for what? To protect the profits of fucking Walmart?

  39. Granny most likely living on her husband’s pension and guaranteed SSI payments, guaranteed healthcare (Medicare) with a paid-off house bought in ‘65 for $15,000… while that guy bikes away sadly from the food he thought he might get and Walmart retains the approximate $40 he almost got away with.

  40. I really don't understand the defense of someone committing a crime. I get it that it's a huge corporation, but it's basically saying breaking the law is fine as long as it's not me that's hurt. And yes I know. That much isn't gonna hurt a business like that, but why defend a criminal act?

  41. there’s no point in obeying a law if doing so will impact your health and safety. laws aren’t perfect. theres a reason judges have to interpret the law and look at precedent before making a ruling.

  42. Why? Because income and wealth inequalities are at a record high. A place where 50%+ food gets wasted, it should be a crime to be hungry. Because the wealthy protect their hold on wealth through police system and slave mentality like you.. Because such inequalities were unheard of even in feudal age. Because when the rich and super rich hoard wealth and income, you are not there to protest against them..

  43. look up walmart wage theft. they commit crimes out in the open and get away w it but we’re supposed to condemn this guy for stealing groceries? fuck that

  44. A lot of redditors are alienated and unhappy. They’ll side with anyone sticking it to ‘the man.’

  45. Lmao old people really are prone to batshit crazy theories. Imagine a few bags of doritos being stolen the reason for inflation.

  46. Just stupid to he honest. All they did was make a billion dollar company more money while putting themself at risk. Any person who is doing that is desperate. Just let them do it. It was probably to sell then buy drugs. But he could even be a felon who can't get a job and has mouths to feed.

  47. The guy has a bike and is getting trash bags and essentials. My guess is that he’s probably homeless or at least in a dire situation. Why take the side of a multi billion dollar corporation?

  48. Gotta respect that the robber didn't really do anything violent or even defend himself. Makes me feel kind of bad for him

  49. I am this guy nowadays. Luckily I’ve just found myself a job and ain’t that brazen enough to take a cart full but man those packaged noodles have gotten me a far way.

  50. It’s quite shocking to me how many people responding to this are not only defending the thief but also suggesting harm on the elderly lady for intervening.

  51. This is one of those scenarios where there is no clear good or bad. On one hand we have a senior citizen who has probably seen truly hard times survived them and have a working miral compass . On the other hand we have a probably homeless or helpless person who is by product if capitalistic consumerism which led to him being abandoned by world. He could even be a war veteran ffs that how bad the situation is. He is stealing only groceries fir surviving the day and not appliances or items that can be sold for fir something like drug money so we know he truly needs them and by his action of not not being forcefull we know he is a gentle soul who is doing such acts with no other choice.

  52. Fucking guy is probably hungry and poor. Garbage bags and doritos in the cart. Nobody wants to be stealing necessities, I feel awful for the poor man

  53. Granny is lucky she wasn't un-alived by that guy. Shame she's brainwashed do store securities job and risk her life for corporate profit

  54. Seems like the guy just really needed food and groceries. I feel bad for him. It’s not like he was stealing all the top shelf liquor or something sellable… it’s just essentials. This sucks.

  55. Chips, trash bags, looks like some laundry detergent in there. This man needs help, I would've just let him walk

  56. Honestly if it's a supermarket owned by a corp, let him steal. Actually everyone should get in on it to teach those corporate capitalist bastards a lesson.

  57. The people defending this POS are .. well, they’re also a POS. The rest of us were taught at a very early age that stealing is wrong and not acceptable.

  58. you can also notice that he was constantly really in doubt whether he should do this or not and was really cooperative when they asked him to leave, and tried to come off as leats aggressive by behaving normally.

  59. maybe the guy was homeless, and needed the things for survival. you are morally challenged in this situation, imagine if the roles were reversed? a multi million dollar company stealing a grocery cart worth of stuff from a homeless guy?

  60. "Robber" No signs of violence or weapons. No sign of being a threat. No money being taken. The only sign of them being a "robber" is the ski mask. They're a shoplifter with a mask on at best.

  61. This isn’t a good thing. Grandma saved the corporation from losing $30 of groceries. But stopped this guy and maybe a couple friends or family who have no money from getting something in them. Fuck them. I couldn’t care to stop someone stealing food. I get you can’t just let everyone steal food. But god damn, odds are if someone is stealing food they need it more than the company needs money. I am comfortable and I feel for these people. If she was actually “nextfuckinglevel” she would do what I’ve done once before when I saw this happening. I went and paid for it for the guy. Almost same situation as this and I just said ring it up and I’ll pay for it. And I told him to go grab some actual nutritious shit too. People need to stop looking down on others. Because you don’t need to steal food don’t mean someone else is in that same position.

  62. Have y’all been to San Francisco? In 2018 they elected a District Attorney who basically said he wouldn’t prosecute shoplifting. Shoplifting has since exploded and people are afraid to go downtown now. Stores are closing because they can’t keep up with robberies. Private security is now the #1 job opening in San Francisco. Even the Atlantic, a progressive magazine, called San Francisco a failed state. That’s what this comment section wants

  63. If he was able to walk out that door with all those Doritos, cokes, and whatever else… how did he plan on carrying all of it while riding a bike? I’m assuming that’s why there are two boxes of trash bags in the carts but still… how?

  64. To be honest I probably wouldn't have stopped him. If I see someone stealing food, they probably need it. So what a multi-million dollar company loses a hundred dollars or so

  65. This lady is not a hero. The man had groceries in his cart. You can see Doritos, coke, and trash bags. Wow good for her for stopping somebody from having food and house supplies. Whatta Saint….

  66. He said fck the store but he respected his elders. He could of easily knocked granny down but when she was taking his mask off he took it like a champ .

  67. Remember that most of us are closer to being homeless than we are to being billionaires, so I don’t know why we empathize as a society with the corporations so much. They’ve provided benefit for sure, but at a huge cost. I’d be curious if she would defend someone stealing from a homeless person with the same enthusiasm.

  68. For those saying he may have needed those groceries. Have you actually looked at what's in the cart? Last I checked multiple boxes of tide pods, glad bags, doritos, and coke are not essential for a struggling person.

  69. Finally someone with some pride and honor to their name. Standing up for what’s right no matter the consequences. Wish they still made women like this. This generation pulls out their phone to video. That’s the only effort anyone is willing to put forth.

  70. Everyone here defending this guy is a total scum bag. It has nothing to do with “billion dollar corporations not feeling the effect of this attempted robbery”, but moreso to do with maintaining a civilized society where this sort of thing is not accepted. You can hate on big cooperation’s motives and profits all you want, but if you stand by and allow people to hit stores like this, it is only a matter of time before we collapse. Next is your homes.

  71. Assholes like that make shit more expensive for everyone else. Stores end up closing, ppl lose jobs as well.

  72. I think quite a few people would stop a their because they're passed off that they've worked their arses off their whole life and this guy just takes what he wants.

  73. Guys, listen, he did a crime. It doesn’t matter if he was poor or not, he broke the law. Kinda sickens me that so many people are so heavily defending a criminal.

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