1. Seriously Texas fix your shit. Are you all that stupid that you don't see this guy as a problem.. Are you willing to have hundreds of more of your kids die because these guys refuse to act because they want to hold onto their power.. Fix your shit vote you guys are the problem!

  2. I don’t agree with either side but my question is this, what gun policy that isn’t already in place would have prevented this from happening?

  3. these GOP fuckbags love to say "how dare you make this a political issue" when that is all they ever do. I fucking despise anyone in the GOP or who supports them in any way.

  4. It’s not. We arent the only country with mental health issues. Just the only country with children getting murdered by gunman issues.

  5. You think Texas has done jack shit to address and help mental health issues either?? Every dumbfuck gun clutching republican absolutely is agausnt any sort of social program that would help mental health issues because that's "socialism" and wasting tax dollars.

  6. My cousin was in the deadliest mass shooting in United States’ history. It was 2017 at the Harvest festival in Las Vegas. He was working as production and was onstage when the gunman started firing on the crowd.

  7. Part of the argument I've heard is that hand-waving away shootings as a problem stemming from "mental health issues" paints a narrative that people with mental health issues are inherently violent or dangerous. This is already a (largely untrue) narrative many people believe.

  8. If they were attempting to actually address mental health issues, itd be one thing. Theyll say mental health and then provide no way for people to actually get help and make it easier for them to get guns

  9. In this case, the GOP falls back to mental health as being the true cause and solution to gun violence, but they have no practical steps to achieve success in the area of mental health. They have had plenty of opportunity to grow programs to assist with mental health, none of which seems to have made an impact. Instead of volunteering to introduce a reduction in personal freedoms for the betterment of all society, the GOP simply says gun violence is a mental health issue full stop. They probably see any reduction of personal freedoms as a slippery slope.

  10. It'd be cooler if the people calling it out actually called for better access to mental health services and tried to make it better.

  11. So let's get this straight: We have a mental health problem in this country and we need to keep guns out of the hands of mentally unstable people so let's make sure we give everyone as much access to guns as possible.

  12. Imagine if the Texas governor got as upset about little kids dying as he did about being interrupted. Man, that would be something.

  13. Abbott is a cancer destroying Texas from the inside and infecting surrounding states like Oklahoma and Louisiana

  14. And don’t forget, Abbott also pulled up the ladder for all the other personal injury lawyers after he got his when that tree fell on him. Fuck. That. Guy.

  15. What is wrong with the people in Texas? Where was the "good guy with a gun" before dozens of people were murdered? Oh, turns out that that is a stupid theory that ends up with lots of innocent dead people.

  16. That’s what pisses me off as a young Texan who uses a cane because I’m disabled. How the fuck are you going to be disabled yourself and literally have no compassion for others while running our government?

  17. What surprised me is Americans never shut up about freedom of speech, yet here, and in many other cases, when someone speaks out to the contrary the immediate reaction is ‘security get him out of here’.

  18. Conservatives one week ago: "We should be able to use slurs on twitter because it's an online public square, freedumb of speech and all that"

  19. It's because what he said would shatter their narrative "Of nothing can be done." They talk about snowflake libs but when someone wants to talk about saving kids from school shooting suddenly it's not appropriate to talk about.

  20. “The most important principle for designing an ethical society is to make sure that everyone’s reputation is on the line all the time, so that bad behavior will always bring bad consequences.”

  21. You remember last decade when Sarah what's her name, puppy killers brother, got here feelings hurt when she was heckled at a DC restaurant? They are spineless.

  22. he probably was really scared that either of the 2 sides would wreck him for doing anything st all

  23. That all want Christian sharia law. They take bribes and blood money in exchange for the lives of children. They want to control women. They want their religion taught in schools. They want to murder gay people.

  24. Abbott ain’t doing shit about, we’re gonna continue as normal in the next 2 weeks, he hasn’t done anything for the power grid since the winter freeze

  25. All these fake tough cowboys standing up there and 19 people, majority kids died on their watch. Regardless of political affiliation this was a monumental failure.

  26. He didn’t fight off the police, 3 cops waited outside the school waiting for border patrol to show up. They didn’t even attempt to enter.

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  28. Beto is grandstanding for votes. Just a typical politician using a situation for votes. All politicians are sociopaths.

  29. Enough of the centrist bullshit. Abbott bragged via tweet about striking down gun control measures and directly mentioned the left.

  30. you think average texans are thinking, “oh, no way, beto interrupted abbott’s press conference… i’m going to vote for him now instead.” give me a break.

  31. If you’re more angry about Beto crashing this Republican circle jerk than you are about dead kids then you best reevaluate your priorities

  32. Please shut up. What is the defining line between a publicity stunt and actual rhetoric? While there is certainly a time and place to look skeptically at any politician, this bullshit "BoTh SiDeS" argument is furthering political inaction and is simply an attempt to shift the blame from the responsible side, the Republicans, to some shapeless entity. Now is not the fucking time to play this game. Unless you do the responsible thing, and vote the responsible way, you are 100% part of the problem. Shame on you.

  33. Fuck it. This is the new normal. If politics will now be conducted through hashtags and stunts, then I'd rather the good politicians win at it.

  34. I hate to tell you this, but it’s always been this way. Now there are just televisions and cameras everywhere. (About the politicians not the shootings)

  35. What better way to call him on his bullshit than to his face? It's not like hot wheels is going to have a debate with him or anything.

  36. Of course it was, but that doesn't mean he's wrong?! if a country is so caught up in "politics" that the only reason anyone questions the obvious flaws in things like American mental health and gun control, it's a failure of basic morals and humanity. Beto cares too much about his political worth, but who else can get national attention for speaking up against the flawed system?

  37. Jesus christ the mushmouth idiot calling him an asshole and saying its betos fault sounds like elmer fudd. What a shithole texas has become. We have let the absolute bottom of the barrel braindead worms to take control. This state is done for

  38. I think a lot of us would like to to live in a world where you don’t have to go through airport security just to go to school.

  39. My man, we can’t get Americans to pay a little more in taxes to buy books and pay teachers a living wage but you think we will happily hand over millions to build futuristic compounds for schools?

  40. Let's be honest, after you up the security at the school then they would go after the buses or kids walking to school.

  41. This is typical Beto grandstanding bullshit. The GOP and Abbott's inaction notwithstanding, Beto is a one note empty suit. The Democrats in Texas have zero leadership. Texas won't change until state Democratic leadership can find and field quality candidates that can overcome the worst of reactionary GOP rhetoric. Their candidates since the great but flawed Ann Richards have been embarassing give ups.

  42. They are talking about mental health issues after passing legislation just a few months ago lifting the requirement to check mental health before allowing purchases of guns.

  43. Yall realize the shooter broke a bunch of gun laws right? And Beto is a spineless dude who wavers depending on who his crowd is at the moment.

  44. He legally purchased several rifles on his 18th birthday with no background check or mental health check, despite having a history of violence and anger issues.

  45. We have a mental health crisis. We have a perfect example of it on stage. Multiple well dressed insane people talking about how this mass shooting should be addressed by... counseling.

  46. Yes, we’re the sick SOB’s for taking issue with how your leadership has allowed this problem to get worse. Definitely about getting re-elected when Democrats ask Republicans about what we can do to stop school shootings and ask when it is the right time to talk about it. Keep projecting while refusing to do anything about it.

  47. If it’s no a political issue then why are bipartisan laws not being passed to prevent this type of violence?

  48. This isn't next level. This is a politician using the event for political theatre. Wanker could just as easily have called a press conference to make the same point, but that wouldn't get as many clicks.

  49. So these pro lifers are going to change the laws now right? Since they care so much about kids. Beto is right, it's the same song and dance. Abbott wants to talk about making a political scene... thats precisely what he's doing. Not a goddamn thing will change from this.

  50. I also see mental health in the sense of a community, family and a support system. I don't view this solely as a doctor and a patient.

  51. Oh I so hope this is gonna catch on... it needs an escalation in the US political landscape that the world has not seen before. No more yadda yadda. People who step out of line like this. More "sick sons of bitches" like this. To confront the real sick sons of bitches, NRA lickspittles like the motherfuckers on stage there, to expose them, to debunk them, to show the world what human scum it is that sits there and vomits thoughts and prayers again.. There needs to be a cleansing flame. A political firestorm, not just yet another flash in the pan.

  52. Seems like people are unable or unwilling to try ANYTHING that is discusssed. Its a complex issue sure but people are unwilling to even discuss other solutions.

  53. Everyone one of the politicians sitting down are old, white, men. They’re good ol’ boys taking about a massacre of children. How the hell can this still be happening in 2022?

  54. What a disgusting and desperate way to further divide the country and gain cheap political points through the massacre of children.

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