1. I think he has some flaming package or burning shrapnel down there and had to pull it out before his booty got singed.

  2. Oh when I first saw this a few days ago I thought he got shot in the ass and was checking for blood or something. Now I know it's a flash bang he really just shit himself.

  3. That was my first thought. Who has to check to see if they shit themselves? You’d think feeling shit in your drawers would be proof enough, but he not only has to get shit on his hand , he has to smell it first before realizing he shit himself. As if there’s a possibility that something else could be on his fingertips.

  4. No kidding. The smoke is overtop of the person, not in front of him. Also the white smoke is somehow brighter than the white shirt the man is wearing, considering that they’re in the same space, they should be the same colour. On top of that, the smoke suddenly disappeared at a line (where the top of the frame is) instead of dissipating naturally.

  5. Oh the parcel exploded! Oh no. Let me quickly go back into frame … i mean to the porch to show my reaction … I mean I am startled, what an unexpected development!

  6. Also looks fake af. The smoke was not somehow blocked by the guys hand, it was right threw everything, as edited in poorly. Also how the dude acted afterwards like sitting down on the porch, taking down his mask and also putting it on again, when he leaves.

  7. 💥🤣🤣🤣 I don't care if it's fake, that's hilarious. I like the guy who made his boxes spit out fart smells and police sirens. some kind of ex nasa engineer if I recalll

  8. Probably fake but don't actually do this. Booby trap is a crime and you will lose if they decide to press charges.

  9. Pretty sure this is fake. Isn’t setting booby traps like this illegal? Shouldn’t be illegal to booby trap your own home but it is

  10. Iirc it's illegal to set a trap that is ment to injure or maim, but setting up triggered deterrents isn't necessarily ie shotgun blank that went off when someone tried to break into a guys car

  11. Was thinking the same thing. I don't really agree with that ruling but yeah that case came to mind as well.

  12. This was fake the last time it got posted and it's just getting faker with all the changes people are making to the title.

  13. You all, he did literally shit himself!!!! LMFAO I CANT TEXT! he gets up and some of his poo fell out his drawers on the ground near the front porch sidewalk!! I swear....watch again! No such thing as "innocent"poo shit.... He know he tried to steal that man's package.

  14. How is this making the rounds from "Porch robber makes mistake" to now some bogus "Ex-Marine rigs package with flash bang" when it's the most blatant Adobe smoke effect to ever grace the internet.

  15. Fake saw this on another sub today or yesterday, also a flashbang would have lit up everything around it. Believe me, am currently in hospital because of messing with flash powder. Before someone asks I wasnt very careful that time and I know its stupid myself.

  16. So much going on in this video. Least of all he says he wasn't trying to steal the package...while wearing a face mask and...stealing the package.

  17. That's not how a flash bang explodes. It would white out the camera briefly, and the smoke is wrong. Positioning and shape look weird. This looks fake AF to me.

  18. I wish I could sacrifice my soul to post inaccurate posts with blatantly false titles. I don’t know how you do it OP.

  19. He looks like he was shot with a sniper rifle. Actually he looks like my 2 year old pretending he was shot by a sniper lol

  20. While I’m all for punishing porch pirates, a flash bang can 100% kill you. This shit shouldn’t be applauded. It’s like a cop using a beanbag round on a package thief

  21. This is so fake. You guys in the comments are so stupid I laugh at you. Is it the first time you are on the internet or what?

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