1. I really want to watch a flat earther watching this video. how can anyone say it's flat after these types of videos?

  2. I would not recommend using this video as evidence against flat earth. It has a wide angle lens and so they will just use this against you.

  3. Do astronauts get that impulsive tendency to just fucking push themselves away? Like at the ends of a pool, just push and float away. If i was ever in that scenario id be scared of losing

  4. I belive they are going very fast AND against the planets rotation, sry if my spelling is shit but you get it..

  5. To bad we can’t see those giant ice walls holding all the water in or the turtle that carries our flat earth around on its back or what are some other stupid shit flat earth’s say

  6. The turtle story is actually a creation legend from indigenous culture, it has nothing at all to do with flat earth. Do not confuse people who say "turtle Island" with those loons!

  7. when did native creation myths get thrown into the same category of flat earthers or the ice wall people?? also, why just the turtle island myth and not the other creation myths from the other parts of the world get thrown into that category? i get that it's a wild concept and idea for a creation myth, but the creation stories found in European, asian and african religions and cultures are pretty wild as well.

  8. No no, you got it all wrong. The earth is a disk being carried by four elephants, and the elephants are standing on top of the turtle

  9. I think it’s a tragic level of insecurity they (flat earthers/conspiracy theorists) have, a desperate need to sound like they have information no one else knows. A byproduct of lying. There’s always someone around who will sound fascinated by their bullshit and it reinforces the behavior. “This person thinks I’m smart when I talk like this..”

  10. Before anyone says something about a fish eye lens, they are using a fish eye lens, probably to make it look cooler because the ISS doesn’t fly high enough to make it look like that

  11. I once had an argument with a flat earther under a video of a space walk like this. I had to explain to him why we couldn't see the earth spinning on this 10 second video is because it takes 24 hour for a full rotation so obviously we won't see it spinning in 10 seconds. I also had to explain to him how exposure on a camera works and that that's the reason why we can't see the stars in the video. All he had to say was call me dumb and that I should do my own research and it's all cgi.

  12. I think the lack of interest them in general is strange. They're such incredible videos that show a totally unique view of earth and we barely hear about them. Why aren't there cool pictures of astronauts sitting on the ISS looking at earth? Maybe I'm just on the wrong algorithm.

  13. Well the funny part is, you can't really fall down. That's because you would already be falling sideways. Being in orbit is simply falling while moving sideways so fast you keep missing the Earth

  14. The most interesting part of the video is the sound. You can hear all the movements that happen inside the suit but not the ones from outside. It’s really trippy being able to hear the guy moving the carabiner but not actually hearing the clink when it’s secured

  15. I was actually going to comment asking why can we hear anything in this video but I guess it makes sense that we are hearing his their mic from inside the suit.

  16. I'd say that's also rather eerie in itself. Kinda like how someone can go crazy after sitting in an anechoic chamber for a couple of hours.

  17. How do these people accomplish anything? I would just be standing there in awe until some warning system tells me I'm running out of air.

  18. One of the tests they give trainee astronauts is to have them stare at something completely amazing while giving them a

  19. This will never become ho-hum….but my mind started wandering a bit. If the astronaut fell out of the shuttle, would he fall down to earth?

  20. Very, very slowly. They’re still going very fast so they have enough inertia to keep them in orbit for a hot minute. It could take years for the body to fall to earth.

  21. He's falling too fast sideways for that to happen right away. The space station itself is always very slowly losing altitude and fires up thrusters about once a month to regain what it lost.

  22. i was going to rip on flat earthers but the images are just to damn beautiful it put me at peace....fucking awesome, what a beautiful planet (kinda makes me sad we are fucking it up though...) thank for sharing!

  23. I think about this as well. I used to get really depressed thinking how there are smart people trying to improve people lives or increase knowledge while at the same time ding dongs who threaten those people

  24. The thought of him suddenly getting affected by the gravity and suddenly plunging to his death makes me so fucking anxious. I know it won't happen, but the fear is still there.

  25. I don't care how much astronauts make, you could not pay me enough to do that. That is horrifying to look at

  26. But this is fake because the earth is flat, birds aren't real and shape shifting lizard people are feasting on our children's buttholes. Wake up sheeple! 🤪

  27. What would happen if you jump towards the earth? Would you just slowly fall towards the planet until caught up in the gravitational field, then start accelerating until you hit the ground?

  28. The iss is currently in the gravitational field it's just moving so fast in one direction that before it can fall to the ground it's already fallen around the earth, and if you jumped towards earth you would slowly fall towards it while still moving around it so it would take a while

  29. Maybe you would hit the earth, maybe you would burn up on entry? good question! I suspect (based on the space shuttle disasters) you would be ashes long before the ground.

  30. In order to achieve orbit, you need to get a speed of 67,000 miles an hour. That's the speed that the ISS, and everyone onboard it, is traveling at every day. If you jumped out of the station towards the earth, you'd still have 67,000 miles per hour of lateral momentum around the Earth. So you'd basically just float in orbit, drifting away from the station, but you'd remain in orbit for at least several months. Whatever momentum you can generate with a jump isn't going to dent the lateral momentum you already have.

  31. You don't want to jump straight towards the earth, but rather away from the direction the ISS is traveling. That'd de-orbit you much faster than just jumping straight up/down/sideways to the earth

  32. People who are scared of heights probably don't choose being an astronaut as their career path

  33. I was under the impression that, from this point, you would see hundreds of satellites. Am i wrong? Can someone educate me?

  34. They’d be pretty dim and hard to see compared to the very bright Earth, which is what this camera is tuned to focus on.

  35. The ISS is only about 258 miles above the planet yet you can't see anything on the planet's surface. Satellites are the size of shoe boxes to the size of double decker busses and there are only about 2,000 orbiting between say 200 miles up to 22,200 miles. They are way farther from the ISS than the ISS is from land.

  36. If you are afraid of heights I wonder if doing this would bother you. At this point you are so high up it goes beyond what you'd usually experience if you were say 10 stories up.

  37. You cannot jump hard enough to de-orbit. It would also counter-intuitively be more effective to jump retrograde to the orbit direction than towards the planet.

  38. So flat earthers and it’s iss is also technically isis without an extra i !? Ahhhh run next there will be aliens !

  39. Do cell phones work in space? Just a general curious question? Probably not right? Like I’m sure you can’t just hit record on your camera and record the planet from the station when your outside?

  40. Could feasibly work for awhile until solar radiation fries the electronics. You certainly wouldn’t be pinging off any cell towers though lmao

  41. Gives me shivers! From the astronaughts perspective the Earth looks huge, with humans being but tiny specs upon it. Howeve Earth is just a teeny-tiny spec in the cosmos. Fucking freaks me out!

  42. Do all cameras now only shoot with fish eye lenses? No matter what anyone films anymore it’s always like that and I personally think it looks like shit.

  43. It's practical for several purposes to have a wide angle lens. It allows more things to fit within the frame. When you want to be able to see what someone is doing at arms length you generally don't want a tele lens. It's also useful for dash cams and action cams since it allows for more information on screen and for shaking to be less noticeable/jarring. Sure it would look bad for a scene in the Godfather, but I don't recall seeing fisheye outside of niche art movies or used sparingly for a dream sequence.

  44. That sinking feeling like they are gonna fall off. The physical and mental strength it takes to live in orbit. I couldn’t even imagine.

  45. I love the ISS simulator on VR. I used to walk/climb to the edge of the solar panels and light up a spliff!

  46. some flat earther will watch this video and bring up the fact they're using a fish eye lens without considering the fact that fish eye lenses don't distort the image to the point that a flat earth would look spherical

  47. flerfs will scream fish eye lens but lets just say for arguments sake there was no fish eye lens and the horizon looked flat. That still isnt a view of what a flat earth would look like.

  48. I was most interested in hearing the video and realizing that all the small sounds you hear are primarily from either inside the suit or stuff conducting friction based sounds upto the camera. Nothing else. Really cool.

  49. In regards to the shape of the earth, I cite Monty Python and the Holy Grail. From when Bedevere tells King Arthur "And that is how we know the Earth to be banana shaped."

  50. If something is floating nearby you cannot hear it. If you are in physical contact with an object then sound vibrations can conduct into the space suit.

  51. Portentously dumb question, but why can we hear things in this video? My only explanation is that the camera is inside the suit so it’s not in a vacuum. But please if someone knows any other possible answer let me know!

  52. No. He wouldn't get very far away. He'd just enter a slightly different orbit, which bring him back into proximity with the ISS every orbit.

  53. This is very beautiful but also really terrifying to me, don’t know why but just something unsettling about it.

  54. Space for me is the most beautiful and utterly terrifying at the same time. It's the "aloneness", detachment and un-knowing that scares me.

  55. Its probably because you've been on Earth your whole life and seeing it from this perspective is weird. Also space is scary as fuck.

  56. For everyone this is amazing, this is just another workday for this person. What can I say, space is breathtaking isn't

  57. It makes me sad that we live in a world where people question literally everything about reality. Like I understand and support a healthy skepticism, but to think it can go as far as faking everything about NASA and science is a depressing and infuriating thought. Even when faced with a truth, people aren’t able to recognize it even when it practically smacks them in the face.

  58. All I know is that the call of the void is just begging me to let go and fling myself into the earth and all I am doing is just lying on my bed.

  59. Space question- if an astronaut pushed off in a jump toward space, would they drift off to space further or head back toward earth? I figured they are still orbiting at the speed of the ISS if they did that right? And would only descend slowly over months or years. Just trying to see if you could do a super epic push off the space station for the biggest space to sky diving jump ever (assuming you wouldn’t burn up in the atmosphere). Also, if you did that and were slow, would you still burn up because you wouldn’t be going as fast and would cause less friction? Maybe this belongs in

  60. A human jump can only add like a few m/s of deltaV, or change in velocity. You need km/s of deltaV to navigate around in Earth's orbit. Your little jump would just slightly change your orbit relative to the ISS's. You would stay orbiting Earth for years until atmospheric drag finally slowed you down enough to reenter.

  61. Like what the fuck lmao. How are we able to leave our planet and go to a place with no gravity or oxygen. So mind blowing to think about!

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