1. I really want to drink, I want to get drunk and have fun like my friends do. I just CANNOT stand the taste or the smell, it always makes me gag. I don’t even know why I’m like this, alcoholism runs hard in both sides of my family. I can even smell this picture and my mouth is salivating in the worst way, I already want to throw up.

  2. There are drinks literally made for people like you, my girlfriend makes a conscious effort to get those kinds of drinks. She doesn't mind the taste or smell bit enjoys drinks where she doesn't notice. The last one we got was from Applebee's which I swear was just a koolaid slushie but hit hard.

  3. What kind of loser doesn't enjoy a tall glass of fermented plant water?!! If you like Dr. Pepper then I have the perfect shot for you. In a shot glass add half Crown Royal, half Amaretto, and a splash of Sprite on top. Place a napkin on top of the shot. Put your hand over it and bang it on the table. ( Not super hard or you risk cutting your hand pretty bad.) You sir now have a shot that tastes exactly like Dr. Pepper, and you have a party trick to go with it. Now you can get cirrhosis of the liver when you're in your 40's like all your friends!!! 😊😊😊

  4. I'm right there with you. Most drinks people consider "hard" or "manly" are just straight up gross. I have, though, on occasion, come across drinks that taste absolutely wonderful and haven't the slightest hint of alcoholic taste...until the world warbles and bit and your legs aren't as sturdy as you thought they were.

  5. That is so stange for me. I love the taste that alcohol can give a drink. I like almost everything, especially cask strenght scotch whisky. I would love a drink without alcohol that has the same taste as a good whisky, so that I can enjoy it every day without becoming an alcoholic.

  6. This was pretty sweet to watch. I was expecting him to fail in some spectacular way, but he pulled it off. Don't give a hoot about the dirty dishes, it's fun. Cheers.

  7. Its impressive. But I ask myself is it worth the risk doing this? Because at one point you will fail. No one is 100% perfect.

  8. I'm overall impressed by the fact that he didn't drop any Jagger whike pouring it to the shot glasses. That's really incredible.

  9. Can i just get my neat bourbon, it literally takes 4 seconds to pour and I've been waiting 10 minutes while you set up this... whatever this is.

  10. Alright, I get it - it looks ok if it’s your first time seeing this stunt, but is the bartender really saving any time compared to making one drink at a time? It seems to this way is more time consuming and requires much more effort.

  11. The point of this is to look cool. Not to save time. You go to a bar to have fun, not to come in chug it down and run out. We aren't speedrunning life.

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