1. Labour is only 5.1% higher than the polls when Little stepped down, things are getting rough for Labour...

  2. To be fair they've had an unprecedented period of outright majority in MMP, and haven't really done shit with it. Doesn't surprise me.

  3. Labour just doesn’t have enough talent in the caucus as it turns out. During COVID Jacinda, Hipkins and Robertson did all the heavy lifting and made the others look good.

  4. Curiously no sample size was specified apart from the boilerplate disclaimer at the bottom, which makes me skeptical of how reliable these changes are

  5. Thankfully Labour didn't squander their ultimate majority and prioritised important things like... spending $300 million merging two entities that aren't even worth that much.

  6. This is why politics is all about spin and talking points. People like you don’t actually read and throw out claims like this. The $300m figure includes operational spending for the joint entity, the actual cost of the merger is in the low $10s of millions.

  7. Exactly. Their supermajority could have been used for a capital gains tax or land value tax. Instead they oversaw the largest transfer of wealth in NZ history from poor to rich.

  8. I reckon there's alot of us in here that voted Labour/Greens that will be swapping to National/ACT/TOP/NZF.

  9. Is there anything more tiring than the constant whining about how left wing 'this sub' is despite many threads with comments full of the opposite

  10. There's plenty of time for the uffindel report to be leaked, and at the rate luxon is going he'll boob himself out of contention

  11. It'd be interesting to hear what swing voters justification for going National is, but my guess would be most of them are switching over Labour being "racist" or "soft on crime" rather than the economy?

  12. Part of the issue in the UK was there was no mandate to implement such significant changes, the new PM had no credibility because they were not elected on that platform.

  13. Lol, you're all still beating this strawman. They're not the same at all but whatever keeps you happy, I guess.

  14. If you think the pound collapsing had anything to do with recent government policy maybe you should take a look into the money printing most western countries are doing for the past 20 years and see if you still think current policy is the reason

  15. Anyone who voted Labour because they wanted things to get better, and which is now thinking of voting National, is just demonstrating that the wellbeing of the country hinges on idiots who don't understand a fucking thing about politics.

  16. For me honestly, it's about teaching labour a lesson that they can't just do whatever they want, not listen to the people and completely make a mess of the major issues. If they get voted in again, they'll just do it all again. I'm really hoping for a major overhaul of the labour party. A stronger labour party is the most important thing this country can have.

  17. As a person of Chinese descent, I respectfully disagree. Of the current parties in power, only ACT has actively reached out to the Koreans, Chinese and Indians, reminding us that we are part of modern New Zealand and part of the multi culture. Of the current parties, only ACT ( and usually National but usually with a camera platoon following them ) has been concerned about victims of ram raid ( many who are immigrant communities ) and actively send people out to talk to the victims with the aim of seeing what they can do to help strengthen law and order ( and the victims are begging for stronger laws, which Labour is not listening to ). ACT has reached out to victims of crime which is rising and I know a friend of mine whose shop was destroyed by ruffians actually having David Seymour empathetically listening to him. ACT has reached out to businesses that has been recently plagued by the youth crime wave.

  18. Absolutely agree, David Seymour is a fucking areshole, not heard a single good idea from him, both he and Luxon just want to take care of there own I.e. wealthy kiwis that already pay far less tax than they should!!

  19. Labour has been in for long enough and has failed on implementing even something small policies like capital gains tax or any other progressive policy the majority of successful countries overseas have.

  20. That serves them right for pressing the ‘Increase inflation’ and the ‘Increase crime’ buttons. If I were prime minister I would simply not do that!

  21. My regular downvote-attracting reminder that the bookies have had National to lead the next government for a very long time now.

  22. Because Labour are terrible. Literally took away people’s ability to rationally dissent. When people argued and got upset and protested they were put down as lunatics, with no genuine grievances. Only on the ultimate echo chamber of Reddit is there any hope for Labour. I don’t like any party in parliament right now. Greens virtue signalling. Maori racist. Labour autocratic tendencies. National ineffective. Act only looking out for their cronies and don’t seem principled. I’d actually consider voting for a semi cohesive anti-mandate party at this point. A party that prioritises bodily autonomy, which I think is sacrosanct.

  23. TOP are my choice this time, fuck the wasted vote mantra, the status quo parties have shown they are worthless. I don't care if TOP don't get a seat at this point, it's more of a support and protest vote.

  24. ACT will gut any regulations that would help the environment. Literally the worst party to vote for if you actually care about the environment (which come in the form of regulations) or social safety nets because those are the two things which ACT (who are self-professed libertarians) are ideologically against (libertarians literally hate regulations and social safety nets). You're better off with literally any other party.

  25. Polls are an unreliable piece of spin, attempting to sway the undecided. Polls predicted Trump would lose. Polls predicted ScoMo would lose on his first go and then win at his second. Polls predicted a no for Brexit, a LePen win in France and a yes for Scottish independence. The NZ Herald polls claimed everyone in NZ was on the side of the neo-nazi squatters in Wellington.

  26. I think you should take a statistics course. Polls being sometimes wrong doesn't mean they're useless...

  27. My mate said that when I roll a 6 sided die there's a 5/6 chance it won't be a 1, yet it still rolled a 1. My mate is so unreliable smh.

  28. Polls aren't everything and while polling error does happen most of the examples you mentioned are completely wrong. When was Scottish independence or a LePen win predicted? Polls were pretty spot on in the Aussie election this year as well.

  29. Well ACT has reached out to the Chinese and Korean community, made us feel included in multicultural New Zealand, promised to support capitalism and business, promise to reduce tax for business, promise to create systems to stay of people’s life, reached out to victims of ram raids …. so can you blame people like myself for voting for ACT?

  30. I'm swapping from greens/labour to act myself. Sick of wasted money on working groups that achieve nothing, racism, sexism, and virtue signalling. I want better from my representatives so I'm voting for a change.

  31. No wonder there's all these threads shilling for Labour popping up, not to mention the "National bad" posts...

  32. Before the election? Surely not? She's still the favorite to lead Labour unless it's a personal decision to walk away gotta imagine she's staying through till at least the end of next year. Regardless of who wins.

  33. I think it'd take sustained polling worse than this for Ardern to walk. She is still the best person to take them to the election. Plus the hit from a leadership/Prime Minister change would probably dent even more public confidence in Labour.

  34. She hasn't lost this female vote. No way would I vote for someone who thinks abortion is murder, but is also ok with bullies beating kids with bed legs.

  35. I'm scared as fuck of a N/Act government and so, so disappointed in New Zealand's continuing to fall for their awful politics.

  36. I voted Labour last time around but voting ACT this time. At least I know where the party stands unlike the smoke and mirrors of this government.

  37. Green brand is identity politics unfortunately. They’ve got such a simple role to fill but do such a poor job of it. Environment and poor people. Instead they sit around making rules like one co-leader must be a Maori and a woman. What the fuck. Who cares. We have competent men and women in NZ. Don’t be weird.

  38. I looks like the public increasingly want to end Arderns reign of error. Ram raids , daylight mall robberies and serial rapists getting home D eat into their vote a little more every day .

  39. National can do nothing but make things steadily worse for years and keep getting elected. Labour can do good but not at all great and struggle to hold power.

  40. Bugger me I thought nz comedy was dead but look at you . I’m on my way to A and E to get my sides stitched up after reading your post . There’s a good chance I’ll bleed out waiting to be seen due Labour gutting our health system though. Wish me luck!

  41. How the f does National win support when they basically only have one policy: unsustainable tax cuts forever and ever and ever until nothing at all is left of our society except dust?

  42. We pay 33 billion dollars a year more in tax compared to 2017. A huge jump, you could call them the greedy selfish party

  43. Find it difficult to believe these polls in light of Chris Luxon’s long run of telling bullshit. People are fuckin stupid if they vote in this version of the coalition, Seymour and Luxon will certainly fuck over the poor and middle class and lie about the stats

  44. People get pissed off when the economy is shit (living cost\inflation) and when crime gets out of control (by victimization reports it is). So if they can get that under control and do really well in debates which they should against national, then they might stand a chance.

  45. All this "cut wasteful spending" bullshit is just a euphemism for underfunding core public services. Health, education, and welfare are already critically underfunded. The healthcare system, in particular, is on the brink of collapse. A "fiscally responsible" right-wing government is the last thing we need.

  46. Business confidence is a bullshit way of gauging how the economy is really doing, Covid-19 and restrictions have proved that.

  47. Considering the incoming economic shit show, I think Labour might almost be relieved to hand over the reigns to someone else. No party in NZ will be able to turn this around and whoever wins will be out by the next election. I personally might consider not voting at all this time around.. it's all just BS no matter which flavor of BS you choose.

  48. I predict Ardern will step down in the next year, in an effort to try and swing some votes from those obsessed with voting out a face they have gotten sick of. Whether it leads to substantive policy change from labour... I doubt it.

  49. Labour are so bad for our country. Jacinda will go down as the worst prime minister nz has ever seen. She’s worse then standing in dog shit in your new trainers

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