1. I don't surf, but deffos see a lot of them around Beach 91st. Doesn't look like there's great surf there, but you can go and ask them.

  2. The Rockaway's are a great place to learn how to surf. In the summertime, the waves are easy unless a storm is kicking up.

  3. I saw a bunch of surfboard rentals and cheap lessons walking toward the 60’s last time I was there. It looked like the most beginner friendly area I had ever been to at the Rockaway. Took the A train all the way there on a Saturday or Sunday. I usually go toward the 90’s because I like a particular bakery but decided to try a different spot and really liked it over in the 60’s and seemed less crowed but it could have just been that particular weekend

  4. Other than when the lifeguards are out (which is in the middle of the day, when conditions are generally the worst), you can surf anywhere between 60th and 90th. If it's clean and 2-5ft, most jetties will have a number of surfers out and you can usually spot the more beginner friendly crowds – look for folks with big foam boards. So long as you understand

  5. Get in at 67 and do a little paddling east into the 50s where the beach is closed. You'll have room to move. Too many kooks and newbies at Bell's Beach to make it worthwhile.

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