1. They used to be great XP. Then people who didn't like them whined and whined about how unfair it was that people running breaches leveled faster than them and it got several rounds of nerfs, including making the 'solo' breaches way harder to do solo at level unless you run very specific specs.

  2. And also they're not threat, if you ignore them, it's basically win win situation. You get PVE content and you stop the influence gain for attacking faction. It's great system but again.. like everything.. not done properly.

  3. We would do 10-15+ man groups clearing them quite quickly and the xp wasn't bad (granted you need to clear them fast and have an efficient route)

  4. My company grouped up to clear the zone a few times. Was kinda fun, and some good gear drops. But yeah, xp would be nice.

  5. No they had to get nerfed because people were grouping into 25+ people trains and running portals because that that speed it was more xp than anything else. That was as recent as the very end of alpha and it was a big issue. Portals are better off being nerfed like they are now than that

  6. I saw someone suggest that the corruption breaches could help corrode faction control of areas if one faction becomes too dominant, could be an interesting concept to explore.

  7. Hmm, so when the area corruption increases, those influence bars for opposing factions decrease in size allowing the opposing factions to declare war sooner? I think we have something here, boys and gals. Edit: if overtuned might make areas not worth defending.

  8. The way I see it working is that they could be included in the pvp quest board. PVEs are still allowed to do the corruptions, but if a group of pvp completes it then it moves the influence bar. This would not only give people a reason to do them, but it would also give people a reason to flag up in completely different areas of the map other than the quests that are always in the same spot. Imagine having to fight the corrupted and the greens at the same time to try to take the point.

  9. They just need to make it to where you lose a settlement if an invasion on it is lost. Then they will be a real threat.

  10. Only if they un-nerf them. As they are right now, there's no reason to want to do them. I sure as hell don't want there to be reasons I have to do them with such awful rewards (xp + loot).

  11. Do unattended breeches decrease the upgrades in nearby settlements or am I still high from the End of Beta parties last night?

  12. Seems if your going to own a town, and charge taxes, one of the services to provide as a company would be to keep the threat of the breaches down. What are we paying all the taxes for?

  13. You are paying taxes to help improve your town and zone in general. Nobody sees this cause there are very few governors, but the person that owns the towns buys the projects that show up on the community board. Those missions from the community board help with progress towards completing whatever it is. This could be upgrades to the fort for defense, upgrades for gathering more materials while in the zone, and some other things. I didn't get too big of a look at it, but there was a lot and its not cheap. In the two days that we had WW we spent like 20k on upgrades and projects.

  14. Unattended breaches down grade crafting tables, I think. I would how ever like to see the enemies roam out from the breaches into the country side. Also make them more rewarding as they're rewards were so bad I never wanted to do them.

  15. I felt no real reason to do breaches, even if the crafting gets downgraded, i can just teleport to another town which has those upgrades.

  16. LOVE the idea that Factions/Guilds need to keep their house in order; mop up Portals and such. One concern*.

  17. I also had those concerns, they could just make it so starting areas are on a separate island, then once the starting area is done, you can teleport to any city.

  18. And if it's too much for the actual corruption to take up too much of the land (Too taxing for performance?), then after time, have those enemies from the breaches slowly start to leave the area and "take over" areas and "kill" the wildlife, etc. Making it just as important to get these breaches cleared.

  19. Enemy NPCs that advance and actually do something other than stand there waiting like cows to the slaughter is next level, an MMO in the past tried such, it didn’t fail due to these aspects, but due to low sales, low number of players, the game I’m referring to is Tabula Rasa. In that game the enemy NPCs actively had a cycle of moving around and taking over cities, as opposed to standing there doing nothing like a cow. As much as I enjoy New World, and I do, it’s my fav game this decade, but this would be a vast improvement as opposed to moo npcs 🐄 standing, waiting, to be killed 🐮

  20. Yes! Right now, the breaches are "meh" because you know that they'll stop growing, eventually. In other words - they are no really a threat. Also, you can faceroll them if you go in a group, much like Dolmems in ESO.

  21. If you don't deal with the portals your zone goes into an invasion which downgrades things in your town. That said I think when more people are maxed and can fight off the invasions it won't matter.

  22. From a coding and art aspect this would be extremely hard to implement. I can't think of another game with a similar mechanic. They may have to start from the ground up on something like that. Thats just code, you also have to deal with the art and model aspects of it. Not an easy thing to do.

  23. What? After a time they would just swap out like a lvl 25 breach for a lvl 35 breach, etc, and add a few more lvl 25s in. No new art required at all. Maybe to implement the "overrun" idea, but we already have that in the forms of invasions so these would probably just trigger invasions to happen faster.

  24. I mean...good thing they have a big team of engineers and artists, then, I guess. Not to be flippant about it, but, yeah, things in games are difficult to implement, but games teams do it all the time.

  25. This was my main concern, but hey, just an idea for end game limitless PvE content. Which the game seems to be lacking at this point.

  26. I actually like the idea of them spreading a lot, but I do agree with everyone else here that they need to be way more rewarding to be compelling content. I'd also like to see a little more variety from them -- some are as they are now, some involve killing what amounts to a world boss, some involve point defense, some hopefully involve some new mechanics.

  27. and the reward can increase depending on how long its been untouched. Right now, they nerfed the xp and rewards bc they found people were only doing that. Now they went the complete opposite direction.

  28. I know what you mean, people want to minmax the game, im sometimes the same way in certain aspects of games. I just want plenty of end game PvE content.

  29. I feel your pain, but thats what makes the game intense. Knowing there's mobs out there you absolutely cannot deal with. This feeling should always exist.

  30. I would like to see some kind of greater rifts, with greatly increased exp and drop but also flags you for pvp when you enter them. Would give some nice small scale pvp content. You could roam the world looking for backstabbing other groups or farm them yourselves if its free.

  31. Agreed, the PVE content in this game seems lackluster for an MMORPG standard (... set highly by runescape, admittedly). I suppose a city siege might be one event (that may lead to the destruction to existing structures in the town) that could occur if these portals are left alone. Maybe something like a bounty hunter squad for portals could be set up in cities (paid by the ruling company) that offer reward/xp per portals killed.

  32. Want an easy solution... probably not to difficult to implement. Make them spawn high level elite mobs that roam the territory. (forcing them to actively be a concern and not to be easily avoidable). As the corruption levels up, those roamers also become higher level, and they increase in amount.

  33. It could be difficult to implement, especially as you mentioned, the art required for towns. But i feel it would add so much to the game.

  34. If the corruption started eating the resources in the area. Eg minerals/trees/wildlife in corrupted areas and non harvestable. Would give incentives imo, also giving vials of azoth instead of just azoth be a good incentibe too.

  35. I think the lower level breaches are pointless due xp being low and rewards poor. However if they gave corrupted dust, a poor form of a fragment, which in turn is a poor form of a shard (that right?) Then it would be useful to do them to farm. I played solo a lot during beta, so for me it would be a way of obtaining shards which seem to drop on the larger portals only. Might take longer but doesn't bother me.

  36. The only reason to do them is for Shards for expedition tuning orbs. They are far more punishing thanks the regards you recieved unless you have an active group, I was mostly.soloing and at Full con without pots and dodging properly the lvl 35s were rough as a solo even at lvl 40 - 50 with relatively decent level appropriate gear

  37. They just need to make different type of events besides the ones that are in the game. For an example... The point of interest locations that we found get corrupted and random ELITE bosses spawn there with the chance the longer they don't get cleansed the ELITE boss gets stronger and stronger until he decides to go on a rampage and head for the Settlement near by... Also maybe like corruption storms where all of a sudden the whole sky turns black and red and foggy and random encounters happen like RARE Spawns show up all over the Zone etc

  38. As for the corruption spreading, how about having the radius of the corruption layered by levels. The core being a fixed high level zone, but the further from the expanding source the weaker. But as it expands, the leveled layers get wider too.

  39. Thats essentially the idea I had, I wanted it to be so lower levels could help with hold back the spread, while allowing higher levels to group up and help them out.

  40. Imagine if they were left unkept for too long they took over towns and turned them into mini-raids with raid bosses and challenging mechanics? So if you just let them take towns you lose the capability to use that town, so that is kind of reward in itself, but of course it could have world drops too.

  41. Still not clear for me about closing the portals. Today, me and my company closed so many portals but the tier of corruption didn't even change back to 1. The question is, how many portals do you need to close to start seeing some change in the corruption level?

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