1. Lol I work as a scheduler for a hospital atm and we have definitely had way more calls asking about vasectomies since the ruling. This is in OK

  2. I’m in OK and have been wanting a vasectomy for about a year now. My parents are pissed but one kid is enough for anyone. Daycare costs are too high for an unplanned pregnancy and my wife had a super rough pregnancy with our little girl. 3 years later and we are still in debt.

  3. I’m in OK and have gotten one. I always thought it was odd that the hospital performed mine but wouldn’t tie my wife’s tubes if she wanted it. Anywho, any men thinking about it I was down for a day or two then good as new.

  4. I've seen some tinder profiles posted here where girls say they won't date anyone that doesn't have one so i can see why people are doing it.

  5. As much as I wanted to avoid one, I'll probably have to follow. My wife has been using IUDs for years but since that will probably get her a prison sentence soon thanks to Boofer McLoveBeer, Uncle Thomas and Justice Handmaid, it'll probably be the safest course of action. At least until I can figure out how to relocate our family to a sane state.

  6. Store was out of peas when I got mine, used lima beans instead. So make sure you diversify your frozen vegetable investments.

  7. I know this is a joke but I'll respond to it seriously by saying that I didn't need cold therapy at all because there was basically no pain. Surprisingly, very little discomfort at all. If anyone was worried they'd be suffering.

  8. Shit. i've been thinking for the last year about getting one. married, kids, early 40's, etc. now there's going to be a line.

  9. Buy some whitey tighties and bags for ice. Get into a comfy position and just binge the office or some other TV show. Avoid stairs. Avoid anything that might turn you on. No fapping for 2 weeks, It's going to be hard times. Hard times.

  10. I tried to get a vasectomy a couple years ago as part of family planning with my then gf. The doctor straight up told me no. Said I was too young at 24 and didn’t have a child yet so how could I know.

  11. Nah, fam. You have two kids, Ashley and Joshua. Age 2 and 4. The doc probably won’t ask questions about them, but memorize your backstory just in case.

  12. Had the same issue until the gf stated having issues with the pill. Once that was communicated, was snipped in less than a month. Might be an angle to convince a Dr.

  13. I was 33 (F) when my uterus tried to kill me. Got emergency surgery and then needed a follow up surgery. When I first mentioned taking the whole uterus out my doctor was very opposed. Told me I'd change my mind. I'm married too, btw. Anyway, I managed to convince her to "allow" me to get one after a lot of discussion. Ended up not getting the hysterectomy, but it was very frustrating to be told I don't know what I want.

  14. I’m 29 and have one child and got a lot of pushback from my doctor but eventually agreed to do a vasectomy.

  15. Just got mine at 22 you really just need to go to the childfree sub and find the list of doctors. Any good doctor knows to keep their shit out of your personal choices with family planning.

  16. Friend of mine just lied and said he had 3 kids. No proof needed. Got snipped. He and his wife are childfree and have cats. No regrets.

  17. I did mine at 23 last year. Check the childfree subreddit. There are doctors who are understanding of your needs.

  18. I scheduled mine several months ago and I finally get it tomorrow. I’m so excited. Afterwards I’m stopping by the dispensary for some self medication and I’ll make it a good weekend for me. Snip and snack.

  19. Got mine june 1st, just lay down in bed for the first day. After about 3 days you feel ok, a week is back to normal, 2 weeks all the bruising is gone. It’s relatively painless overall, just uncomfortable.

  20. I cannot overstate the value of two medium bags of frozen peas. Seriously the best ball-sack-ice-pack you’ll ever find.

  21. They literally don't see us as citizens whom the government works for. We're just resources to be exploited in their eyes.

  22. Alito is hypocritically evil and a malignant presence on the court, but that quote isn’t his. It’s a footnote quote of a 2008 CDC report.

  23. Shit I had to sign a CONSENT FORM when we lived in Texas so my husband was ALLOWED to get a vasectomy. They required him to have CONSENT from ME to get a vasectomy, like some kid going on a fucking field trip. This will never cease to enrage me, every adult should be able to choose for themselves without a fucking permission slip.

  24. I called the day of the leak. Always wanted one, just a kick in the ass to go get it. Next month buh bye swimmers

  25. Hey, that’s me. The day the leak broke I scheduled mine and had it done last week. Easiest route to protecting my wife.

  26. How do you screw up a country so bad that people don't want to reproduce like they've been doing forever? If this is the resume of people with decades as politicians I am not impressed at all. This record would lose you a position at Mcdonalds.

  27. My wife had the kids, a vasectomy was the least I could. 16 years and it remains one of the best things I ever did for our marriage.

  28. I don’t think the right cares if responsible people get snipped. They see it as a plus since their pack of kids will vote for them while your pack of no kids has no votes at all.

  29. I got mine last December as a present for my wife because she was tired of taking birth control. I’m glad I beat the rush.

  30. Kind of wish I was in your shoes, my wife and I had been talking about this for a month and now it's probably going to take forever to get an appointment.

  31. That’s really awesome. Hormonal birth control can wreak such havoc on women’s bodies (don’t think all the side effects really get talked about enough). What an amazing present!

  32. Lol I just commented that a couple days ago, "this makes me want to get sterilized". There you go. Of course people do that. Those that have already decided they don't want children, feel safer with a vasectomy. No one wants to have to raise a child they don't want

  33. My insurance covered it 100%, no deductible, didn't pay a penny. Just got it done last Wednesday. At first the accounts person said it would be around $500, but I checked my insurance brochure and it said no charge. She called my insurance and asked and they confirmed it.

  34. Bruh when I was waiting, got a call from accounts saying insurance wouldn't cover the procedure. For a second, I wanted to be mad, then the next second I was like "worth" lol

  35. I haven't been actively dating for the past couple of years, but I've never really wanted children. I have left the door open for the right relationship, but I had a tough childhood and feel more comfortable not raising children. Recently I met someone and I think there's relationship potential there. Good, healthy, long-term relationship potential.

  36. If you know, you know - might as well go through with it. The procedure is not painful, but you're a little sore for a few days - it passes. No regrets on mine.

  37. I hope that everyone who is done having children or sure that they never want to have children is able to get one! It's a great option and I'm glad that more men are taking responsibility for their half of pregnancy prevention. It's crazy that female sterilization is so much more common despite being a more invasive procedure.

  38. Yeah I'm a big supporter of getting snipped for people who aren't going to have kids but informed consent is key and being informed means knowing that you should not consider vasectomies to be reversible. It can be done, there are often good outcomes, but you cannot rely on it being reversible.

  39. Well now but doesn’t a vasectomy prevent fertilization and implantation. Isn’t that a form of contraception, birth control. Shouldn’t we ask Judge Thomas if he plans to outlaw vasectomies, or is that ok because they’re men controlling their reproductive rights and not women.

  40. Female sterilization is more common because women have more skin in the game. Biology is not fair, and men aren’t always as generous to their female partners as we would hope.

  41. They thought abortions were keeping the birth rate low wait til they see what happens when NO ONE has sex

  42. “Why are these conservatives against abortions and gay people? Here is a group of individuals who are guaranteed to never have an abortion. Leave these fucking people alone!”

  43. A wise move generally. Country going down the toilet aside, climate change combined with the depletion of fossil fuels is going to make the world a hotter, drier, hungrier, poorer, more violent, less biodiverse place to live, with all the suffering that entails. The best thing we can do for our children at this point is not to have them.

  44. Overturning Roe results in both males and females getting medical procedures to never have children. Good job Republicans.

  45. I'm liberal and I had a conservative family. Some of us eventually find common sense and the truth!

  46. That's what they want. The more uneducated, the better. Who else would go along with their draconian world view? Why do you think they are trying to take over public schools?

  47. The conspiracy sub is already making shit up about falling birth rates too. Anything other then the obvious.

  48. I just scheduled mine. My partner is above average risk of pregnancy complications. We've talked about having a kid for a few years and we are just getting financially ready for one. But now she doesn't have a guarantee of access to a safe abortion if something goes wrong. I refuse to risk her.

  49. If their grand plan was to help their bullshit replacement theory by increasing European birth rates I got news for these morons. Not only will the birth rates continue to decline faster now, more people will die from unsafe abortions. Idiots!

  50. Doesn't matter. Not like they pay attention to science or data anyways. The numbers will look awful and they'll still self-gaslight

  51. Eventually the red states will run out of new ditch diggers and move to ban vasectomies too. 🤦

  52. My husband just scheduled his. The doc tried all the stereotypical questions to dissuade someone. “How many kids do you have?” (Zero) “does your wife know and is she ok with it?” (Yes and yes) “what about your mom?” (Hubby doesn’t talk to his mom)

  53. Excellent. If all the people who don't want kids were just allowed to get sterilized without being hassled, it would cut down abortion numbers significantly. I suspect the pro-lifers hate this idea, though, because for some of them it is really about punishing people for having sex.

  54. I know someone who ended up having an abortion because doctors wouldn’t tie her tubes (lied to her about why and refused).

  55. Saw the writing on the wall got one in December, now that I'm uninsured I find out it wasn't successful. Love America /s

  56. Adding more humans into this world is just simply stupid. Especially humans who’s parents don’t actually want them.

  57. Wait till they try to outlaw that and men are going to start the "My body, my choice" argument... only a select few will go "Oh, wait...."

  58. I saw something like this coming after the Roe vs Wade reversal was announced, birthrates were already starting to decline in the US (as well as globally) and now they might drop even steeper if getting a vasectomy becomes a trend. Congratulations "pro"-lifers, you wanted abortions banned, now people will just stop having children all together.

  59. Repubs will want to take vasectomies away too. As soon as they’re done taking away human rights for gays. Then they’ll be after birth control too.

  60. Remember guys, just because you got a vasectomy doesn't mean you can just have casual unprotected sex, don't forget about STD's

  61. “It was very, very noticeable Friday, and then the number that came in over the weekend was huge and the number that is still coming in far exceeds what we have experienced in the past,” Stein said

  62. Funny. I'm a guy who literally had this thought today as I walked to work. Definitely considering a vasectomy.

  63. Ehh, maybe not. Regulating body autonomy of white, heterosexual males is not something that happens often.

  64. It's good to see more men taking responsibility for their own reproduction, rather than leaving it up to the women alone. You don't want kids, snip snip. Want to be DTF without having crazy come back for you pay check nine months after your quickie, snip snip. Men protect yourself, protect your money and the added benefit is you are also protecting the women in your life.

  65. I found out my health insurance will cover an elective hysterectomy or a tubal ligation. 100%, no copay. If anyone else is considering either of these operations, I am going for the hysterectomy because a tubal ligation can lead to increased menstrual bleeding.

  66. Don’t get a hysterectomy unless you want to go through menopause prematurely. Look into the hormonal changes that occur and then decide.

  67. Someone else in this thread is recommending bilateral salpingectomy over tubal ligation, lower pregnancy and ovarian cancer risk, apparently. Food for thought.

  68. Husband had one because one was enough. My pregnancy was too traumatizing: could barely eat for five months, lost 10 lbs, horrendous nausea, and more. Can’t afford to adopt, can’t afford daycare, basically can’t afford to live if we had a bigger family.

  69. I work for a Women health specialty office, the amount for IUD request have easily doubled if not tripled since. From KS.

  70. They want to increase population so resources are spread thin, in turn they make more money, and you cant keep enough in your pocket to fend for yourself. You turn to the gov and they keep on owning you. Good job men and women on fighting back. Vasectomies may be scary, but it ensures that they cant blow up the population as much as they like to. 🤙🏻

  71. My husband had one scheduled last year but missed his appointment. Now we are expecting baby #3. We are happy, but we are both gonna get snipped after this one is born.

  72. Hey! I had my tubes removed in May. It's called a bilateral salpingectomy, and if you have ACA-compliant insurance, they must cover at least one form of female sterilization for free at no cost to the patient. They will often (but not always) cover bisalps because they're superior to tubal ligation.

  73. Does the constitution specifically protect vasectomies? Are they a part of American history and tradition? No, then better to get one now if you don't want any/more children.

  74. I'm a man living in a red state who's consistently voted Democrat since i began exercising that right since 2018. Despite that, Republicans keep winning through underhanded tactics in addition to democrats not voting as much as Republicans.

  75. Just had my consult this week. Vasectomy is scheduled for September. They had me come in early because this urology office was so swamped with new appointments. Even here in NY vasectomies seem to be flying off the shelves.

  76. Had mine done last year once our second girl arrived. After watching my wife carry 2 kids for 18 months and deliver twice, it’s the absolute least I could do. Easy decision.

  77. This is something men need to think about, if ever you get the notion that this ruling doesn't effect us, just remember the fact that it's now necessary to have an invasive procedure (if you can afford it) in order to circumvent this bullshit, and not have our lives disrupted by an unwanted pregnancy.

  78. The powers that be want you having more babies. More babies means poorer, poorer means less options, less options leaves you (and the children) vulnerable to exploitation. You don't join the military or become a cop if you're well educated with a lot of options.

  79. I gotta get mine. Scared of the pain after, but it would be great so that my partner to get her IUD out because it gives her much more painful cramps.

  80. In a decade we are going to see charts in posts talking about the ageing population that shows a sudden drop in birth rates.

  81. I just got mine done two weeks ago. The day Roe v Wade was overturned, I had five different guys reach out to me to ask for recommendations and more information. Honestly the whole experience was so freaking easy, and I’m a baby when it comes to needles and stuff.

  82. Unfortunately, the procedure isn't quite so 'clean cut' for women. It is also a lot harder for a woman to convince a doctor that they are serious about it.

  83. Freeze viable sperm, then get a vasectomy. Birth control for life. Can’t believe I never thought of that before.

  84. I had been wanting to get it done for a long while (M, 33), and finally found a good opportunity with new jobs insurance where it was a 100% covered procedure. I was able to get it scheduled shortly after the leak from the SC surfaced, and got it done two weeks ago. My spouse and I neither want kids, and we are poly so it just felt like the most responsible step to take.

  85. Got the snip a few years to avoid a possible dangerous pregnancy that my now wife would have to endure (she has PKU so it's too risky for both her and the potential kid).

  86. Given the theory that RoeWade was overturned to spike birth rates, this seems like a "bit-in-the-ass" situation

  87. Yup. This is going to do nothing but accelerate the decline. Going to have alot of women who just play it safe and skip sex entirely. That's pretty much the state of things in Japan now and is where we are headed.

  88. Thank you, men. Screw this archaic nonsense trying to force us to make more worker bees for their factories

  89. I got one a few years ago, one of the best things I've done. Easier than i thought it would be, insurance covered, back in business quickly, and no more worry during sex. There needs to be more vasectomy education!

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