1. Wanna know how badly these companies really want to keep us blind to or victims of the climate crisis? Look into how Shell bought out the Nigerian government, hired paramilitary forces, and sponsored assassinations to keep deliberately polluting and wasting a sensitive river valley in the country where they hosted operations.

  2. My stepsister said that when she was living in Africa there were videos that circulated that filmed Shell hiring soldiers that gunned down villages that "got into the way of business." She said often the people who spoke too loudly about seeing these videos disappeared (along with any of the videos that circulated). It sounded like propaganda, but I could also see it actually happening given how aggressive that local large industries are to those who they perceive as threats—even within the United States.

  3. The right loves capitalism and private industry because it’s the most effective means of asserting authoritarian fascist power dynamics. It’s a counter-power to democratic government. They champion it under the guise of a so-called free market that honors the will of the people.

  4. And it took her only 11 years, enjoying a very well paid job, to come to this conclusion. Better late then never I guess.

  5. I’m not sure it is in this situation honestly. She just double dipped so she can sleep at night. Best of both worlds, clear conscious cuz ‘look at how I spoke out’ and a comfortable life bc of her time there

  6. Luckily for her the entire concept of “climate change” and the impacts of the oil industry were completely unknown in 2010.

  7. Right? I mean, how dare she spend 11 years trying to improve her workplace before finally deciding it's a lost cause and needs to move on.

  8. There is no such thing as an oil company that seriously cares about the environment. 99% of their motivation is profit and they don't give a shit about the planet, except in how much of it's resources they can sell.

  9. Fuck this kind of selfish motherkillers: I got paid to lie for decades but now I feel a tiny bit of regret. “I’m a fucking saint now and donated $100 to a homeless shelter in Iowa once.”

  10. Wouldn't it be great if every Reddit thread about climate focused on concrete, actionable steps we can take to solve climate change?

  11. You can't make money from corpses in general. She's not the perfect messenger, but for someone at her level to realize that killing all life on earth to squeeze a few more dollars into their bank account isn't going to be relevant if there's no one left to spend it.

  12. Can’t wait for her to go on speaking tour and release a few books and maybe host some fundraisers for her coke fund, I mean for the environment.

  13. Wasn’t Shell the one that found out that cars and the process of making gasoline caused irreparable damage to the environment and then spent the next 50 years lobbying to say the opposite?

  14. Shell stands by their commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050 once we’ve all died because the climate cannot sustain life. I stopped buying Shell oil in the 90s when I learned about their exploits in Africa.

  15. But Shell is a necessary evil for now, the well-being of its employees and contractor is actually important, and having people who take global warming seriously run it is really important.

  16. Is the human rights violations Shell has been involved in also a necessary evil? Shell has been accused of (and paid legal settlements to cover it up) crimes against humanity, summary execution and torture in Nigeria and that is not even mentioning their part in destroying the environment and profiting of it. Any person profiting from the oil industry is complicit and morally culpable in this destruction and there exists no good people among them.

  17. For a while, Shell paid for ads that showed them building nests for endangers birds, so they eo I ldnt die from building nests on oil derricks.

  18. This is news worthy? I thought it was common knowledge. Also she was part of these extreme harms to the environment for 11 years and did nothing. She works for a company named Clout, so there's that too.

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