1. Somebody already did it before. Per article, back in 1993. They got that guy. Class 3 felony and $11,000 fine. If they find whoever did it this time, the charge and fine they'd be looking at won't be funny. Felony conviction also means goodbye guns for life. Do stupid things, win stupid prizes.

  2. We live in Arkansas and when we saw this we said the same. It’s not funny — I mean vandalism. But it is also hilarious and Johnny would have definitely got the joke.

  3. I'm not sure if they make the towers the same way they do up here, but ours are about 1/2" steel plate coated in ceramic/epoxy on both sides. If its the same material, that must have been a hell of a shot.

  4. Generally small towns are super prideful about whatever makes them notable, and something like this is a great way to get your ass beat by the locals.

  5. They store extra water in a way that provides consistent pressure. That way the pumping / filtration only needs to be able to handle average demand instead of peak demand. Also if the pumps go down temporarily there is still usable water.

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