1. New president just took office in SK. They want their chunk of flesh from the new admin, then they will go back to radio silence until they need something again. As always.

  2. “Admitted” is the key word. If they say one person died it probably closer to 100,000. Don’t forget they also say their dear leader doesn’t have to take shits. The fact they are even saying anything must mean its really really bad.

  3. They thought they could just do their regular isolationist routine and COVID would never spread into their country. How naive to think that when people cross their borders to smuggle in contraband all the time and this virus is so contagious it was bound to get in.

  4. Along with the other answers, it isn't like this actually sprang out of nowhere. This is then finally having to admit things are bad after watching the numbers climb for a while.

  5. My guess is that these are the numbers they've been tracking since COVID started and they're just claiming it's from the last couple days.

  6. I can only imagine how few supplies they have like ventilators because they only thought they should have enough for important people (Kim and sister) and very few extra after that.

  7. Yeah but do you think they are truthfully reporting the numbers or are still low balling us? I only asked this because they never admitted that COVID even existed in NK (and of course some people on Reddit thought that meant they had zero cases) like 2 years ago.

  8. South Korea here. A lot of us are seriously worried about China attempting to take control of North Korea if the regime collapses thanks to coronavirus.

  9. They're saying it is 42 deaths currently...compared to a million in the US. Not sure their numbers should be believed, but it doesn't seem like the country is breaking down or anything.

  10. It was ugly a month ago. North Korea is like that guy in every zombie movie that gets bit and doesn't tell anyone. This didn't spring out of nowhere.

  11. Might be eye opening for some antivax people, but I don't have any expectations for their thinking capabilities.

  12. We are about to see what systemic malnutrition with a pandemic looks like. This is why the black plague killed so many, yh famines in years prior led to underdeveloped immune systems

  13. Wait, now you mention it, yeah. I don't actually recall the last time we saw him wearing one. Good observation.

  14. The photo is from 2021. It's basically a stock photo that the article picked. Do a reverse image search on it. It appears to be from a Reuters article from October:

  15. Kim is actually the more "western" of the NK Dictatorship- He went to school in Switzerland and when he initially become dictator he was building his image around bringing some western styles to NK- The ski resort they built for example.

  16. When I read this I thought like Cowboy hat and boots. I immediately went to the article as fast as I could to see Cowboy leader. I am an idiot.

  17. His head looks like it was Photoshopped onto the image of the suit. Or maybe the suit was Photshopped onto the image of his head. Something about the image doesn't look right.

  18. When a country that covered up the mass starvation death of millions admits that something is amiss, they are deep in sh*t

  19. As malnourished and draconic as the country is, I have little doubt this is going to make the 90's famine (aka the Arduous March) look like a walk in the park. His father wanted a fucking tower and their own olympics, and he wanted to ignore a pandemic hoping their ridiculous isolation is their best defense. Why is it all dictators are fucking idiots?

  20. Things are getting worse for them. With a malnourished population, no healthcare even the mild cases will be bad.

  21. I honestly think they’ve had it for a while and finally are admitting shit is bad now and out of their capabilities

  22. Probably rampant the last two years in the rural parts of NK but of course the leaders of the country couldn't give a shit about them. They could just pass it off as "Supreme Leader Kim has been singlehandedly destroying Covid for the Korean people etc." But now theyre reaching levels that even with their extreme closed off nature from the rest of the world the outside world is going to notice something is up.

  23. If this highly dubious claim is accurate, then NK's population of 25 million is in serious trouble, and it may not be able to recover from it.

  24. Yes, if around 1 in 25 have covid, that's going to make it hard to keep basic services running I would think. Let alone providing healthcare. If they are admitting there is a problem, then there is a BIG problem.

  25. At the pandemic onset, Korea was producing roughly 6,000 tests and results a day, they were able to put together the resources and infrastructure which later allowed them to test the hundreds of thousands in the recent wave.

  26. The way they run their economy in NK causes their people to be a burden not a source of wealth. The only area they need warm bodies is in the army, outside of that natural resource extraction keeps the elite well fed and wealthy (comparatively).

  27. We are about to see what unrestricted Covid looks like in a medical backwater without vaccines. Like North Korean don't already have the most miserable existence.

  28. Imagine if it was the original strain or the delta variant. Dead bodies everywhere at up to a 20% death rate if they didn’t have good medical facilities. That country would be so insanely wiped out it’s not even funny.

  29. Fuck, thank you! I don't know why people are believing them saying that this all spring up in just a few days. They lie about and cover up everything

  30. That is not looking good... it's beyond the point where containment has any effect, and it's lose in an unvaccinated and malnourished population.

  31. Yea this has been going on for a while you dont get to 1 mil cases in 3 days from 1 case this has been there for months if not years they lied till they couldnt

  32. It wasn’t in 3 days they just hid it, with they’re population and density I don’t think that’s even possible it’s not India. As well as having to test 820,000 means that there are more that have not been tested.

  33. I was thinking that too. They let it get bad, finally had to admit it’s fucking bad but didn’t want to admit they’ve been dealing with it for a while

  34. I think these numbers are projections, not real positive test. If they see on 100k people that 5% are sick, they consider 5% of the country population is sick. Most areas in North Korea are old countryside, they don’t even have doctors or testing equipment. They also don’t have labs to do analysis, so I guess these numbers are projections of what is happening in Pyongyang.

  35. It's hard to believe NK unfortunately. Kim could simply be seeing the $Billions in aid other nations are getting for Covid, so has authorised either made up numbers or simply the releasing of the real numbers. We'll never know for sure.

  36. Must be running out of food again and not willing to push his luck with the nuclear threat with the current world situation. He rattles the sabre whenever the sanctions really start pinch. Trying a new route. Actually sympathy?

  37. Downvote me if you’d like, but I hope they get the help they need. Fuck Kim, but those poor people need help. They’re just people born under a horrible regime.

  38. They already declined vaccines from China and the West. It’s incredibly interesting that they even refused aid from their only ally.

  39. With a state like North Korea, where the government has a history of imprisoning and murdering people for much less, imagine the real or perceived danger of self reporting a fever. The amount of under reporting must be insanely high.

  40. Yes, it’s easier for the leaders to just shoot the infected people than to treat them. If history has taught us anything it’s that these communist dictatorships never tells the truth. The situation is probably much, much worse than we think it is.

  41. The really scary part of this is how poorly nourished and unhealthy the regular population of NK is. This is probaby going to kill more people than any famine they have had previously because of this. We will never really know the truth until fat boy and the rest of the jail keepers are gone and others release the actual numbers.

  42. This headline is… grossly misrepresentative of the truth. For the last 3 years they maintained that they didn’t have ONE Covid case. What are the chances of that? Literally zero. Then they throw out a number like one death (obviously a lie, just statistically). Then they own up to a more realistic number because why keep lying. They didn’t have an “explosive outbreak”, they didn’t gain those cases in 3 days. That’s not even logically possible, given that the virus itself takes 3-5 days to show symptoms. They just weren’t testing at all.

  43. Sounds bad. Hopefully they can get some help soon. Perhaps a good chance at garnering a little diplomatic good will.

  44. 800k in three days? BS! They’ve had it for as long as the rest of us, they just won’t admit it. Here is the solution, vaccines administered at the border with South Korea. You cross into SK, get you shot, then you get to decide if you want to go back to Hell. NO MONEY! PERIOD! They will just use money to build more nukes. Besides they are already printing US $100 bills by the truckload. Screw them, they made their bed, let them lay in it.

  45. What this means is that they've just now reached for the panic button. They've probably been dealing with this level of catastrophe for at least 8 months.

  46. In 3 days 42 people have died, if nearly a million are infected, chances are in 2-4 weeks the deaths will start to skyrocket. Most people don't die right away, there is a definite delay between onset and death. I doubt they have a lot of ventilators to keep people alive, and even if they did, their intermittent power wouldn't keep them running 24/7.

  47. Fuck the North Korean government. But man do I feel for the citizens. They have been suffering so much for decades and now this… it’s awful.

  48. I hope that this incites a massive rebellion. Plagues have a history rebalancing power dynamics between the people and the ruling class.

  49. Is anyone not surprised by this event that is happening in NK? I feel for the brainwashed people of NK because they are all thinking when is our divine leader going to end this plague that has befallen on us? Sadly since Kim Jung is basically clueless how to stop the spread of a virus, it will end when it runs out of hosts to infect!

  50. Yes, this is a horrible crisis and all of the people taking pot shots at them are missing the severe and tragic nature of this situation—not to mention that having such a huge reservoir of disease (even if it is in an isolated country) is a risk for the entire world. This is likely also a breeding ground for new variations.

  51. It’s easy to laugh at but remember this is going to be millions suffering because of their governments ineptitude…oh wait, nothing new there

  52. Stupid title. No chance they got 820k in 3 days. It's literally impossible with their population density. These are cases which have been hidden for a long time.

  53. You mean a country that doesn't give a single shit about its citizens might not be great at preventing an outbreak for them?

  54. With what infrastructure did they use to record this many cases? We can't even keep track of American cases accurately let alone north korea where only the nobility have access to clean food, water, and technology.

  55. AKA we hid a lot of cases for a long time but now we need the West's help so we'll pretend this happened overnight.

  56. Well in their defense, they lie so much about everything going on that it probably took longer than three days for this outbreak to spread. Yay for disinformationz

  57. The mechanics of an outbreak don't work in a way that 800k people would get it from near 0 in three days. They have had it there and it's been spreading over time. They've been ignoring it, and / or keeping it quiet for a long enough time for it to get that high.

  58. Sadly, for the people of N. Korea, this will be devastating to them. Throw the recovery/death data out the window on this. There are millions of people that are starving or malnourished, have parasites and deplorable living conditions there. This will not end well for the innocent.

  59. Who cares? They morons threaten the world every two weeks. They can suffer with this shit like everyone else did for two years. No vaccine for them

  60. That's what all the ignorant and arrogant where pushing for (includingthe president and lots of other politicians). Pretend COVID doesn't exist, live with it, avoid any type of protection against it and even try to get it and pass it on. We would just be in the same situation as North Korea. Have lots of death and helping the virus mutate even faster. We once again saved their lives and ours but would never ever be thankful nor even admit to themselves that they were absolutely dangerous to themselves and those around them

  61. I am surprised MOD let this post surrive. NDTV is one of the worst misinformation spreaders in US. Also Trump supporting media.

  62. Let's be honest...it wasn't just 3 days. Also...only 42 people died with that many cases with a largely unvaxxed population....kind of sus.

  63. NK's population is extremely malnourished and according to Yeonmi Park, a NK escapee, there is already rampant death from starvation. I would guess that the deaths are way higher than 42. NK simply does not know how many people are dying, by Covid or otherwise.

  64. It's not like there should be much international travel to North Korea to spread it. Being a reclusive shit hole has some advantages.

  65. I know that it might be considered cruel, but it would be interesting to compare the morbidity/mortality rates of COVID on a population that is distinctly NOT suffering from endemic obesity, but instead has the opposite problem of malnutrition. My hope is that the virus does not have the same impact on the population as it did in some others.

  66. I'm the opposite of an expert on the topic, but I suspect malnourishment is probably even worse than obesity..

  67. There's a major confounder here, which is that NK population is massively infested with parasites due to poor sanitation. Meaning tons of people are starting off with loads of comorbidities that aren't just not having enough food.

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