1. Hey man. Where I live in Canada a meth head stabbed a woman in the heart and left her on a sidewalk in broad daylight where she layed bleeding for two hours and 18 people walked passed. She only got 8 years. Her defense team tried to get her 6.

  2. At least in my state, the murder statute has a penalty of 30 years' imprisonment to life. Often when someone is convicted of multiple murders they get 30 years for each murder ran concurrently. This means that each sentence runs at the same time. If the sentences were run consecutively the second, third, and fourth sentences of 30 years would not start running until the preceding sentence was completed.

  3. If you willingly murder another human (let alone several) I think you should live the rest of your life in jail. It's only fair if you take someone's life that yours be taken too

  4. It’s a life sentence. What happens after 30 years? She lives happily ever after? She has no prospects, she’ll be an older ex-sex worker and felon.

  5. I mean, reading the article, she's 43. If this sentence isn't commuted, it's basically life for her. She'll likely die in prison as-is, so take that as you will.

  6. Higher punishments don't deter crime, just going to put that here. I'm sure people will hate to hear it, but just like the death penalty, people that are going to murder people aren't going to think "Well but I'm going to get 25 years instead of 15, that is maybe a bit too much for this murder".

  7. In all seriousness, thats a really long time. Any longer and you're basically saying she can't be reformed, which could be the case but who knows her situation. There's a world where someone is drug reliant and lost their mind and could be fixed in months. You know what I mean? I don't think that's realistic just saying a default stance of "not enough" is kind of barbaric in the grand scheme.

  8. What’s your goal with the sentencing? Are you trying to get revenge? Rehabilitate? Deter future crime? What’s the objective? To feel good about sentencing?

  9. I can't Read the article on thus can't tell if it's manslaughter or felony murder etc, but it sounds about typical. It doesn't sound exceptionally light, although I might have thought it could be heavier. Also, 30 years is probably more than adequate. Again, I don't know how old she is now, but if They ever get out of prison, they're likely to be super old by the time they do.

  10. You'd get a lot less than that in Europe. Life sentence would be about 15 years here in Finland, and you'd probably get four life sentences running concurrently. You might even get out after ten years or less. I've been quite shocked how lenient prison sentences here are (I am from the UK).

  11. You're not factoring in the sob story "I've been sucking dick for blow for twenty years, big daddy takes 90% of my money.." on and on.

  12. She’s a serial killer masked as a sex worker. Didn’t we see this movie already? She should face the death penalty.

  13. 30 years for four deaths seems reasonable. If this was over one guy's death, I'd say it was a bit harsh, but this sentence seems very much in line with what people would get.

  14. BuT sHe’S a ViCtiM…. ANd ShE’s A wHiTe LaDy. Something tells me if she had been a black woman, the sentence would’ve been a lot worse.

  15. Its the same as claiming a murder isnt bad because the victim was a sex worker. I wonder how this sister would feel if it was her sister who was murdered.

  16. I think basing the punishment of a crime on the perceived worth of the victim is a terrible idea in general.

  17. People definitely do say scantily dressed women deserve to get raped and anybody who doesn’t comply with police deserve to die. We live in a pretty fucked up world actually, and people think such things.

  18. People still think Rittenhouse had no right to self defense because "he shouldn't have been there anyway"

  19. “I think what wasn’t taken into account was that of course what happened was wrong but the victims put themselves in there,” Sally said. “They weren’t saints. They went with her. They wanted to party and they wanted to do drugs with her and have sex. It wasn’t like she put a gun to somebody’s head and forced them to go with her.”

  20. Aileen Wuornos killed and robbed 7 men and was executed. How is this woman any different than her? Also if a man murdered 4 prostitutes wouldn’t he probably be labeled a serial killer and get life in prison?

  21. I’m not an expert but I believe there’s some pretty stringent criteria for being labeled a serial killer. Perhaps she didn’t meet whatever definition the FBI has nowadays.

  22. The US handles almost all criminal offenses at the state level. It is 50 different jurisdictions. Due to Common law most of our courts operate somewhat similarly but the differences in some instances can be very extreme.

  23. Well, you have to factor in the racial bonus and add the gender bonus then subtract 80% if they can afford a lawyer, finally you roll a D20 to decide if they get life or parole. She picked the right race and gender at character creation so she only has to do 7.5 years per murder.

  24. Meanwhile, Cardi B is rich and brags about drugging men to rob them. Granted, she didn't kill anyone as far as we know.

  25. It's that nobody came forward in her case. Far as I'm concerned, anybody who drugs someone else like this gets booked for attempted manslaughter.

  26. If she did this the victims need to come forward. If it’s true she should have consequences for her actions but we need evidence and victims speaking up before anything can happen.

  27. This! We allowed a woman to become famous off of doing this is exact same heinous act. The world is a shit hole and we’re all riding the spiral down the drain.

  28. Uh. Someone has to come forward for that....you know I could brag that I killed 10 men, but I can't just be grabbed off the street and interrogated for it? Idk why that's so hard to understand......

  29. Because it’s a very abnormal murder scenario full of crazy people, and therefore a news story people might want to read

  30. One of the key differences is that nobody has ever acknowledged being a victim of Cardi B. You can't prosecute her without a victim because she would be entitled to face her accuser.

  31. The Cardi B thing always seems funny to mean. So many rappers have criminal pasts and rap about their criminal past, but somehow it's Cardi B that dudes tell me to clutch pearls about.

  32. In this case, they purposefully murdered several people. If she was being convicted for just drugging them, I’d agree with the comparison.

  33. Well this person should have used slightly less poison. That's the difference between 30 years and a world famous entertainment career.

  34. Stupid fucking title. Should be titled 'Serial killer gets 30 years for fatally drugging men..' because she is a serial killer (albeit her 'cooling off' period is super short) even though her motivation was financial gain and most SK's are sexually motivated, she still qualifies as one.

  35. You know… if the government were to legalize and regulate Sex Work like they do Alcohol and Tobacco, it would not only lead to less of this, but also keep the workers safer and probably even somehow make some revenue off of it.

  36. Or maybe we should improve society so no one has to whore themselves out and degrade themselves instead of promoting and/or glorifying something that shouldn’t be promoted or glorified.

  37. Wow, people kill a singular person, they get life in prison or a death sentence. But when they kill MULTIPLE, they get 30 years?! Its like a discount for how many people you killed!

  38. Life is 25+ years, the sentencing also depends on the state. Some are heavy with death penalty and some have none at all. It also has to do with the sentencing judge

  39. Guys! Cardi B was also a serial killer who deserves to be burned at the stake, plus she’s a rapper and I only listen to classical music. Any c-rapper is a low IQ future criminal anyway.

  40. She can't be charged for saying that it's fictional entertainment. She could only be charged if she admitted to a particular crime at an exact residence and then the victim or state pressed charges. Which would be extremely dumb to admit anyway

  41. The only evidence for Cardi‘s actions is her own testimony, and no victims have ever come forward. And she sure as shit wasn’t raping or killing anyone.

  42. Cardi B never killed anyone. You’re advocating the death penalty for robbery and drugging which there is no evidence for and may actually just be puffery. You’re sick.

  43. First of all, there’s no evidence any of it ever actually happened other than Cardi’s own testimony. No victims have come forward, and no charges were ever filed.

  44. I'm male and have cognitive disabilities. The only work I can do is destroying my body over time. Is my work not real work? Is my body not a "work place"?

  45. What she did was horrible and illegal, she should have consequences for her actions. If the victims pressed charges there would be some action, also there is statute of limitations, not sure how long ago it was.

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