1. Yea you don't want to look at the Harvard housing study for this year and what they show as average income needed to own a house.

  2. Yep, I make less than 50k and rent a 1 bedroom duplex in west Nashville for 1k. Check Zillow constantly and be ready to move FAST when something pops up. I viewed and put a deposit on my place within hours of it being posted. Private landlords will be your best chance on a good deal (and usually a better experience.)

  3. I'm in the same boat and am not having a good time finding housing. I lived in Murfreesboro for years and had to commute to Nashville. The money saved was totally absorbed into car costs and driving costs. Things like spiking gas prices made Murfreesboro no longer an option. I'm probably going to sell my newer car that I needed for commuting and buy something cheap and shitty, then try to find a place in between Nolensville Rd and Edmondson Pk for 1200 a month. Money will be tight.

  4. If you work downtown have you thought of looking at towns along the music city star route? You could get a place as far out as Lebanon and ride the train in to avoid the car costs.

  5. I make 50k and I live off Briley by the airport and pay $965 for 1 bd. I had to be on a waitlist for a few months though since no one was moving out here since the rent was so affordable.

  6. Nothing above $1250 a month but really you should be looking at closer to a $925 payment a month max on housing . In Nashville that will get you just about nothing rent wise without roommates.

  7. I’d stick around 25% of gross income so around $1,050 a month. From a quick search on apartments.com, you can still find a few of these around Nashville. I wouldn’t recommend commuting from Murfreesboro since I-24 is hell in the morning

  8. I make just over $100k and I honestly don’t know how people are living. I cannot find a decent place to rent or buy in Nashville. This weekend will be my last go at trying to find a new place in town, before I start looking outside of the city. This is NOT the American dream.

  9. Madison might be a better step depending on what you’re into. It’s much closer to East Nashville (my favorite part of Nash) and a lot of fun people are moving that direction. Still a lot of opportunity there so prices are reasonable.

  10. I make a-little under that and rent a place in Hillsboro. If you know how to budget, you can swing a better house in a better neighborhood. Trader joes is around the corner and has better prices on groceries. If you look, you can find great places for rent on Zillow. And some places for under $3000 on the west side. It’s just about taking the time to truly look.

  11. it's worth looking at facebook marketplace for places for rent by an independent landlord. i've been doing it for years and if you move quick enough you can find pretty affordable places on the east and west side. but i also suggest looking in madison, donelson and old hickory. the further out of the city you are, the more bang for your buck!

  12. Depending on where you go. I am north of town and there is a lot available for reasonable prices compared to downtown.

  13. I mean, your finances go beyond salary. What’s your car payment? What’s car insurance cost? How often do you eat out? Are you vegan? How much do you eat? How much are your student loans? What are your 401K contributions? How far is your commute? Do you use premium gas? What’s your mpg? What will you keep your A/C at? How often do you get your haircut? Supercuts or a salon? Do you have to buy feminine products? How much is your health insurance? What are your savings?

  14. 50k / 12 / 33% = $1,372 a month for rent so I'd say probably a 1 bedroom in Antioch or a studio in North Nashville.

  15. I make that +/- right now and live downtown in a 900 sq/ft 1br apt overlooking the east side, only 1500/month. Not sure what people are spending their money on saying they can't pay more than 950/month with this income. I have more than enough money to spare every month to save, invest, spend, etc.

  16. If you're willing to take a bit of a commute, I'd look in Clarksville and the nearby areas. More affordable for apartments and even rental houses than Nashville and the commute's not terrible.

  17. Honestly I don't understand why more people don't look at Clarksville as an alternative to Nashville. Ditto Lebanon, except that commute is harsh.

  18. Roomster is an app for people who are looking for roommates too if you want to check that out. I used it last year and found a pretty chill buddy to live with. Rent was around $550. With utilities (water, electric, internet) it was around $700 total a month. Give it a shot. I’m all for people paying lower than they could because who doesn’t like to save money? It blows my mind that people are willing to pay 1/3 or even 1/2 of their monthly income in rent just for the convenience.

  19. I make around that and I live in a 2/1 for 1250/m. But I got in my lease years ago, so I think that would be harder to come by now.

  20. I'm in goodlettsvile and pay 1600 for a 3 bedroom, I live alone and only make 15 an hour here. Before I was forced to move because the landlord sold his house after I rented it for 8 years, I was paying 1300.

  21. That’s how much I make right now, a year post grad. Living in a 2 bedroom with a roommate, $1k a month each but it’s in a very walkable area with lots to do - 10 minutes from about everything. Hard to get tho, it’s competitive out here. Might need a co signer

  22. Are you okay with roommates? I have lots of friends here in East who pay $800 but have a couple roommates. If you want a place totally to yourself… idk, then you might need to look in suburbs.

  23. I pay about 1180 a month at Brandywine, south Nash on Edmonson Pike for a 500sqft “studio apartment, advertised as a 1 bedroom. They increased my rent $120 when I renewed my lease for my second year

  24. When I was making 50k I was able to afford a nice one bedroom apartment by myself for $1500 a month in Nashville. Fortunately I got a raise and my quality of life went up, but I was able to manage for a while without feeling like I had to sacrifice a ton. Basically I just didn’t eat out much or buy anything outside of my basic needs.

  25. Being truthful look outside of downtown unless you absolutely have to be down there. Many great areas in all directions.

  26. rule of thumb is 50% of ur monthly salary can go to housing. so whatever u can get for $2,083.33 per month is within reason.

  27. A mortgage lender will approve a loan of 45% of your income but it also factors in debts. So if you are paying a chunk to debts each month subtract from that amount. Not sure if this helps it’s just what they look at in underwriting.

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