1. ID requests are fair game IMO. But edibles are a slippery slope and if you have to ask in the first place you shouldn't eat it OR trust total strangers on the internet with your life.

  2. I think there’s a difference between asking for an ID (“is this a chanterelle?”) vs asking flat out of it is edible. The first shows that the person has done at least cursory research and has attempted the ID process themselves. The latter shows that they probably have no idea what they’ve got and shouldn’t even be considering eating anything they find outside until they do more research.

  3. I'm definitely not even highly experienced with foraging and it still kills me a little inside when I see a post like "Found this in my driveway, can I eat it?"

  4. it's a problem with animal id as well. people will just post a pic of themselves holding a venomous animal or a video poking rattlesnakes with a stick and it feels that perhaps they should have waited quite a bit longer to understand the situation prior to getting in such close proximity. it's not really so dangerous to be around most fungi at least.

  5. Tried this for years in other groups. That are not for ID. Still steady flood of can i eat this. Is it active. ID please thank in advance.

  6. There is a very well-known facebook group that we link these posters to immediately. This is a rare occurrence and is absolutely welcomed. If it starts getting out of hand like the "is this edible?" Posts, we would want to do the same thing for a more efficient transfer of assistance

  7. Getting a second opinion doesn't hurt. If people are relying on internet strangers to tell deadly from edible, that's on them.

  8. Absolutely - asking for an ID is commonplace, asking if a mushroom is edible is a red flag of an amateur and can be incredibly dangerous.

  9. Disagree, unless the other ID request rules are going to be enforced as well. I don't think we should be too strict about those because so many of the users here are new or casual. Reworking the sub for serious scientific discussion only is possible, but that question is beyond my pay grade.

  10. An automated response about explaining why proper identification is important and understanding that the poster has to be comfortable in being able to use the resources at hand to confirm that the mushroom they found is indeed what it was said to be, sounds great. But outright deleting them and removing them completely removes any beneficial discourse.

  11. There are essentially two things that draw people to mushrooms- can I eat it or will it expand my mind. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Humans are always looking to derive benefit from the natural world around us.

  12. Lol. Back in my day, you used to have to get up the nerve to go and talk to the weird guy looking for mushrooms.

  13. The issue with this is people are trusting Random strangers of unconfirmed experience with their life. It's literally playing Russian roulette. *is this the poison that will kill me? Is it delicious? Or will I just get a stomach ache? I'll ask these guys and do what the first answer tells me to do! Oh Shit now I'm in the hospital and the doctor just said there's no cure! Man, hindsight is 20—20....RIP

  14. That's what any other sensible fungi forum seems to have as a policy, I've often wondered how come that's not enforced here.

  15. 15 years ago, virtually every online mycology forum had a community policy against identification based on photographs. You would never, EVER respond to a post with an unqualified identification, no matter how confident you were. Now it’s commonplace. As the foraging community has grown, people have become far less cautious about offering an ID, or even a recipe.

  16. Yet the amount of people per year that get poisoned by mushrooms have declined between 1999 and 2016 (DOI 10.1080/00275514.2018.1479561) despite the population having grown and online forums apparently getting more lenient with their ID policies. An argument can be made that allowing IDs prevents more people from eating what may harm them than it encourages, even if IDs are occasionally incorrect, not least because many IDs are given together with a warning.

  17. What? This post was inspired by six posts this week that asked this question and received comments. There was also one posted right before this one.

  18. I'd like an automod that deletes the posts with the message to never eat a mushroom you can't identify yourself and to never trust anyone on the internet to ID a mushroom for you. It would give people the info they need without cluttering up the sub.

  19. The auto-block would respond with "No." which would save us all time and save OP from potentially eating a lookalike down the road and end up hospitalized or worse

  20. Discouraging people from asking is the worse just because you know loads that’s fine for you what about beginners people may be inclined too eat anyway without the ability too ask

  21. Make a sub for that and people can join and volunteer their advice over there instead of clogging this up with a question to which I have never seen the answer be yes!!!!

  22. I feel this way about the “what is this growing in my house” posts and then proceeds to post a picture of the nastiest looking mold I’ve ever seen. At least NSFW it.

  23. If you cannot identify the mushroom yourself, do not eat it. Trusting redditors who, for all the OP knows, is just as inexperienced as they are will get them hospitalized.

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