1. Don't worry she'll jokingly tell you after a few years. 'You know I USED to have a crush on you. Hahaha not anymore tho.. Don't worry about it'.

  2. All the products are scented. Even if we use the same soaps, other products like shampoos, body lotion etc will probably smell better than the men's stuff.

  3. Yeah bro.....i study at morning college with all boys and then as we leave the day coed shift starts and as we move out we feel that we have been drowned in a tub of scent.....which honestly I don't mind

  4. My wife (then gf) told me that she had a crush on me the moment she saw me. She told me this after many years of dating. It is hard to believe because I never had girls approach me except a few occasional incidences which I can count on my fingers, in my entire life.

  5. Umm yes, why wouldn't we. And btw if we get enough time to check out, we describe them in detail feature by feature to our friends

  6. Bro they check us out way more subtly than we can imagine. She could be horny in front of you and you won't even notice.

  7. I have two female best friends. The first one, we met in classes and we grew close & eventually best friends. Purely platonic.

  8. Nope. I suppose it depends on how it starts. We both started as colleagues and I do not shit where I eat so we just grew to become friends rather than have a crush.

  9. I'm surprised to say that I honestly don't have crush on my girl best friend. She is more like a sister to me. She's got an bf and I feel super happy for both of them and wish they continue to be together . These all feelings are new to me and I can not believe as I thought having crush is the unfortunate outcome of having a close "girl" friend. So answer is No.

  10. Oof no, but prolly that’s because I know her too well and I kinda know it’s better to be just friends with her than to date cus we honestly won’t be that compatible despite having very similar interests

  11. Do you mean friendly or over-friendly? If it's just friendly, then the guy needs to work on separating friends and potential relationships, and relationships with women in general.

  12. Other comments on this thread might also be true but see it like this way. People always crave that they lack. Men do not get that many compliments,not get approached first most of the times and we are just starved for attention and affection from anyone and that's why when anyone compliments us we remember it for maybe a lifetime. Men and women are very different in this department. So if any girl or women talks nicely and are just being friendly with us there are chances that many of the men will take it as a hint that she might be interested in me which most of the times they are not. It's not a general rule of thumb many of the men might feel that they are been pursued but they will tread carefully and be confused most of the times🤣

  13. A normal average looking guy is so out of attention that simple conversation beyond 10 minutes and his mind races to situations.

  14. I can answer that cuz I've been in this situation. It's because, women never tell a guy that they like him to his face(I know it sounds like a cliché but it's not).

  15. It’s about the baseline. If a guy with no previous exposure to female friends suddenly finds himself in the company of a friendly female friend, it is bound to create a bit of confusion within them. In most cases it is just this confusion.

  16. Given how the social dynamic works, it's the guy's job to ask the girl out and that means any given girl would end up getting asked out by guys she is not interested in. It's not that guys are any worse than girls at telling who is into them it's just that they have to shoot their shot.

  17. Coz men do not get enough compliments or friendly vibe,0platonuc touch from girls in general. They don't understand the platonic nature of it.( Not enough data points basically)

  18. I'm at a stage where even if the girl straight up tells me that she likes me i go, "what if you are just being friendly."

  19. The average male is so attention deprived that any woman initiating a convo is a hint unless stated otherwise the girl is seeing someone.

  20. Chicks before dicks, no matter how much I hate a girl i will give her a pad in a emergency. Also no slut shaming, and no leaving a girl alone in an unknown environment

  21. Sisters before misters. Keep an eye on the dude that's hitting on your friend but don't take centre stage or steal her moment.

  22. For me it's doesn't now , earlier in life when I was teen it did , I'm 5'2 never dated anyone below 6'0 . Then once i went one a date with a guy who is 6'8 , it was extremely weird due to height difference . My not partner is 5'6 and i don't much care about height

  23. Height does not matter to me. However, I am above the average height for women in India and I don't want the guy I date to feel uncomfortable if I am taller than him. And I like wearing heels... So yeah, answer is just someone who is an inch or two shorter, or maybe taller than me, just for this reason. But let me tell ya, short people are cute af, whatever the gender.

  24. I'm male (6'3) and yes it's attractive when I see tall girls. Short girls are cute and all, but tall girls have something really different about them.

  25. So you need 2 things. Only perfume won't help. You need a deodrant to de-odorize and then apply perfume. You can try any of those anti perspirant roll ons. And then apply perfume on your pulse points to smell good.

  26. Honestly, I only wear a sanitary pad when I actually do see some blood and not before that. But I know all girls carry sanitary pads few days before their actual period date.

  27. It starts slow, drops at a time. That's the indication to start wearing pads. It also tapers towards the end after a couple days and after a few years of menstruating, most women know the pattern. Doesn't hurt to wear a pad for an extra day at the end to be safe.

  28. Yeah a lot different, at times they potray something they aren't. Like attitudewise guys feel the need to show themselves as strong, macho even if they are total softies. As with wants and desires it differs from person to person.

  29. Yep. The society we're born in differentiates between male and female, and as a result, everyone is socialised to behave in certain ways. Individual differences makes everyone unique, but on the average, women have a lot of shared experiences (as do men, ofc).

  30. Yes they do , my bff has like 10 of em. She says it's more comfortable, i still don't get it how string going up your ass if not bothersome, but that again I'm happy to keep my dick in my boxers

  31. Honestly it depends , it's not the most comfortable thing to wear , but if you're wearing like a skirt or pants which can show the outlines , then thongs are a safe option, unless you are comfortable going commando .

  32. If you spread your ass cheeks before letting it out, the fart comes out silently Raising your leg like a dog also works . Gap banaake fart karo

  33. Mainly because of the same stigma tampons have, "iT tAkEs YoUr ViRgInItY". I also think (not sure about it though) that advertising pads for the Indian audience is much easier. You just show how absorbent the pad is, and done. For menstrual cups you'd have to show how to insert them and well.....you know how uncles and aunties would react to that.

  34. Ok this a real question. Why are men here so hesitant to speak to women? Indian men are absolutely gorgeous and I always wondered

  35. Indian women encounter a lot of creepy men sadly. We just don't wanna come off as creepy or inappropriate and many Indian men miss key developmental milestones in their childhood and were not taught how to interact with the opposite sex (even though being "normal" suffices) so they keep their distance and are hesitant. Plus women and their personalities have been dehumanized to an extent that men somehow believe that normal conversational rules don't apply to women.

  36. Yes! Absolutely. Most of the girls might not express it easily, can even stay in one sided love for a long time without saying a word and then eventually getting over it after they see the guy with someone else.

  37. Depends on the what we are looking for , if hookup and all then just the things you are into and boundaries and stuff like that . For something more serious ig you can talk about common likes and dislikes , pet peeves etc

  38. mostly girls,But seriously I think movies and shows have got the right idea about guys. We are into sports, food, travel. On top of that some like Finance/books/gossip/gaming etc etc.

  39. Be careful with the judgemental tone, I too used to do the same until I realise that I too screw up with basic stuff too.

  40. to the girls in 18-21 what's the best way to get in your crush zone seriously or what are your requirements, like ive heard people assuming 6ft plus is the big point but in reality what things?

  41. It really depends on person on person. I have friends who care about height, but i personally never have provided the guy is taller than me (I'm 5'4" so that's not a problem). Seriously, attitude of the guy matters a lot in attraction.

  42. I am a skinny guy. We can't seek for acceptance from girls. They may say they don't mind but in reality a girl will go for decently muscular fella than an average skinny dude because that's the primary form of masculinity - which what attracts a female. Join a gym bro, find your calories using an online calculator and eat in a surplus. I have started following those habits as well.

  43. To girls, What would you do if any random guy or a random classmate(guy) or a random colleague(guy) texts you: "you look beautiful in your profile picture"

  44. As someone who's grown up outside, I have more questions about my own brethren, but I can't quite frame it. Like how come some people have this weird lack of social awareness, I can tell who's checking who out in an easy 5 meter radius of me. But sometimes I see guys who straight up turn their heads and look at chicks walking down the street or in a car or a shop. And I catch other people glaring at me too sometimes for no apparent reason.

  45. Are all girls emotionally over sensitive towards their relationship? And what's with the unapologetic behaviour? Why does the blame has to be put on the man?

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