1. You know that most novel-based movies deviate from the source by a whole ton right? Including both of Disney’s Little Mermaid films. They probably looked mostly for an actress that had the perfect voice for Ariel and the actress playing her probably had the best voice for the role in the auditions.

  2. Since when has any adaptation been letter faithful to the source material? And changing the skin colour of a character is minor compared to what Disney already did to the original tale, which did not have a fairy tale happy ending.

  3. This is all so stupid. She's a fucking mermaid. A mythological creature that doesn't exist. You have to suspended disbelief a little bit.

  4. Elsa and Anna aren’t really Norwegians. It is never said that they are in Norway and it is based on a story that, as far as I know, doesn’t take place in Norway and is written, like the little mermaid, by H.C. Andersen. Frozen is very different from the original, much more so than the little mermaid.

  5. Good god, can we stop talking about this. If you care about the skin tone of a mythical creature, you are a racist. Who cares what the book says. The fact that you took the time to write this up says a lot about you

  6. She also dies and becomes a spirit at the end of the fairy tale. Will you be annoyed when Disney don’t do that? Or is it only when skin colour is changed that these things become an issue?

  7. The question is do you care about this that much? I know a lot of you guys never cared when white guys were playing non white characters. At this point, watch it or don’t either way doesn’t matter. When the ancient one in doctor strange was made white, I know a lot of ppl didn’t care, what’s with the fake outrage.

  8. As a transhumanist, I see skin color as a mostly irrelevant attribute of our meaty exoskeleton. People care too much about it. The interesting part of this entire story is what Disney is trying to achieve by that.

  9. So Disney changed the entire story of the original fairy tale but left the skin color and that's okay. But now that they're changing the skin color that's the end of the line for you you can't possibly deal with an imaginary character having a skin color that's irrelevant to her story

  10. Personally, I would choose someone who looks similar to the original character. I'm sure there are enough exceptionally talented actresses who look like the original.

  11. See, like, Luke Cage is black because they wrote a black character. He lives in a black part of New York, he has black friends, he defends black people, every issue is about how black he is.

  12. Yesterday I didn't give a damn about the Little Mermaid remake. Today I still don't and won't tomorrow either. My secret NO ONE IS FORCING ME AGAINST MY WILL TO SEE IT AND I CAN STILL WATCH THE 80'S CARTOON VERSION ANYWAY!

  13. Its a mythical being. If you're worried or offended about the skin color on a creature that isnt real im both worried about your mental health and jealous of how much time u have to do fuck all if u even have time for this bs lol

  14. God, it's not like Disney was purposely looking for a black girl to play Ariel, Halle did the audition as many other white actresses did and she got cast because she was the best fit according to the casting directors due to her acting and singing, it's just that simple.

  15. It doesn’t say white. It says pale. Which could be a result of fear or shock, not necessarily describing her skin color but her reaction to seeing her sisters like that.

  16. The OP here. It's sad to observe how eager are people to assume racist intentions. You seem to be one of the more intelligent commenters here, and yet you make the same baseless assumption.

  17. If you are still upset about the casting of a Disney cash-grab, live-action remake of a movie made for kids, I recommend downloading the All Trails app, getting in your car, driving somewhere and touching some grass.

  18. I'll probably be pilloried by both sides: I don't know what irritates me more- movie studios forcing diversity into movies, or people tying themselves in knots to complain when it happens.

  19. I feel sorry for you if studios giving opportunities to more people to play a role is on the same level of blatant racism for you

  20. All of these people with the "who cares?" or "why do we keep talking about this?" attitude will ironically comment every time someone has the temerity to bring up this subject in this sub.

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