1. Scorsese was also banned from entering China at one point because he made Kundun a movie about the Dalai Lama and Tibet.

  2. I know Rick and Morty can get a really outsized reaction for or against, but the Rick quote “Your boos mean nothing, I’ve seen what makes you cheer.” seems really applicable in this situation.

  3. Yeah that seems like a win. When you pissing of any kind of nationalist then you're doing something right.

  4. haha WHATEVER WILL HE DO now that Chinese nationalists have denounced him XD not like they are genocidal maniacs or anything

  5. Yeah, finally somebody from Hollywood has a fucking backbone and highlights the horrendous shit CCP does instead of just craving for more of that Chinese money.

  6. Actors wanting to work for big Disney franchise (MCU, Star Wars) are silent when it comes to Tibet, Uighur, Taiwan or HK.

  7. I guess he will just have to settle for being one of the highest paid actors and national treasure in America. Shucks. "Backlash"

  8. Man I was so disappointed to see him cowtow to that shitty chinese government. I didn't even like the dude I was impartial, until he did that.

  9. Man I just seen an advertisement for his new show and I'm like how does this guy still have fans. groveling to Pooh Bear while he packs concentration camps filled with people he can steal organs from is going to look real fucking bad a few years from now.

  10. Chinese nationalists cannot cancel anyone (that's a western thing) they'd probably make more propaganda tiktoks against him lol. Petty CCP tactics

  11. Imagine the impact of other famous people tweeting support for Uighurs, Tibetans, HKers, Taiwan... If they are known in the Chinese mainland, Weibo would fill with messages the CCP could not ignore. There's no need for shows of military force because there's so much that can be done just by... saying something.

  12. "The Chinese use the same word for crisis and opportunity. They also use the same word for China and Tibet, and it's China, so fuck them." -Dara O'Briain

  13. One of the kindest human beings that exist, his reputation has remained untarnished for hundreds of years. If you're on the opposite side of an argument with this shining example of a human being you really need to rethink your position on a fundamental level.

  14. you know the commies are fucked in that head when they try to censor Keanu, literally one of the most likeable actor in the planet

  15. This is why cowards like Terry Crews and LeBron James will forever be pathetic shadows compared to the shining example of integrity that Keanu Reeves is.

  16. Man, between just laughing at NFTS in an interview and now this, Keanu really is just showing why reddit loves him lmao

  17. Hey guess what China? We don’t give a fuck what you think. We’re able to support pretty much any cause we fucking feel like it and American celebrities don’t need your permission. Get the fuck over it.

  18. More proof the CCP are a bunch of genocidal goons. How the world is just letting them get away with it is absolutely mind-boggling. This is our generations holocaust. We all have a bone in this fight wether we like it or not. How can we just sit by and let China ethnically cleanse over 13 million Uyghurs is beyond me. The entire world should ban together and pressure China.

  19. Before anyone acts like this doesn't matter and that nobody can touch Keanu keep in mind that like 5 years ago everyone bashed tiktok for being a chinese nationalist party attempt at storing everyones faces for digital facial recognition software and it was well established that nobody should be installing the app on their phones and look at modern day social media as every child and poor taste adult in the US not only has the app installed but overlays the worst levels of volume of random music on top of mundane video content in hopes of a few likes all in the name of a single co-owner changing hands from Chinese to US. Nothing has really changed, except that people in general, are a bunch of morons.

  20. Instead of the olympics I'd just like to see all the hardcore nationalists of every country fight to the death gladiator style.

  21. I can’t fathom what China’s social credit score is now after having dared to hit Keanu Reeves with backlash! One does not necessarily recover from giving backlash to Keanu Reeves.

  22. I hope the Chinese "patriots" and history revisionists keep doing this world wide. Their mobs used to mostly bully neighboring countries so this side was less known to the wider world.

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