1. if i'm allowed i'll make a new post when it's fully published with timestamps after premier so for those who may miss will be able to watch straight ahead

  2. It will be up in 12 hours, after premiere there will up published on youtube automatically with timestamps for anyone who wants to skip first part of the video.

  3. I literally almost got cardiac arrest that day, you will see that from my face/reactions my bpm was up to 190 on my watch, did it for the difficult of course!

  4. Anybody see the Ronnie Coleman reaction video to kiakos grizzly? Ronnie did not know what the fuck kiaksao was doing lol

  5. I have to wonder if he gets recognized in public. Like, do the local grocery store staff think he's just some weird fat guy?

  6. I've linked up with him through ig, yeah I've got pictures and small reel edit of training highlight, you can find it on ig from youtube post descripiton, i'm not sure if i'm allowed to drop links here

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