1. Oh my whole library of music was made for this thread. Adding the list here for traction since my top pick is the same as your suggestion. I tried to suggest a bunch of sounds that I like but are not all exactly the same so that hopefully something appeals to you, OP!

  2. Some of Poppy’s more recent work sounds like what you’re describing! Specifically her album I Disagree! It has some similar themes to Mitski’s music

  3. Hole is great, just try not to think abt the fact it’s Courtney love. Veruca Salt and L7 are favorites. Destroy boys is good too. Cat Power is a classic. Personally not super into mazzy Star but I know other people like her. Bjork kinda maybe. Basically maybe just look into riot grrrl and female led shoe gaze stuff, you’ll probably find something you like.

  4. LOVE cat power! slowdive, my bloody valentine, and lush are all great shoegaze bands with frontwomen! blonde redhead is great too.

  5. Maybe TORRES? She has some dope music, her most recent album was good and the album Three Futures seems similar to what you are asking for maybe?

  6. Oh you will looove Lingua Ignota. Screams of suffering and anguished singing with harsh noise/dark folk production.

  7. Hayley Williams solo albums are amazing, not all her songs are neccesarily “angry” but they are all emotionally charged, some even remind me of mitski!

  8. dude i was looking through your other playlists and saw midori on your japanese playlist!!! instant follow

  9. Girlpool might interest you! I think both members are nonbinary tho, but their first album is angriest and sounds very riot grrl. Some of kimya dawson’s work is angry-adjacent (“the beer”). More recommendations: apes of the state, camp cope, remember sports, destroy boys, hop along

  10. I would recommend female punk bands, like not hardcore punk, a good show that started me with this type of music is: WE ARE LADY PARTS

  11. Fiona Apple for sure is the blueprint, PJ Harvey, St. Vincent, Angel Olsen, Björk (especially in Vulnicura and Homogenic but mostly Vulnicura), Sharon Van Etten, Phoebe Bridgers, Solange (especially A Seat in the Table which is about Black womanhood and racial issues but she also has other albums that touch angry/love topics), Rina Sawayama, Japanese Breakfast, The Cranberries, Sinead O’Connor, Lily Allen, SZA!

  12. Penelope Scott, She in some of her songs its to soft like sweet hibiscus tea but the One that i think your looking for are alike feel beter or ciggarrete ahegao

  13. EMA, Soccer Mommy, Phoebe Bridgers, Torres, Banks, Courtney Barnett, Sharon Van Etten, Lydia Loveless, Shura, Marika Hackman, Julien Baker all come to mind

  14. A lot of my music is like Midwest emo but I really resonate with Kate nash. I listened to her a lot through middle and high school and my jump to mitski was from a Kate nash playlist when I was in high school! I also really like the red means I love you by madds Buckley. It’s my favorite scream song as of recent and makes me feel better about how extreme my emotions can be. I know Rico nasty was already mentioned but her and some of cardi bs stuff from invasion of privacy hits different. Those are more angry at a man for hurting you though imo.

  15. actually been wanting to get into midwest emo! would love ur spotify if you're comfortable dropping it

  16. Just posting some I haven't seen yet: FKA Twigs Magdalene album, specifically Fallen Alien and Magdalene, Cherry Glazerr basically every album but especially Stuffed and Ready, and Shitkid everything they've done fits your description but I especially love their album Fish

  17. Thank you for the japanese artists recommendation!! If you have any more japanese artists I should listen to even if they don't fit the original post please send them my way!!

  18. Honestly Billie eilish has been very angry about abuse, fat shaming, misunderstood, and in her older works just exploring mental health, Use of drugs etc. the newer album is generally about her and not just other stuff that she experienced. There are only 3 or something songs with screaming, in live performances she lets out tho. I hope I helped.

  19. i would recommend doja cat’s cover of celebrity skin and happier than ever (title track) by billie eilish. and even though she’s a rapper, rico nasty have the sound youre looking for, specifically her mixtape anger management and debut album nightmare vacation

  20. have you tried listening to halsey's latest album? please do!! you'd find both anger and depression in there. my personal recommendation would be tracks such as easier than lying, you asked for this, and nightmare—though i really love the slower ones too.

  21. I'm sure more will come to me but definitely Indigo De Souza, Mannequin Pussy, Hana Vu, Girl Friday, Angie McMahon, Aldous Harding, and Haley Heynderickx. And co-signing everyone who already suggested PJ Harvey, Fiona Apple, and Sasami!

  22. I can recommend some songs! Drunk by Mannequin Pussy is great, she has really raspy vocals which fits perfectly for the rock song that it is. Charlie Brown, Are you Sure and Care by Beabadoobee are some of my favourite heavier songs that she’s done.

  23. check out the volunteers for angriness, and if you like the front woman yerin baek, she has a solo career with her fair share of songs about depression. but be warned that a good portion of her solo music is in korean. i’m gonna assume that you’d rather listen to something in english, so i recommend her “tellusaboutyourself” album. it has the most angriness out of her solo music, and it’s fully in english as well.

  24. Might get buried for this, but I would always always recommend Kate Bush. INSANE songwriter, very expressive. Anything off of Hounds Of Love will scratch your itch I think, along with loads of songs off her other albums (The Kick Inside is also a fantastic album, and I'm pretty sure she wrote most of it while 19 or younger).

  25. PJ Harvey, especially Rid of Me and To Bring you my Love, she's pretty well known yet I feel like she is still underrated

  26. pj motherf*ckin harvey is the answer to this question. she's the closest lyrically and musically to the two allbums / songs you like. start with songs like rid of me, sheela na gig. 50 ft queenie, and dress.

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