1. McCarty pottery is a classic Mississippi company. They have nice little animals and serving pieces. For books I liked Dispatches from Pluto maybe paired with a Mississippi treat or something.

  2. MSU store for cheese and sampler boxes made at the school. The closer you get to Christmas the more hit or miss they are on inventory. Indianola pecan is another great option for food shipping.

  3. There is also Mississippi regional music. North Mississippi Hill Country Blues is one, and has a different sound than delta blues. My favorite artist is Kenny Brown.

  4. For Craft beers, my favorite brewery in Mississippi is Southern Prohibition, but likely hard to find in the Midwest. Lazy Magnolia has greater distribution outside of Mississippi, and personally their Southern Pecan beer is one of my favorites. Their website has a section to search for their stuff in your area.

  5. Check out the book A Place Like Mississippi by W Ralph Eubanks. As mentioned above, Square Books and Lemuria will have signed copies. The book walks through each region of the state and describes how the culture there influenced authors for each region.

  6. MS is the Magnolia State so anything magnolia themed would be good too. If you are going for authors, Willie Morris is just amazing and you won’t regret any of his books.

  7. Mississippi Mud cake, one of those small bales of cotton (size of an ottoman) primo turkey calls are made here Also

  8. Pottery, Sweet tea, a good meal like porkchops or corn on the cob or something. Also we like hunting and wooden furniture too. Wood burning plaques are kinda common out here. Or ya know a lot of MS people are christians (not me but most) so you could do something christian related. Or a loval animal related, like bass, gator, snake or deer. Stuff like that. Or you could just look up random facts about our state, like biloxi made the coke barq's rootbeer. Just a bunch of random stuff.sorry if this is confusing to read i have ADHD and i typed this as i came up with the ideas.

  9. Etsy has some good shops. A cutting board made out of water Tupelo in the shape of the state is an idea. I have given Kudzu jelly, magnolia flower themed items like small soap dish or trinklet dish…since it is the magnolia state. Hand made soaps in the shape of the state and magnolia scented. Tea towels. You can make Mississippi mud pie but that is really for the river.

  10. A little self-promotion, but I have a bakery in Vicksburg, MS. We make cookies with alcohol (It bakes out, won't get you drunk) and can ship. thesweetseasy.com

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