1. Agreed. Also, Trout is the greatest player of our generation even if his numbers are negative I'd be cool losing to him.

  2. The gold glove is secretly an offensive award as well, it’s the “which defensive player had decent offensive numbers” award

  3. Elite Gold Glove defenders should have the awareness not to run into a wall when you're up 1 run against the Miami Marlins in the bottom of the 2nd inning of a meaningless August game.

  4. You don't know which games are meaningless until the end of the season. Every game is important and elite players play like it.

  5. I see what youre saying but when a ball is coming your way you don't have time to stop and consider the situation and asses your risk of injury and whether or not its worth trying to make the play

  6. Honest question: why? I’m new to following Twins journalists and commentators so sorry if I’m missing something

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