1. I find it helpful to stack the chores onto the end of tasks I will be doing anyway. For example, I wipe down my desk every time I tidy it. I also clean my sink every time I wash up. It’s helpful to never need to put aside time for ‘chores’ because I’m so used to doing them bit by bit without even having to think about it.

  2. I hired someone to clean my house once a week. The money is well worth it to me. Instead of cleaning, I get to spend time doing the things I truly enjoy. Because I have moved toward a minimalistic lifestyle and spend so much less money on other things than I used to, I can afford it. I know this isn’t feasible for everyone, but I would highly recommend it if it is.

  3. Same. I split a bi-weekly cleaner with my fiance, because we both decided we did NOT want to argue about housework. It's not even that much money split between the two of us, and worth every penny.

  4. I agree with this view. If you can ritualize it then it becomes a kind of peaceful meditation. I love putting dishes away in the morning.

  5. How much time are you spending on chores? Do you consider the cooking itself to be a chore? For that matter, what are you considering to be chores?

  6. I feel like at least 3 hours daily (I know, I'm definitely not using the most efficient methods. Please help me change). Here's all the chores I can think of:

  7. I’m with you. This is a random tidbit, that I know some people will probably think is sloppy, but I don’t fold laundry unless I have to. I can do the laundry, but get stuck on the folding. My kids have bins in their closets (shirts, pants, etc) and can put their own laundry away. The kitchen towels I use (instead of paper towels) just get thrown into a deep drawer in my kitchen. I kinda stuff the sheets into a pillowcase. I fold my clothes, my husband folds his clothes. I fold bath towels.

  8. Oh same! I hang everything up (including jeans, pants, exercise gear etc) so that I never have to fold anything because I hate it. Underwear and socks are just thrown in their drawers because it doesn't matter if they're wrinkled anyway

  9. A. Can you find ways to modify tasks so they don't feel so much like chores? For example: I hate grocery shopping by myself, but if I go with a friend it becomes a fun outing.

  10. Not sure where you live but maybe your grocery store offers curbside pick up? Most of ours nearby offer it for free now due to covid and I can't believe how nice that has been. Not having to spend the time shopping is a huge luxury. I just add things on the store app when I run out or think about them and then pick them up once a week. If the store ever go back to charging for the service I will definitely pony up the $5 once a week to save myself the hour plus of shopping.

  11. I hate chores, too! *virtual high five!* Right now, though, life does seem like an endless series of meal makings, eating periods, dirty dish washings, and cleanings.

  12. tiny bit per day. don't let things overwhelm you, doing a tiny bit of cleaning a day helps you keep on top of things.

  13. I usually do dishes as I’m cooking or my partner and I will trade off (one does the cooking the other does the cleaning) I also feel like putting on a fun playlist makes it feel like more of a mindful activity that’s enjoyable rather than a chore... but I enjoy cleaning so it could just be a preference thing

  14. I have four kids, a husband and a roommate. My house is large enough for that many people. So, I have both a lot of area to clean and a lot of messes. Tips:

  15. I enjoy cooking, so I'll never purposely do it less... I make most of my own meals because I enjoy eating healthy and can't stand how wasteful and expensive stuff like delivery is.

  16. I use a down comforter with a cover and a fitted sheet on my bed. Making the bed consists of sitting up in bed and putting the top edge of the comforter onto the bottom edge. This effectively folds the comforter in half neatly and allows my natural latex mattress to air out.

  17. Yeah, stuff like "making the bed" I never understood... you're just gonna sleep in it again that evening.

  18. Cook a giant batch of soup or stew and ladle it into freezable containers, then put them in the freezer and you have a meal whenever you want.

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