1. My parents house was built in the 70s and the living room has the original carpet on the walls. It is literally threadbare lolol

  2. I see this as a home arcade room. Line the walls with cabinets and pinball machines, maybe a change machine (working or not). Air hockey or a pool table in the middle.

  3. I could see some people ripping out that nice floor and putting down cheap laminate. Then nailing a bunch of pallet or barn wood to the wall.

  4. It's wild how much some people put in to stuff like that. We built our house like 1.5-2.5 years ago and had to look through an insane number of options. Our closest has this 6'x3' island in the middle of it, and there were options to have it cushioned, and to put rings on the corners that handcuffs could be attached to. Like half of the feature/accent wall options for bedrooms that we saw had mirrors on them. In the shower there was an option to put hand holds in the wall, and all kinds of bench and ledge options, the purpose of which was pretty obvious. The balcony off the bedroom had these options for retractable privacy walls...

  5. Thank you. How is this the first mention, like 12 comments down? There’s either some serious optical illusion happening here or it’s at like 6 foot.

  6. This was the floor in my parents house! I went on to buy a house built in 1970 myself. It has lots of sunken rooms,all arches every where,ceiling beams,wrought iron gates and railings all over the place and a huge indoor pool. I kept almost every funky feature. Love it.

  7. I saw a mansion with the old wine cellar converted to a "bedroom" in the listing. It was a sex dungeon. It was even hidden behind a swing out cabinet.

  8. Man I'm so jealous, I'm in a shitty apartment with carpet, when I feel like dancing to music I can't slide my feet on the floor eliminating like half of my shitty amateur moves.

  9. I am disappointed that it took this long to find a Jerk reference. Guess we're getting old. Looking for the all-red billiards room, too.

  10. I have a friend that bought a house that was similar. Also had a really nice bar in it. What confused him was a line of small rooms in the basement. Then he learned it had been a swingers club before he bought it.

  11. I bet there is coke and jizz residue all over that house. All up on those carpeted walls that you can’t convince me are not also in that house.

  12. It reminds me of my friends house. It used to be a brothel. They redid most of the house, but they kept the back stairwell the way that they bought it. Carpet on the stairs, crushed red velvet on the walls, and mirrors on the ceiling.

  13. I can practically hear Donna Summer when I look at that photo: “ Oooooh…I feel love, I feel love, I feeeel loooove…”

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