1. There is a single sized mattress in the US, but it's rarely seen or used. Other then for really cramped spaces. A single measures 30"x75", vs 38/39" x 75 for a Twin. So, a Twin is not a "single", though we use it the same way.

  2. We also prefer tyke names of things to make sense in Australia and say single for the little bed that sleeps one single person.

  3. USA wanted to be different in every which way from the whole world .. think of anything that is normal in europe or asia and it will be the opposite way in the US

  4. In pure square inches, King is the largest listed (6080 sq in) as compared to the Cal king (6048 sq in). If you are taller than 6 foot, the extra length on the Cali is nice.

  5. I'm tall but like dangling my feet out of the bottom because I tend to get warm at night so I personally prefer the king over the Cali.

  6. I have the same set up and love it, but twin XLs are only 80 inches long vs the California King's 84 inches. You also end up with more width than the California king.

  7. In Europe we just list the actual sizes. Width is typically 80-90-105-120-140-160-180 cm, lengths 200 or 210 cm.

  8. It is like like small medium and large instead of the actual measurement around the waist and shoulders for a shirt, or the volume of a beverage.

  9. Or… Americans just use easy, short names for the few standardized sizes instead of rattling off a bunch of numbers every time you describe your bed

  10. Then you will have 14 sizes for every store to carry. Also, imagine the frustration to buy a frame to fit the mattress, there is also, 14 sizes, then bedding stuff, 14? It basically 4 times the unnecessary sizes for every thing about beds.

  11. Not by any reasonable amount that I've ever noticed. I sold mattresses for two years from various manufacturers, and no manufacturer deviated from these dimensions. It would be a terrible business strategy to do so, as that would mean any sheets, comforters, protectors, ect won't fit properly.

  12. It's not shorter than the regular twin. It's shorter than the twin XL because, in this case, XL means extra long not extra large

  13. What about the 3/4 size. I think it used to be quite popular - between a single and a double. Not even sure if they make them any more but I have a vintage bedroom set in storage this size.

  14. Not every single damn thing in the whole world has to be measured in the in metric. Sometimes it's just easier to say you wear a large size in t shirt or you have a king size mattress instead of trying to remember exact specific measurements of every single object you own.

  15. The UK has a whole different naming system, queen size in UK is smaller than a king size, and it’s actually smaller than a double too.

  16. It's more really for beds in general, but in Belgium you can have a "twijfelaar" (literally: doubter) which on this display would be halfway between twin and full. Usually you sleep in it alone, but should you have a "guest" over, (s)he can sleep with you in bed.

  17. The benefit of having king over cal king is that the beddings are almost square, so you don’t have to figure out which is sides which is top bottom.

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