1. Its of the family of Calvatia which are generally the more edible "True Puffball" variety (along with the Bovistas) so long as they are pure white and don't have a stalk. Dont eat the brown or red varieties or any of them when spores have begun to form. This one is Calvatia gigantea and is totally edible in this form. I am extremely jealous as its my favorite mushroom to eat and have never seen one so large i could make a mushroom steak out of it (my grandparents were big on foraging for mushrooms during my childhood).

  2. Wow, thanks for all the info. I thought it was a Bovista (in Germany we call them "Bovisten" or "Riesenbovisten"). They are indeed delicious. And we found 2 of that size that day!

  3. I had it once at a rural friend's place. They had found it like 3 or 4 days prior, and still had some left. It was so wild seeing them cut and cook a "steak" slab of it, and oh my god it was delicious. I feel your pain, I crave more!

  4. How do they taste compared to other mushrooms? I absolutely love portobellos, but I find white mushrooms sort of boring and bland. I do like that they suck up the flavour of whatever they’re being cooked with, but they don’t really add anything more than texture to a dish, unlike portobellos which actually add flavour.

  5. Is there anything poisonous or deadly that looks similar? I’ve gone shrooming before(different type of mushrooms) but my buddy is a mycologist and also happens to enjoy mushrooms. But there’s so many that look similar if you don’t know to look at gills or bruises or spore patterns etc.

  6. If it wasn't uniform inside it would be inedible. Puffballs have to be picked when they are young, otherwise all that white inside will turn into spores!

  7. They are called giant puffballs or something. I had them growing in my new houses' backyard this past summer and had to look them up. They are super light weight and if you don't pick them they turn brown and are filled with spores. I took a golf club to them and it was pretty satisfying

  8. That's actually only the fruiting body! The mycelium of the fungi which is defined as all of the string-like fungi cells (known as hyphae) can get incredible big. The biggest known fungi is

  9. It's called the Mario Effect. A mushroom will see a Mario strolling on by, acquire it, and then the mushroom gets bigger.

  10. I just made my first sourdough this Sunday and it was definitely dense. I had the bright idea of kneading it after the first rise and it really didn’t rise again well during the basket proof. It tasted good but was heavy.

  11. Portobello's work reasonably well as burgers, and you can buy them anywhere. I prefer using them as individual mini pizza's instead though.

  12. I don't believe you can farm them very effectively. However they tend to grow in residential yards after rain and a fresh mow.

  13. We didn't like go foraging or anything otherwise really, but my family would grab puffballs when they popped up around our house and cook them up. They're not really like any other fungus that exists near where I grew up, and you just need to confirm its pure white without any patterns or anything in the flesh to confirm its edible, so doesn't really require special expertise.

  14. Some mushrooms are easy to ID and look like nothing else, really. In other cases it's a bit of a disregard to human health, like I once had like two pounds of mushrooms that I was pretty sure would either be delicious, or be delicious and cause liver failure in like 2% of humans.

  15. Puffballs are just about the safest mushrooms you can find, they're very easy to recognize and have no poisonous varieties or mimics.

  16. That was my very first foraged mushroom, over 40 years ago. I was camping in Colorado with my late father. I went into the woods to look for firewood when I spotted a nice, fresh puffball about the size of a cantaloupe. I had read before that they were an unmistakable edible so I brought it back to camp, where we grilled several slabs of it over the campfire in butter, then brought the rest home to eat with my wife and my mother.

  17. Cut in slices, breading and then pan-fried. The next day we used it in some lasagna and on the third day we just put in in the oven with olive oil, garlic, thyme and rosemary!

  18. When one of the Smurfs comes after you in the middle of the night for cutting down it’s house, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

  19. General reminder, mushroom foraging is extremely dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Find a local foraging expert to show you the ropes before you start on your own.

  20. Looked like mozzarella for a second there and I was *super* excited but then I read it was a mushroom and I am still excited.

  21. Once while high on mushrooms, my friend and I found one of these. I kicked it, and it landed in a stream, instantaneously exploding into ribbons of fungus. For some reason people don't believe our story, even though we both verify it. Prove us right, throw this at water, for science

  22. These saved my father’s life in WWII Nazi occupiers Holland. They were starving and my grandma found a field of these.

  23. At first i read it as “marshmallow” and i was like... please dont eat marshmallows you find in the woods...

  24. Very edible, consistency of tofu and absorbs the flavors of whatever you're cooking it with. I made some egg fried rice and chopped it up into little bite sized pieces. Does get tough if you overcook it, so any dish with veggies or meat you'd put puffball in last.

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