1. Buy a braided cable. I'm assuming you're propping your phone up and putting pressure on the cable while charging it. Probably not even thinking about it when you do it.

  2. I use a braided cable with a 90° connector for this reason. Had that issue with other cables, but this one has been going strong for a while.

  3. You could also just, you know, leave your phone alone while it’s charging. I’m still using the cable that came with my 7 Plus in 2016. Just charge it on my desk overnight and the cord never bends so it never breaks.

  4. Yeah, Apple's cable design are made of pure trash so that you have to keep buying them after getting worn out again and again. Of all the normal wired earphones, none of them lasted for a year of normal use.

  5. Actually better then tape is a small piece of shrink wrap if you have any. Bonus points for the water proof stuff.

  6. I agree. Respect the cord. Don’t bend it, prop it up, pull it from the middle, just treat it with respect. I’ve never lost a cord like this. I still have cords from my iPod Video that look like new. I’ve lost more chargers because my ex brought them to her boyfriends house then even split from actual use!

  7. Either unplugging it by the cord, or propping it on their chest as it’s charging. I do neither of these things and have had the same apple cord for two years now.

  8. Neither do I, it's always the manufacturers fault for their crappy cables breaking. I've an iphone 5s cable i use every day it's 10 yes old

  9. This is specifically an Apple issue. Every other cable I've used is resistant to this sort of damage because it's an obvious thing to design for. But Apple makes more money if people break their chords and buy new ones, so they didn't really have an incentive to fix this problem.

  10. People use their phones so much that even in bed they use it while it’s charging and sit the phone on their chest which causes the cable to bend. I use to do this and have since put my phone in the kitchen to charge. If I’m in bed, I’m not talking to anyone. My watch chimes when I get messages or calls and if their important I’ll get up and go to the phone. Otherwise don’t bother me. Lol

  11. I replaced my Apple one with one from Walmart. (their electronic brand- Ohm (?) ) looks just like it. It's been working great for a year now. Was about 8-9 dollars. I didn't get the longest one. Better luck with the shorter ones for me.

  12. Seriously. Apple employs some serious shady shit to make a buck. They screw their customers over on a daily basis and they have absolutely no idea.

  13. I am still using my iPhone 7 apple cable. Just don’t use your phone while it’s charging. Our son kills 2-3 cords a year because his phone is chronically dead and he’s twisting it and bending it like a fidget toy the whole time he’s charging.

  14. Every time I buy an authorized third party charger - Belkin for instance - there inevitably comes a time where my iPhone will say “this device is not supported...” and refuses to charge or transfer data.

  15. This has nothing to do with Apple. This person has been holding the cable in such a way that it will look like this.

  16. Take a spring from a pen and wrap it around that part of the cord. Been doing for that years and never head a cord tear on me

  17. it’s dumb how i’ve had my mac charger for almost 8 years with no issues and then this happens with the iphone chargers in 3 months

  18. If it’s the charger that came with your apple device they will replace it for free (in store). At least they did. I haven’t done it since pre covid days. I also invested in a lightning charger. They last a long long time and charge at a fraction of the time.

  19. Get some threds used for stitching clothing and some water like instant glue that dries in seconds and then holds, wrap the stitching threds to the offending part and drip some glue

  20. You can slide a piece of shrink wrap tubing over the end and that’ll add some stiffness… u can also take the spring from a ball point pen and wrap its coils around that end of the cord, either as-is, or over the shrunken shrink wrap. (Might want to practice first on an old, dead, cord. 💀)

  21. Even if your cable gets to the point of fraying, you can order this stuff called Sugru which is essentially Play Doh which hardens and will not short out any exposed cables. Helps prolong the life of the cable even if the cable tries to shorten its own life.

  22. its called a turtle neck its from using your phone while charging and having it sitting again your chest or something ive had my charger for years and its in perfect condition cause i stopped propping it against my chest they sell little things that go around this portion of the charger or braided chargers too

  23. I still think for as high tech and expensive apple products are they could at least find a way to make charging cables that last

  24. It’s even worse when you have to shove the damn thing inside that piece just for it to charge or bend the hell out of it at a certain angle just to get a charge that lasts like 20 seconds.

  25. Easiest as in easy to use. Like someone else mentioned in this thread, the AirPods are pretty good, automatically connecting to your phone without even having to fight Bluetooth. I would argue that macs are super cool but are insanely overpriced. iPhones for the most part are some of the easiest phones to get repaired depending on your location as well. AASPs can be found pretty much anywhere and from my experience, depending on what android manufacturer you have, it’s hard to get your phone repaired.

  26. Stop putting pressure on the cable by propping it up. Just let the phone charge. This isn’t a product defect, it’s just negligence on your part

  27. I've been having this problem with my charger cords as well. Not all of them turn out this way so I've no idea what causes it

  28. Yeah. It will start shedding soon and there's nothing you can do about it. I'm looking at my charging cable rn, It's almost ruined by the same process.

  29. You could stop buying that apple crap and come to android. I have had the same charger cord for over 5 years.

  30. I’ve had a lot more luck with the fast charging ones. Usb C to iPhone charger. It could be the angle you charge it at too if the cord is being bent

  31. I recommend the third party cables that looks like fabric woven around them, they cost a little more but they hold up and you can get a super long one too

  32. I generally don’t understand how SO many Apple users have this issue. Literally just take care of your shit. I’ve had iPhone chargers since the iPhone 4s was released, and I’ve never, not once, had a charger do this to me

  33. The fact that the damn devices detect if you are using an off brand cable and either actively reduce (or even claim to reduce) charging efficiency is beyond ridiculous and should put Apple in the crosshairs for monopoly litigation in the same way Microsoft was by bundling Internet Explorer and attempting to crush any off brand browsers back in the 90s.

  34. Go spend $10 on amazon and get yourself a nice, long braided cable. If you put a lot of pressure on the connector, find a 90 degree angled one.

  35. I got a Titan charger with the sideways plug so u don't have the issue of the cord bunching and splitting like this, at the very least not nearly as soon. My last one lasted about 3yrs with very rough treatment, much much longer than any apple cord has lasted me anyway.

  36. Go on Amazon and get an Amazon Basics nylon braided cable. Got mine for $11 several years ago because of this same issue with official Apple cables, and haven’t had any issues since.

  37. I'm not an apple user but for my Android devices I always look up for corded cables, they are really reliable and last really, the one I'm actually using right now has gone through a LOT and looks like new (a bit dirty, but that's all)

  38. Have you considered that the one constant in this problem is you and how you mishandle your charger cords? Stop yanking the cord at an angle like you obviously are and you won't break the cords.

  39. Thick tape at the edge so that it does not fold. Even a transparent tape works. There are other alternatives you can find on Amazon.

  40. Since both cables have done the same thing, is it because you use them in a specific way? Figure out what causes it and change that.

  41. I use a braided L cable for my phone. Puts 0 stress on your charger while using your phone charging it. Haven’t broke a charger yet

  42. Ever since I started buying the 2m cable I stopped having this issue. It’ll happen to any cord eventually but I find there’s rarely tension or any bend in the cable when it’s longer.

  43. You can buy little slip on supports for your non-braided cords. Some are spiral shaped and some look like cute animal heads. Pretty cheap

  44. Heat shrink tubing will help. Get the size that just fits over the plug, leave about half white part of the plug covered by it and have it cover about 2 or 3 inches of the cable. Then shrink it using a hair dryer. Cable should be good for a few more years now.

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