1. Email Lidl about this. At least around here they send people gift cards for pointing out mistakes in their packaging, like ingredients listings and such. I have received few as their translator constantly makes same mistake* over and over again and i have contacted them multiple times over it.

  2. This is great I saw the little print where it says side panel and I'm like let's look at the side panel no zebra I'm like literally laughing out hysterically.

  3. I bet it was on the top left when the word search was still a complete box, then they chopped it off for the truck design.

  4. Write to the company and demand your money back. I wouldn't eat this cereal. If they left whole words out of the crosswords, who knows what they failed to add to the ingredients.

  5. No z, 2 b's and wile one spells out binoculars.. the best the other gives is bee or beef.. so I guess the bees had a beef with the zebra and scared it away

  6. Wait, you're a 32 yo teacher or were a teacher for 32 y? I can't really tell from "32 year teacher"... teacher.

  7. "That one kid". I need more context here, cause, I might've been that kid. Smartass, finished everything first, corrected you?

  8. Maybe that was their whole plan, bring the communities of the internet together through a common goal, eventually everyone makes good friends online and decide to meet, and then when all these people come together irl they collaborate and resolve all the worlds issues, starting with bringing down bullshit marketing tactics and corporations

  9. Marble it's a social commentary on the plight of the Zebra and how exploitation and habitat loss is rendering them difficult to find on the savannah (and cereal boxes). /S

  10. Zebra was eaten by the lion who was chased by the elephant and giraffe while I was watching through the binoculars in the canoe because I lost my jeep in the savanna while traveling through Africa to see the Wildlife.

  11. There’s no z but I’d rather have you take a pic of the solution on the side! If there’s no z then how do they know where it is!!!

  12. The word Zebra, in its natural crossword environment has camouflage so effective, only the most highly evolved predators can spot it.

  13. Not there at all....gives the kids a challenge and a peaceful breakfast while they try to find it

  14. I couldn't find a z, asked my mom to look while I found my glasses. She confirmed, no Zebra, but the word "porno" is in there.

  15. They probably used a tool to generate this, and it made it a perfect rectangle, then cropped it to fit. So I bet zebra WAS int he upper left before it was trimmed.

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