1. Ik it has been 2 years since among us was popular, But it has left long lasting negative effects on me. Instead of reading it as “odysseus” i read it as “odysssus”

  2. I once helped a customer track their child's missing electronic device through a screen share session. The child was vacationing in Israel. The device's location pinged it from the Palestinian Refugee Camps. I politely explained to the customer there was zero possibility her child would ever get her device back, provided them with the remote wipe instructions, & asked if they wanted to file a lost/stolen claim, while subtly emphasizing the word stolen.

  3. I’m sorry, I don’t care if it cost hundreds. If my iPhone ever tells me my headphones are in the Aegean Sea I am going to laugh for the next half hour

  4. Can someone explain the technology behind how your airpods can tell you where they are? Surely they don't have a sim and GPS? Either that or they're connected to another phone but locked to you?

  5. All newer iPhones have BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and poll for devices nearby. Any iPhone nearby them will pick up the signal of the AirPods (which is how your own phone can pair with them just by putting them close to it). The get some info about the AirPods like name etc, and then the Phone sends this info to apple along with the phone’s GPS location.

  6. I’m no expert but I’m sure it must deal with WiFi somehow. Probably the SSIDs, and what location the AirPods are seeing. Again, just an educated guess and by no means the actual right answer

  7. I’m ready. I have a level 6 Sorlock just begging to be unleashed if my SATURDAY GROUP WOULD GET THEIR SHIT TOGETHER

  8. Thats fantastic, but if you cane from somewhere like LA, or Vancouver or Cape Town or Rio that woukd be even more impressive.

  9. soooo on that note you might want to call Apple Repair when you find them, cuz unless youre actually in Athens and that close to the water, i think the chip/software that gets location from pings is bugged

  10. I can’t even track my AirPods in my house. How are people tracking them around the world? I thought they only worked within Bluetooth range and don’t use the Find My network.

  11. Ha, this reminds me of an executive at a company I previously worked for. He came to town and lost his phone, and the find feature on his laptop showed the phone out in the grassy area near the hotel he'd checked out of. He had two of my coworkers (one was my manager, LOL) go the area and see if they could find it. They had no luck, said the location was a huge field of tall weeds and there had been rain, so a lot of mud and weeds to walk through. As it turned out, the phone was locked up in the lost and found at the hotel! Three fucking morons. I left there soon after.

  12. I dont know if this is a good idea or not, but if your airpods get to far away from the host phone that its connected to then it should just stop working. So like the air pods can connect to any device as long as its within like 200 ft. Of the host phone or host apple account. Then if someone steels your airpods then they just shut down making them useless.

  13. I feel this. Mine showed me that one bud was back at my old apartment, that someone else now lives in. I scoured that place before I left and never found it. The other bud is in my storage unit but there’s so much crap I just don’t know where.

  14. Your headphones are currently being used by a tan guy with a hairy chest who's pouring champagne on scantily clad ladies, on a very large yacht.

  15. Well since you have the coordinates it's the perfect time to call in numerous air strikes. To make sure you get the thief of course, everyone else is bonus points.

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