1. Bro I felt that. Think there's another video or 2 that's similar and I noticed it more the women that swapped more often than men. And some pushed the button like she did before they even sat down

  2. This is super the wrong attitude to have. You want to date someone with that personality? Holy shit, you're delusional.

  3. Knowing myself, I would never be the person pressing the button. I would rather get rejected than to give someone a few words to describe themselves and reject them right off the bat.

  4. Good grief, that was cringeworthy. It may not have been scripted but I bet the purpose of "the button" was to tank specific combinations with invasive interjections.

  5. Presses the button before the dude sat down just because she didn't find him attractive, meanwhile she looks like Lil Wayne.

  6. My favorite was the guy who rejected a woman because her hair was dyed and he said her hair was too colorful and the immediate next woman had orange hair and he immediately said oh I like your hair

  7. The difference being that he'd already had negative interactions with the first and she was probably gonna hit the button on him, while the second one was really attractive.

  8. Ikr, perfect specimen, sounds honest, and genuinely trying to give her a chance, and that fucker just laughed in his face.

  9. There is one were they bring in a furry and you can tell it was just for that person to get rejected and to get some reactions from the other person.

  10. it's probably scripted because they have the same rotating cast of like 50 people for every single one of their episodes of anything, but... I loved this moment for him.

  11. Black women do not hook up with white guys that often. Every person I have met that's half white half black has a white mom and black dad. It's never the other way around

  12. This sounds very Incel logic to me. I live in a town with a large black population and I defiantly see both sides pretty equally. Black woman with white men and white women with black men. My neighbors are a black women and white man with children. And before you ask, Yes it's pretty obvious they are biologically his.

  13. She acts like she has actually a choice in the real world. She is a 2 on a good day. Bud dude is a solid 8.

  14. To women like her, she finds more 'joy' in mean-spiritedly rejecting a man than she ever would in talking to a person and spending a few minutes getting to know them. It validates her own internal estimation of worth to be the one to reject, and the more viscous the rejections, the more it makes her feel above him.

  15. I don't get why people got so offended for this clip. Do you not sometimes know if you're not attracted to someone based off looks? We're all allowed to have our preferences..

  16. What's really funny is, if you watch the episode, this was like the girls third time at the table. She had hit the button on the other two dudes and knew how the system worked. She was apparently so offended by this guy's appearance that she entirely forgot she had to wait for the button to light up like she had with the other two guys.

  17. For some reason people watch this channel and expect everyone to give everyone an equal chance? Dating is the one place that isn't and doesn't need to be equal opportunity. Yeah, she can be nicer about it but why force it?

  18. He def hits the button right as it turns red tho as payback and thats why she swipes it a few times.

  19. The shows setup incentives this behavior though. Kick off the other person before they kick you off so you can have another try. The longer you wait the more time you give them to replace you.

  20. A microcosm of why so many young people are single, lonely, and depressed. Relationships don't offer instant gratification, it takes time to get to know a person and there is no such thing as a perfect relationship.

  21. I think the worst part is that the rules are clearly explained to them beforehand. The button has to be red, and she can't follow simple instructions. Worse than her face is her intellect, which is the real intimacy killer.

  22. Honestly i think this was bery entertaining cause everyone there knew this wasnt going to work and its kinda like a competition wo can be the most unlikable person there

  23. I gave this show a chance and it sucks. I get it most entertaining shows are scripted but this one doesn’t have much personality and it seems to be obviously curated to be woke in the worst way possible. I did like the parts where the button speaks though. Show has potential

  24. “I do see you… as a friend”. Yep he’s completely justified in pressing that button. He has no time to waste.

  25. This is from the “Cut” YouTube channel. Cody Ko the YouTuber has reacted to alottt of episodes of this they are pretty funny honestly

  26. The way she repeatedly presses the button and saying sorry. She ain’t sorry. She’s a piece of shit.

  27. Common, that girl is ugly… and average…. I can’t be racist just giving you an idea..

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