1. I just went there in June and it was the worst restaurant we went to. It was like a super sized Applebee's.

  2. Went to Applebee's a couple weeks back because I found a valid $50 gift card I got like 10 years ago. Two meals and two drinks were about $50 even. The food was horrible and I've had better TV dinners. I would have been pissed if it wasn't free

  3. I was there earlier this month. They’re having a hard time hiring employees because they fired all the good ones during Covid and then again when the roads got washed out. And with other employers offering free housing in other parts of the country along with the same wages they’d make in a tourist town, they of course wouldn’t want to come back.

  4. Looks like a burger from a UK chippy when they think (for god knows why) you dont want a bun with all the trimmings.

  5. I was gonna say that I can make a chicken breast look better than either the fish or the fries in this plate...

  6. I would have said I'm not paying for this not taken a bite and walked out. 34 bucks? I can get better fast food.

  7. "Jesus, you ever see how pink they make that crap? Like flamingo pink. Sure as hell don't come out the ocean looking like that."

  8. And then leave. I've done it. Always make sure to let the server know you understand it's not on them. Very empowering move to tell an establishment they need to check themselves by laughing at their product and high tailing it. Kinda hard to argue with that.

  9. Was this at a steakhouse? My rule of thumb is never order seafood at a steakhouse and never order steak at a seafood restaurant. What a pitiful looking plate of whatever the heck they say that is

  10. Unlike in the states, go to a fancy $$$$ restaurant in Europe and you will be served fries with your Kobe beef steak. They love em over there! Gotta have the bernaise sauce too.

  11. Uncooked salmon at my local grocery store goes for around 5-6 dollars for a portion that size. When you factor in restaurant overhead getting that cooked for 10 dollars would be a bargain. But they still should cook it better

  12. If I paid $10 and got that, I'd be so mad at myself for not just spending $10 at the store and putting in the effort of cooking for myself.

  13. Chef is using his hands to place the meat and then presenting the tray for service with the same hand. You can see it on the other plate also. Chef needs to not be using their hands for that shit or someone needs to be plate wiping after being put up for delivery. Chef needs to get his shit together.

  14. You can tell it's a poorly run restaurant when there's no obvious expo. If anything on that plate doesn't look yummy, there's no expo. Or at least, the one there is awful.

  15. I just looked up reviews online and found from a few different sources that they average about 4.5 stars. Couldn't believe it.

  16. Yup! Exactly this. Most rentals are also priced for college kids, and the amenities reflect that. Not to mention the job to workforce ratio in Bozeman during the May to August months is nearly 3-1. You could walk in to almost any establishment and ask for a job and be hired on the spot. There aren’t people available to work until school starts up again and the workforce returns from their homes to go to school. I mean shit, the fucking McDonalds on Main is paying $22/hr right now. The Target down 19th by the highway is paying $19-21 DoE. I was making $13 there 4 years ago. Wages are, I guess not inflated as I do want people to be paid as well as they are, but these businesses are trying to compensate for lack of workforce by paying more and it’s not really making much of a difference.

  17. My God, those prices are terrible. I went to college in Bozeman in the '90s. There is nothing - not one thing - about the town that is worth $500k+ to live there. Nothing.

  18. I genuinely have never understood why Bozeman has basically turned into Boz Angeles. It's really not that great of a town. I'm pretty biased but it's just not a great place.

  19. Yep all those rich, conservative Californians supposedly leaving the state that made them rich buying homes for too much and spending too much.

  20. I went to college there from 2007-2011 and truly loved it. At the end I could sense it was just starting to change and not for the better. Over time I have witnessed it from afar become obscenely expensive, the quality of everything simultenously go down, and just fill up with the worst kind of wealthy folks. I'm just thankfully I got to experience it as a lovely place before it got neoliberalized to hell.

  21. As a Montanan, that's honestly the Bozeman experience. One of the best steaks I've had though was right outside Bozeman in Manhattan, but most tourist wouldn't go there because it's a hole in the wall. $34 would get you a 22 oz the size of that plate in a 3 course meal.

  22. Reading through the comments shows me not a lot of people realize salmon also comes from rivers/lakes (also streams but that's when they're spawning) in Montana 🤣🤦‍♂️

  23. Not this type of salmon. There's no undammed spawning tributary to the Pacific. Chinook salmon were introduced to Fort Peck Reservoir in the 1980s, but populations need to be maintained by a hatchery. There's some thriving Kokanee salmon fisheries, but I've never heard of them being harvested for commercial use or served in a restaurant.

  24. Look at the color of that fish. Overcooked or not, it's clearly farm salmon. No wild salmon looks like that, even cooked to Midwestern standards.

  25. Restaurant salmon like what this is, probably is caught and shipped in from AK, and distributed by Sysco etc. to chain restaurants. But I guarantee you there are places in MT that serve locally caught salmon too.

  26. I work in the food industry in Montana. We get all of our salmon from New Zealand. We have almost 0% of our commercial salmon come from Montana itself.

  27. I'm flaming this up, as a chef you never serve fries with fish unless it's fish and chips. Nobody did quality control on the plate obviously, they have the lemon on the salmon as garnish but if someone doesn't like the taste lemon, you just got it on their salmon. Also why the fuck are you charging 34$ and there's not a MOUNTAIN of fries on that motherfucker man, if you're charging out the ass your plate better have no negative space,(unoccupied space) fries are fairly cheap too, even if made in house they're still relatively inexpensive. The only thing this plate has going is the salmon actually looks like it's been cooked perfectly, great cross hatches and nice color, that's the only nice thing I have to say, the rest is shit.

  28. This has become widespread, and it's infuriating. Virtually every place I used to eat before the pandemic has dramatically raised their prices while the quality has tanked.

  29. At this restaurant every plate will look like this.... This is due to how the chef is plating why it looks so dirty. Chef doesn't give a single fuck. That's also why the meal looks like shit. I am sure it carries through every dish.

  30. Disagree, I've bought plenty of (home-cooked) fish in a land-locked state and it tasted great. Freshness/frozenness has a minor impact on flavor.

  31. You can literally catch salmon in MT all over the state. How is Salmon seafood? I mean you CAN catch king salmon in the sea but.. I’ve lived in WA state for half my life and most salmon I’ve ever eaten or caught has been in Idaho, or Montana.

  32. I alright. I’m just gonna say what doesn’t want to be said!!! Customers are so afraid of sending shitty food back because they don’t want to be called a Karen, That’s reinforcing shitty food quality because ain’t nobody getting paid in the kitchen overall quality of food and service is shit now.

  33. I agree with this. And I used to feel that way (didn’t want to be a bad customer) until I watched those shows like Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell etc. It’s 99% a bad owner making terrible and/or greedy decisions. Gordon always sends it back. To pay full price and not even complain is like reinforcing the shitty owner’s behavior, when tbh the world would probably be a better place of the restaurant went out of business.

  34. Your first problem is you went to Sidewinders. It’s overpriced Sysco nonsense. If you want good seafood in Bozeman, go to Feast or Dave’s Sushi.

  35. Ha we almost went to eat there tonight but the parking lot was packed so we decided somewhere else. Glad we did, our two dinner with two beers was cheaper than that!

  36. to all the people bashing bozeman. this restaurant is part of a chain owned by joe rice in jackson wy, so send your blame there.

  37. This shit is worth $10 max, and that is if it actually taste great, highly unlikely though, judging from the dryness of the salmon and them fries

  38. Mistake 1. Ordering salmon at a place called Sidewinders. Mistake 2. Ordering salmon so far inland. Mistake 3. Ordering salmon where they serve fries with the overcooked said salmon. I’m sorry for your financial loss.

  39. How much of a moronic jackhole do you have to be to order salmon at a restaurant in Montana? You know the Montana that is world famous for flyfishing and for trout.

  40. So sorry. You should come to Alaska, we literally just pull them out of the water with nets. We end up with way too much fish

  41. Having gone to school there, I can say that place bases it’s economy off the fact that it is tourist attraction (not mentioning the university campus) and everything there is overpriced.

  42. dont forget the 15 dollar tip so the waitress can pay for her grandmothers 1m dollar hip replacement surgery

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