1. Having worked at a bank they can refund the nsf charges if they want to. Larger banks just often choose not to. I worked at a small hometown bank and we refunded those charges daily to various people.

  2. My local bank refuses to. I’ve paid hundreds of dollars in overdraft fees the past few months. The reason I keep overdrawing? My budget is extremely tight and I KEEP GETTING CHARGED FEES. I’m changing my bank tomorrow actually

  3. I bank locally and I'd probably never change banks. The two times I was in a similar situation, they cleaned up the overdraft and gave me tips on how to overdraft around the system so this didn't happen.

  4. I work deposit compliance side of my bank and I’d call whatever branch I needed to make them reverse 2/3 of these. That shits insane

  5. I’ve already talked to them and they said they couldn’t do anything about it. I even talked to the company who is charging my account and they said they can’t reschedule the payments, it just keeps trying every 3 days.

  6. Most banks I’ve used will charge for the first one, then waive the rest. At least the first time or two this happens. If it’s habitual, that’s a whole other story, but it’s going to cost them a helluva lot more to replace you with a new customer than it will to waive the charges. If the branch person tells you no, ask for the branch manager. If the branch manager tells you no, ask for their manager. If they tell you no (and they won’t), close your account on the spot because you have a shitty bank.

  7. This is exactly what the Overdraft Protection Act of 2021 is supposed to protect against. In my opinion this should be against banking regulations, but as of right now it is not.

  8. Looks like that bill was introduced 6/21 but not passed by house or senate yet which kinda sux. As a bank teller I agree the charges can be egregious. Our small bank normally works with you a few times but if you’re constantly over drafting we tend to look at it as abuse. Bank account responsibility is tough to navigate when your younger but it is your responsibility. We clearly spell out the OD policies and give you the tools to keep your acct in line. Like: mobile banking notifications to tell you if your getting close to $0 or if you did OD. Texts for each transaction that hits too.

  9. Obama made this "opt in only" , I remember it was one of the best things they did (imo), so banks had to ask you "would you like overdraft pRoTecTiOn" aka "do you want us to charge you $30 if you go under $0" ... but this was reversed sometime under Trump .

  10. Dumb question, do you need a certain level of credit to receive over draft protection? I believe I tried awhile ago and got denied. I live in 🇨🇦 aswell since I assume that's a factor.

  11. It is, they have to ask you if you want “overdraft protection.” If you say yes, then they are free to charge you fees.

  12. I used to have a bank where, if I had $20 in my account and a charge tried to go through for $21, they'd decline the charge, then charge me $35 for declining the charge. That would make my account negative, so another $35 charge for that.

  13. US Bank? They did the same shit to me. When I finally got the account leveled out I closed it and never looked back. Do not use US Bank.

  14. I have a bank do that as well. They will also process a withdrawal before a deposit so they can charge you the overdraft fee.

  15. That's exactly how my old bank worked too. Happened when I was 16 and I didn't really understand where I went wrong. I knew I had a tiny amount left and I tried to buy Skittles at Walmart and it went through and I was like "Nice, I guess I milked the last few dollars!"

  16. I opened my first bank account when I was like 13. When I went to uni, I opened a new account at a different bank that had a better student option, and that became my primary account.

  17. When i was 17 i went to live with a friend in finland for 6 months. I didnt bring my card because i had no money, i just brought some cash. Turns out, a payment for some food had taken me 2p overdrawn and my bank were charging me for it daily because i didnt have an overdraft (not sure how the payment was accepted in that case). When i git back home my account was £450 overdrawn

  18. American banks are wild. The fact it works so differently from one bank to another sounds terrifying to me.

  19. Happened to me. I updated an account with a different bank account for auto pay then they still charged the old bank account causing an overdraft fee and they kept it going for a few days without notifying me so they can charge me a late fee and I owe the bank. Fuck student loans

  20. There are, but word to the wise- take a look at the rest of their fee schedule. Very, very few FIs are just going to take the revenue hit, they’re getting that fee income from somewhere. If it’s services you don’t use, rock on. But make sure you’re not going to get raked over the coals for stuff you do use.

  21. I switched to a credit union years ago and the mobile app even keeps a tally of the monthly fees you've saved so far since you switched lol. No BS charges, no monthly charges. I'm mad about all the money my old bank scammed from me when I think back on it.

  22. No guarantees, but I suggest you go to your local branch and politely show that to a manager…complete with pet story.

  23. Talking to more than one person is definitely a good idea. The first person you typically deal with (on the phone or in person) usually doesn't have the authority to reverse charges like this but managers usually do. When you get a "no" you can escalate until you reach someone who has both authority and good sense.

  24. I was in a very similar situation. Overdrafted $60, was a handful of small transactions. The few times it happened before, they just charged a single overdraft fee, I paid it, and all was well.

  25. It's worth a shot. They will likely at least reverse a few of the charges if your account has otherwise been in good standing before this. I've been in a similar situation in the past.

  26. Exactly this. I had a similar situation and I talked with someone and explained my dire situation. They removed all but the first initial one for me. I had been with the bank for many many years though and it wasn't one of the big ones like Chase. I feel like your chances are better if it's not but I have no proof of that.

  27. I don’t think they has anything to do with privilege… I think it’s the simple fact of psychology of people don’t like dealing with assholes and if you go in politely people will enjoy working with you more.. people love to help others… it bring them joy… everyone hates dealing with an asshole with an attitude problem even if they are right…

  28. The worst part is that they won’t even cover the charge. Thst $30 should be the charge to cover the charge and let you account sit with a negative balance, declining everything else.

  29. This is why I left my last bank for another one because they were charging me $10 for not spending any of my money

  30. I was on a trip to scottland and charges took a while to go through i came home and over a week I watched my account go negative and blow through five 30$ over drafts. Then after 3 days they billed me 20$ for having no money and charged me a 30 over draft on the 20 they billed me. When I complained the did remove the 30 charge on the 20 fee but that was it

  31. This is why I have a credit card that I use like a debit card. I have it set up to autopay the balance from my checking account every month, and it gives me a heads up before the withdrawal happens so I can make sure I have enough in case I had a big unexpected expense that month. If I happen to not be on top of things, theoretically I'll only get hit with a single overdraft transaction instead of multiple.

  32. Yeah, I use credit cards solely because it provides a layer between purchases and the bank. The prospect of something going wrong with the debit card is scary. The only time I use debit is when I have to, or if it's a small business and I want to save them the credit card fee.

  33. Lots of teens/young adults on this site: Yall should really be getting a credit card when you turn 18. Just don't be dumb with it. Treat it like you would any regular debit card, and don't go spending money that you don't already have. There are lots of bonuses to having a credit card. You get cash back from certain vendors, you are significantly more protected if someone steals or uses your card fraudulently, shit like this in the OP won't happen, and you build credit, which you'll need if you ever go to finance a car or a home (or even a rental if you want to play the "I'll never be able to own a house" card). Get a credit card, and use it responsibility. The earlier you start building your credit the easier time you will have later in life.

  34. It’s also 4-8 weeks of an interest free loan depending on when the charge hits in the statement period, which helps if you have an unexpected expense that you can’t immediately cover.

  35. Last time I had a big vet bill I had to take out a Care Credit line. Sucks, but might’ve helped prevent this situation.

  36. Same, I went £30 overdrawn with santander, the bill went up to £550 very quickly, still paying it off to this day even though its since been made illegal

  37. I was 18 and had no idea how direct debits and bank charges etc worked. No money in my account, mobile phone direct debit goes through, Santander charge me £30 for them paying the direct debit so I was £60 overdrawn and I'm pretty sure on top of that they charged me a fiver a day for every day I was overdrawn. Ended up being around £300 I owed them, I get raging thinking about that even now.

  38. I sued Barclays going back years and got best part of a grand back. I think the time limit has expired for reclaiming these charged now but, as I recall, I did a data protection claim, costing me £10 to force them to give me all my accounts then I went through and underlined all the charges added them up and used a template from the financial ombudsman website (I think) to demand they repay me. They tried to get out of it but quickly settled as they knew they were wrong and its not worth arguing over.

  39. Dude: switch to Chime. No overdrafts ever. None of this criminal shit. SunTrust, a bank out of Atlanta, has a class action lawsuit for this very activity. Personally I would just have closed my account to stop the bleeding and settle in collections. Also sorry about your dog. That just makes everything a thousand times worse when you don't have your buddy to confide in.

  40. I agree. I've had chime for 3 years and I love it. It's not perfect, but no overdraft fees and they actually have a feature called "spot me" that lets you overdraft up to a certain amount with no fees. It just comes out of your next direct deposit. The amount of "spot me" you get varies, but mine is up to $200. It has come in handy with unexpected expenses.

  41. I switched to Chime after the last time Comerica Bank charged me a $30 overdraft fee 4 times. I’ve had no problems since. I love Chime.

  42. In the early 2000s, Wachovia and other banks learned this neat trick called "charge stacking." Basically they would make your largest transactions posted first. They claimed it was to guarantee that important payments went through, but the reality was that they wanted their poorer customers to go into overdraft so that they could charge as many overdraft protection fees as possible:

  43. The sad thing is the law actually favors the consumer but the banks still come out ahead. If you want to take them to court you'll spend at least $2,500 on court and attorney fees. I know a probono attorney who would represent people for free against a certain bank solely because he had a major grudge with the bank. (They ended up getting a restraining order against the attorney and tried to get him disbarred so the lawsuits did eventually stop)

  44. This happened to me when was a teenager. I used my debit card on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Thursday was a small grocery bill, I think around 20$. Friday was the movies and that was about 30$. Then on Sunday we went to a nice restaurant and that was 150$. I knew something was off because Sunday my card got declined at the ATM later that night.

  45. “How dare you be homeless!?! We will be taking your cardboard box you use as a house as punishment!”

  46. I'm not from US so I had to Google it... and wtf you have to pay for not having money? That's just the dumbest fee I've ever seen. This is donwright outrageous. This makes so little sense it's actually funny.

  47. Overdraft Coverage is mostly voluntary and requires the customer to sign off on it during account opening. It's plausible that OP signed off on it without full understanding of what he/she is signing. Nothing to do with fighting for one's rights haha

  48. At some point you opted into ODP, let your bank know you no longer want the service. Also if there is a branch, head down, and talk with a teller, explain the issue, let them know you dont recall ever turning on the ODP feature, would like them to turn it off, and waive the fees. They are usually willing to work for you. Sorry about the dog, its a pain that carries :(

  49. Isn't this because he doesn't have overdraft protection? At my bank overdraft protection is a separate credit account of up to 500 dollars. If I make a transaction that should have overdrafted, instead it pulls from this account and I can just pay it back. I believe it charges a 3 dollar fee when utilized.

  50. If they had overdraft, those charges would have been paid, not returned NSF, and they would have been given a overdraft charge instead.

  51. Yes, this should be higher! For anyone in the US these charges were a huge issue a little over a decade ago, but as of about 2010 banks can no longer use these fees unless you opt in. They will try to trick you into opting in by calling it “Overdraft Protection” instead of the scammy fee that it is, and will hide the option on their website or force you to request it in writing, but you are legally allowed to opt out of these fees.

  52. whoops, you don't have enough in your account to cover that small fee. We're gonna have to charge you a small fee.

  53. There should be a law if where the first NSF happens they can't add any further charges..This is extortion and being fined for being broke..

  54. Non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees are when you don’t have enough money in your account for a transaction, the bank charges you a processing fee. Usually around $30-$35. You could be a penny short and they hit you with an NSF fee and usually multiple. Depending on the bank, they will try to take the funds multiple times for whatever reasoning (greed). So they may charge you today for not having it. But they will also try to charge it again in a few hours or the next day. Sometimes they keep trying to charge that until you have funds available. With could be multiple times a day for weeks. It’s completely criminal.

  55. I work for a large bank and this is something I would gladly reverse for a client. Call your bank, they may be able to get those reversed. If not, I'd recommend changing banks. Also, call and block that card now, it'll prevent merchants from re attempting.

  56. Fuuuuuck you poor USAers have some scummy ass companies. That shit would not fly anywhere else in the world. Checked one of my banks: The ODF is 18% PA.

  57. They got me for 800.00, twenty years ago. still grinds my gears thinking about it. You can call and they may save you a few or all, depending on circumstances or so I believe. Best of luck

  58. lol the first credit card I ever had when I was 16, I forgot about it like a year later. they sent me a letter like 5 years later saying something about unpaid balances. I checked the account and aparently there was a $20 yearly fee for having the card which I never paid, and the fee just kept multiplying over and over. I owed like $3,000. I never even used the credit card.

  59. It's legal for your bank to rob you, but illegal for you to get your stolen money back. This is class war.

  60. You can call your bank and dispute some of those charges to get them removed! I had the same problem with Wells Fargo a year ago and managed to get over $200 of fees removed because they kept trying to add charge more when the last overdrawn fee got bounced. It's a terrible cycle

  61. Most people don't realize how recent these charges are. Prior to the mid-90s, there was no such thing as an overdraft fee. My bank would just give you an implicit line of credit with 18% APR. Note that a cash overdraft fee that has to be paid back IS simply a line of credit, but because they charge a set fee rather than calling it "interest," it somehow escapes usury laws.

  62. I don't understand NSF charges, I don't have much money on my card and If I don't use it, I get charged(on a debit card mind you) for having insufficient funds. I just never understood this, Having no money means I get charged for it?

  63. how dare you be poor and not have money on your card. So we charge you... Oh but you don't have enough money to pay us so we charge you again for not having enough money on your card.

  64. You’re not getting charged for not having money. You’re getting charged because you attempted to spend money you didn’t have, and the bank covered for you.

  65. After this is sorted out you should definitely switch banks. I’ve never had to worry about this because my bank just declines a charge I don’t have funds for, no extra fees or anything.

  66. What’s obnoxious is when they reorder the transactions so the largest ones hit first and overdraw your account Then all the small transactions and an NSF charge on each. UMB did that shit to me in my early 20s and I dropped them and never looked back.

  67. I went through a similar ordeal recently … I switched banks to one that didn’t do this mind you navy federal switched it up on me they never used to do this and now they do. Not even a notice about this. And now I’m with capital one. Even veterans get fucked

  68. Not sure if they changed their policy and practice as this was long ago but I had a friend bank with 5th 3rd bank. They "accidentally" deposited 300 from his account into someone else's. They charged him 25 at the time for each item as overdraft protection bs, than a daily maintenance fee, a 25 nsf charge, a processing fee. Within a few weeks he was freaking out that he was in felony territory. They fixed it by accidentally depositing 5 grand from someone else's account. Once they finally took the 5 grand back they readjusted the nsf charges to reflect that the 5 grand never was deposited since it was a "clerical error" and the money was never "really" there. So after they took the 5 grand back they closed his account. A way to say thanks I suppose. To top it off the 5 grand wasn't caught initially, he was just honest about it.

  69. Hey I'm sorry your broke and couldn't afford this charge. I took care of it for ya tho! Imma need that back asap and an additional $30 since I covered it.

  70. Yeah call them bro you can get most of these reversed. Instead of complaining online call your fucking bank

  71. Call the bank and request a refund. NSF are essentially a cash grab for the bank. They lose nothing by reimbursing. If they say no, ask what the next level of escalation is and ask to be referred there. Typically a bank will try and work this out with you but there has to be a bit sabre rattling usually.

  72. This exact thing happened to me several years ago. Negative 500 dollar balance, it took me several months just to get positive again because the fees for small charges kept sucking up my paychecks. At one point I was just barely positive again with a direct deposit on the way, and a single 99 cent charge caused a cascade of 35 dollar overdraft fees and by the time my deposit made it there was nothing left, no way to even cover rent except to just let it overdraft too. There’s never been a worse feeling in my life.

  73. Call and threaten to close the account. I had to do that with my bank during the 1st wave of the pandemic. They just kept hitting me over the head with fees and I told them, "I can't afford to pay money for not having money. I have no money." They canceled all fees but the 1st one and I haven't had any charged since. Thankfully, I've been able to keep at least tree-fiddy in the account since then lol

  74. I agree it is criminal. Many years ago I wrote a check for $8 and unwittingly overdrew my account by about 0.35. I was charged $25 for the overdraft, then charged again 3 days later when the store tried to cash the check a second time. This was in the days before the internet. By the time I realized what was happening, my next paycheck was basically used by insufficient funds charged. Which then caused a series of several other bounced checks. Took me months to recover from that. The saying that being poor is expensive is no lie.

  75. I highly recommend people switch banks if they either charge you for declining a charge or have minimum balance fees or any fee for normal use.

  76. Presumably you authorized the charges and agreed to the terms by keeping your money in there. It was your choice to spend money you didn't have.

  77. In another comment OP mentions they spent this money even though they didn’t have it because they loved their dog. I can sympathize with that - I love my dogs too - but if this is truly the first time OP has ever had a negative checking balance there’s no reason to not be using credit cards instead. If they really couldn’t pay off the statement balance in time the interest applied would surely be less than these fees.

  78. Exactly this! A bank account is not a line of credit, so you shouldn't be able to go negative. There is nothing criminal or even unfair about these fees.

  79. Wells Fargo did this with a coworker. She said they really went the extra mile to be super shitty by applying charges (largest to smallest) before applying her direct deposit so they could really milk the additional fees.

  80. Omg! Same thing happened to me! Struggling single parent who lost their job, ended up going $300 in debt because of this. On BOTH my checking accounts, so I couldn’t use either of them.

  81. Call your bank. If you don't normally overdraw and haven't done so in the past, they may forgive some or all of them for you. Not a guarantee but I've done it before.

  82. I've always called them and they'll more than likely reverse all the charges. Especially when they see how many it was.

  83. So glad my little bank called me in absolute panic when I went red (for like 4 cents)! They waited for me to put money in to authorize transactions.

  84. I highly encourage you to call and ask them to reverse all NSF fees, tell them it is only creating further harm to your financial situation and ask for a one-time exception. Time is of the essence, they should be able to waive all the NSF fees as a client gesture. Good luck and sorry about your pup, I hope s/he has a speedy recovery.

  85. You realize you can just choose to bank somewhere else and this won’t go to collections? You only owe them the money to continue using their service. This exact thing happened to me

  86. I use to work for a bank. If this is the first time, please go to a branch or call customer service and talk to them. They will waive most fees if this is the first time, especially for the amount of fees that you got too. At most, you should pay $90, but fight for a better arrangement

  87. Please, let me give a HUGE shout out to service credit union! They've helped me personally, countless times with my 10 years I've been with them. They have a heart and understand small mistakes. I've been in some tough situations and they did not kick me while I was down like these other banks. I wish I could do something for them.

  88. Banks, and even Credit Unions, make a ridiculous amount of their revenue from overdrafts and shitty practices like this. It's disgusting and absolutely needs to be illegal.

  89. Don’t pay it, they do not report to credit, we’ve had to do that with capital one and chase. Fuck these piece of shit banks that do this when you’re down.

  90. One thing everyone should be aware (in america): Use your PIN number for your bank card for all transactions, otherwise its 'credit' and the banks can charge you for overdrafts The PIN number signifies it's a debit transaction and they have to check whether your account has the necessary monies.

  91. I love my chase credit card scheme. minimum payment is 35$. Charges and interest are 28$. I missed a payment by 3 hours, 25$ charge. So after paying my bills still owe more than I paid. This life is a scam.

  92. That sucks man sorry to hear about your dog. Not sure about the states but here in the UK you can have your account auto reject any charges once you hit 0 if you don’t have an overdraft

  93. Try talking to someone at the bank branch. My neighbor is a banker and one of his duties each morning is to look over the NSF list. He has leeway on waiving NSF fees and he looks into many accounts to see if NSFs were accidental or common occurrences. This is a community bank in a rural area, FWIW.

  94. Call and talk to them. If they are paying the charge and then charging you a fee, you can opt out of that. They just decline the charge, and you dont pay. If they are declining the charge, they shouldnt be charging you at all. But call and talk to them. Chances are, the person on the phone can reverse a few of those as "good will" or something. If you can get them to check with their biss, you might get more, if not all of them back.

  95. Well, it's a computer. It's programmed to automatically do that. Just go talk to the bank manager. I'm sure that work something out with you.

  96. Meanwhile, at a banks interest rates, it would take a lifetime to accumulate what they steal in a matter of moments.

  97. Talk to ur bank. Every time I get a nft I complained.they refunded me quite a few times. I've had em deny me too but I asked another teller another day and bam got it reversed.

  98. Gotta keep poor people poor. They are the easiest for scumbags to take advantage of and make money off of. Think how little they'd make off you if you had enough money. This is their intention.

  99. Call n talk t them. Ask them, calmly, to waive since this is the first time. Been there done that and they waived it. Point out ur previous good standing.

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