1. Embrace the infuriation. This is now your pencil cup with a coin stuck in it. It has become an object with sentimental value AND a funny story.

  2. So does that mean if i get it out i get a husband.. HRMMM i do need someone to open those pesky pickle jars.

  3. Tip!!! grab a couple of glue gun sticks (ammo for electrical glue gun), melt the ends, attach melted ends onto coin, then try to pry it out. May want to loosen the coin with a lubricant of some sort. Give it a test id like to see if it works.

  4. Its quite bizarre the times we live in. Heres a congregation of people from all walks of life sitting their own homes communicating with eachother about how to unjam a coin from a pencil holder.

  5. From all over the world too. I can remember a time when you had to pay ridiculously expensive long distance bills to talk to someone outside your area code. Kid me would marvel at the fact that we regularly communicate with people from the other side of the world now.

  6. It’s a quintessential example of bike shedding. It’s a simple problem with many solutions that we can all wrap our heads around. So we devote an abnormal amount of time to spewing our opinions on this problem as opposed to focusing on the more difficult problems that exist in our lives that we don’t speak on because they are too complex.

  7. Have you tried sneaking up on it and shouting? Perhaps in a startled daze it will get confused and free itself. Just be sure to give the fish a heads up before you do it.

  8. I was looking for this response because I was wondering how well it would work - and now I know. Thank you, I will keep this info tucked away in a mental box for later.

  9. I don't think that would work well here, since the coin is basically in an inner compartment of the pencil holder. It looks pretty insulated.

  10. Funny enough when I was a young teenager I was walking down the road and noticed someone was throwing away a bowling ball. So obviously I grabbed it and brought it home. Later that evening I was eating some popcorn out of a metal bowl and I managed to bump the bowling ball off a shelf and it fell squarely into the bowl and got stuck. I couldn't get it out for the life of me until my stepfather taught me the magic of thermal expansion. A little hot water on the bottom of the bowl... And it was free.

  11. Its better to cool things actually. If you heat a ring it expands - that's right, but it expands both ways. So, your outer and inner radii change! The coming will get squeezed rather than getting loosen.

  12. UPDATE: Neither the hot glue sticks worked, nor the cooling. Before i will drill a hole in it I have now put some water and soap in it and it will stay like this for a few hours.

  13. You can try using a wood stick (at least as thick as a pencil) with super glue on the tip. Just be careful to not spill the glue over the container. It might have enough adhesion to pull the coin out.

  14. I'd try using oil too. Spray a lot of WD40 and see if the sucker will come off. The only alternative I can think of is asking scientists who work with magnets, like a Physics department of a university :)

  15. I would drill a hole in the coin, then put a hook and the hole and pull it out. Or thread the hole, put a screw in the threaded hole and then pull it out from the screw.

  16. Dremmel a small pilot hole and insert a screw in it. It could even be one of those small eyelet screws so you can grab it better with some pliers. Or you can just lean into it, and polish up that coin with a Dremmel or what have you to make it look nice.

  17. Instead of a hot glue stick, try buying a cheap wooden dowel from a hardware store. They’re like sticks basically. Add epoxy or a strong adhesive to the stick and gently press it onto the coin. Keep the stick in place with tape or something and allow the epoxy or adhesive to cure. This will be a very strong bond if done correctly and with the right adhesive (I suggest the epoxy. It’s strong AF). You should be able to pull the coin out. I’d rock it back and forth gently to take it out.

  18. Have you tried dropping a small peace of ice directly onto the coin? Maybe even submerging just the bottom of the container into hot water while that's happening.

  19. Put water on it, let it sit until water fills the space under the coin. It will work its way in there. Soak the water off of the top of the coin with a towel. Now you have water trapped under the coin. Put it in the freezer and the water will expand as it freezes and lift the coin up. Flip and tap the bottom as you run warm water over it.

  20. Canned air can freeze the coin, shrinking it. Hold pencil holder upside-down, and canned air upside-down to maximize freezing. Spray the coin only.

  21. put some hot glue on a long object, like a pencil. the larger in diameter the better. stick it to the penny, and let the glue dry. attempt to pull out the coin.

  22. That’s some good advice. Additionally, it might be beneficial if you glue the stick off center on the high side of the coin, so that you can try to open it as if it were a lid. This might require less force to get it unstuck.

  23. You don't even need a long object or a hot glue gun. Just use one of the hot glue sticks and a lighter to melt the glue, then press the glue stick to the coin, and pull the coin out with the glue stick.

  24. This is all good until you end up with a coin with a hot glue glob stuck to it instead of a smooth surface you can rest a pencil on.

  25. Best bet is to start by scratching the top of the coin with the point of a knife. Really scar that fucker up, so that the glue can adhere to the scratches. You know, like egg sticking to a teflon pan after it gets scratched.

  26. Drop an ice cube or two in there, wait a bit for it to melt and submerged the coin. Flip it over and tap it on a wooden table or carpeted floor (mind the water).

  27. maybe make a coin popsicle - fill with water, add a stick - freeze until frozen, put holder in hot water for 2 mins, attempt extraction

  28. Sir, have you tried NEODINEUM magnets? If thats not gonna work, i will suggest science, throw that sucker in the freezer, metal shrinks when it gets cold, then try a magnet.

  29. The freezer isn't a good idea because the liquid inside the holder would expand and break. And sadly i have no such magnet

  30. Now all of Reddit will be mildly infuriated for the next four years. I feel like none of us will sleep until this euro has been liberated.

  31. You need some cyanoacrylate glue, or Krazy glue. Whatever you call it. Hot glue is no better than a suction cup on smooth surfaces. CA glue on a pencil might work, something more flexible like a strip of plastic will work even better though. And just to be safe clean the surface of the coin with alcohol, there's probably layers of junk on there preventing adhesion.

  32. Get a Dremel, drill a small hole in the coin. Then use a small pick in that hole and pull it out. If you're controlled with the Dremel it won't go into the plastic and damage the holder.

  33. The right answer is not to pull it out. Once out it becomes a regular coin, you will feel the loss of the challange and wonder why you just took it out and made it redundant, just another piece of loose change. Keep it there as a reminder that you are better and more disciplined than that, knowing you can lube it out of there Any day but you choose not to, its found its place there, the right Spot in the right time.

  34. Or Drill a hole in another 1 euro, thread in a screw connected to a sturdy handle, then cover the bottom of the new screw/handle euro with glue and stick it to the stuck one. This should give enough surface area and strength to pull it out.

  35. Fill it with vinegar and baking soda. Unless it’s completely wedged tightly the bubbles should go under it and push it up a bit. Alka seltzer should work also.

  36. I’ve had this happen before and I luckily got the solution you have been waiting for. Follow these 4 steps very carefully.

  37. Mechanical engineer here, two ideas: 1- pour a dash of denatured alcohol to clean as much as possible, possibly light on fire to pop coin out (isopropyl alcohol can eat plastics) 2- now that it's clean, warm the thing up as much as possible, flip upside down, and blast the coin with an upside-down air duster (can of compressed air for cleaning keyboards, preferrably with a straw tip), cryogenic cold compressed air will shrink the coin, after about 10 to 15 seconds of blasting, slam the thing on a wood or plastic table upside down

  38. Use some sort of lubrication, any light oil will do. Let soak for at least an hour to get all around the coin.

  39. Mildly infuriating is how absent the OP has been on this thread. Over 1000 comments and all I know beyond the obvious is magnets, glue sticks and the freezer has been tried.

  40. Warm the entire thing up in some really hot water. Once it is up to temp, take it out and turn it upside down. Blast the coin with an air duster can turned upside down to rapidly cool only the coin. Tap a few times if needed to let it fall out.

  41. Get a can of gas for a refillable lighter and spray it on to the coin as closely as you can. The cooling action might be enough to get the coin to contract and allow you to turn the pencil holder over and tap it to make the coin fall out.

  42. use any vibrating product, like a massage gun. flip the pencil holder and place the gun/product on top. it will fall out in a minute

  43. Fold a piece of duct tape in a loop and attach one end to a pencil (or something long enough) and put it other end into the holder and attached it to the coin

  44. This is going to be really gross, but will work. Wait until you have an empty stomach, and throw up into the pencil holder. Leave the gastric acid there for a couple of days to a week, and then clean it out.

  45. Remember those bow and arrows you could get from the dollar tree as a kid? The arrows had suction cups at the tip. Get one of those.

  46. If the hot glue doesn’t work, you may be able to set it on the side or nearly upside down and blow canned air at one side to dislodge the coin a bit so it will fall out. That tiny straw thing to direct it right at the edge should help.

  47. I am sad to inform you that the tiny straw thing at the edge is just that thing you use to open your phones Sim slot and it can't reach in there.

  48. Use a dremmel or similar tool. Drill a hole in the center and either use a bolt extractor or a thick wire with a 90 degree bend at the end. And just jank it out

  49. Put super glue on the end of the eraser on a pencil. Stick the eraser to the coin and let dry and then pull out the coin on the end of the pencil eraser.

  50. You know how those glue guns have the glue tubes in them? Buy one tube of glue heat the end and stick it on the coin wait then pull

  51. I havent seen this suggested before.. but if the coin has at least some minimum movement while shaking or wiggling room.. try something oily or maybe liquid soap

  52. Magnet? Plastic nerf dart thing with a sucker? Hold it upside and blast air with an Air compressor? Try to get some water behind it and freeze it?

  53. Pour mineral oil in the holder and let sit for about ten minutes. You need to then apply a "plunger" style suction force to the top of the holder reservoir. Using the "cup" of your hand should be enough force. Do this a few times to "inject" the oil into the annular spaces below the coin. Then simply turn it upside down and it should fall out.

  54. When cooled, the metal decreases, and the water increases in volume (if water can get under the coin, then you can pour water under the coin and it will push the coin out from below when it freezes). Or I would drill a small hole in the coin, drive a screw into it, and pull it out by the screw.

  55. What about slime? Can you stick it in and get it to cling enough to lift it out? Or hot glue - it'll peel off, just hot glue a skewer and send it in and pull it out after it's hard.

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