1. Nothing confuses an opponent more than running offsides then jumping back before the snap. Oldest trick in the book and low risk high reward if you execute it well.

  2. Imagine the super crazy plays you could run every down. If in the slim chance they worked you looked like a genius.

  3. "I think it was widely reported that Ross was willing to keep Gase on as head coach if he agreed to tank the following year"

  4. Didn't we give Flo a 5 year deal instead of the more typical 4 because the plan was always for year 1 struggles? Perhaps Ross thought that guaranteed him a 1 win season.

  5. It's very risky to hint at wanting to tank in interviews. It will certainly get out. That said, I don't think any football fan should want tanking to become a thing. We bemoan not getting Burrow today but how would you feel down the road, if we're fighting for a playoff spot and we need a bad team to beat another contender, only for the bad team to tank the game?

  6. Outside of a handful of exceptions you need a very very good QB to win in the NFL. It's not always the first overall pick that winds up being an other-worldly talent, but it certainly can be the case. Since the QB position is so important, you need to make sure that you have a "generational talent" and the best way to do that is to take the best QB available. Until that changes in today's game there will always be tanking. Sucking for Luck, etc.

  7. Dolphins traded away every good player before the 2019 season... I'm pretty sure Ross didn't care about winning.

  8. The NFL needs it put in a draft lottery for the bottom 10 teams because this tanking stuff is getting ridiculous. I’m not that mad that we didn’t tank and miss out on burrow considering we still could have gotten a generational QB in Herbert and whiffed hard on that.

  9. While agreed Ross is stupid- I think the issue was Grier. Why sign Ryan Fitzpatrick if you want to lose? Just trade that 2nd for Josh Rosen and stick with him until he's injured then plug in some joker off the street. Handcuffing your head coach is easy; just give him a shitty QB

  10. Anybody remember the articles in 2019 where Flores insisted that despite all the roster changes - he was NOT gonna tank? ... Win, lose, or draw, he squeezed every ounce of effort out of those players.

  11. Ross wanted to lose so we started probably the most feast or famine quarterback to ever play the game…fitz goes close to 8-8 regardless of the roster around him

  12. It's a boys club and the NFL is just as corrupt as any corporation in the world. With that said Ross potentially fucking with the Vegas Money/Game Integrity, is fucking with the shields money. Sadly the systemic racism coach hiring will get glossed over in all of this. Brain Flores and any other Black coach getting sham interviews won't cost them money. They will release a statement saying no such thing happened and put bigger "End Racism" logos on the helmets and call it a day. Ross will either get the fuck girth of the Goodell hammer in his ass, or that too will be "looked into" and Vegas and betting corps will be assured no foul play happened.

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