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  2. Unlike, say Superman, Bruce may be super-skilled and all, but he's putting his very human body on the line vs everything from bats to bullets.

  3. Hmmm you haven't read all star superman. In fact, he does know how to fight, he's been trained by multiple people and knows kryptonian martial arts. The issue is, most writers forget that on "purpose"

  4. Clark knows Kryptonian martial arts and has trained with the likes of the Amazons. year one superman you’d be correct but not the years after

  5. Well he’s billed as a vigilante and they’re not exactly Superman law abiding types by definition so…it’s a rich genius playboy with a secret place and lots of gadgets. He’s basically a less efficient but more clandestine Tony Stark/Iron Man, and more clandestine because everyone and their dog knows Tony is Iron Man.

  6. Ironman doesn't even have half the powers of batman. He has a suit and higher IQ but he has less money, less training in martial arts, is a lot weaker physically and a lot more arrogant. And I am saying all of this while being a fan of Ironman and someone who dislikes batman. Batman is superior to Ironman sadly.

  7. Ok here’s how I look at it. You can be a hero without powers. But if you have super powers, and use them to be a hero. You are then a superhero. Hence villain vs supervillain.

  8. He has no super powers so I feel a bit odd calling him a superhero myself but I love that he's able to keep up with the Justice League so well despite him being a human... So idk... I love him BECAUSE he can keep up. Idk I have mixed thoughts even though he's my favorite DC hero.

  9. A superhero shouldn’t be defined by having a super power. A “REAL” super hero is someone with good Integrity, risking their lives to save others, good heart, etc. Doctors are super hero’s, (some) cops are super hero’s. Batman IS a super hero.

  10. I feel like super could also be the level of hero not. So a regular irl hero maybe saves someone from being hit by a bus. Stands ifront of a shooter to save someone or just donates an organ. Feels like that qualifies. Batman and other superheroes are super because they do so much and on such a level.

  11. He has a unbreakable armor works in the justice League go through planets has a satellite has the strongest weapons available sooo

  12. Batman can bench 1000 pounds while being a master of several martial arts, being extremely intelligent and flexible for his strength. He is also owner of one of the biggest companies in the DC universe. He doesn't have superpowers in traditional sense but saying he isn't a superhero is like saying Tony Stark isn't a superhero and batman could probably beat Tony stark in a fight. I'm not a fan of batman but I have to admit that he is in fact a superhero.

  13. Batman on his way to give away countless lives as collateral damage while chasing joker only to not kill him because "what's the difference between me and the joker then?"

  14. Plot Twist: Batman was a super villain all along and you are fools to think otherwise. He has just been fooling you all this time... Or has he? Vsauce music plays

  15. He has no powers other the most plot armorest plot armor that ever plot armored. Hes literally the most Gary Stu character ever. He's just a "normal guy" thats a genius, best detective, great martial artist, great stunt driver, pilot, etc. Good thing no one ever shoots him in the face.

  16. He’s a hero. I define superhero as a hero with powers so while Batman is badass and can defeat most of the DC and Marvel universes, he’s a hero but not a superhero.


  18. You need to read following message in full. We will NOT reply to modmail messages similar to “what is reason my post was removed?”

  19. He’s just another psychopath taking out his rage. Giving petty criminals brain damage instead of funding social services and reducing crimerate isn’t heroism.

  20. He's a rich 'philanthropist' who goes crime fighting as a bat instead of using his unbelievable wealth to make the city a better place and lowering crime that way.

  21. Poor people? Umm the Penguin doesn’t seem poor to me. Like yeah he dose fight generic thugs but he also has actual villains

  22. Can you first tell us why do you think he's not a real superhero? I mean we need some context to start a debate like this one.

  23. The fact he accomplishes so much without actual superpowers only makes his feats even more impressive.

  24. If you have a criminal like the Joker who keeps breaking out of every single cell you put him in ,and keeps killing people ,even the most anti-death penalty individual will say that this criminal needs to be executed .

  25. So a hero can be anyone for example we had many historical people we consider heroes right? Then a super hero is just a hero on a bigger scale. He does more impresive things and when he is in action there is a lot more on the line then when a hero acts. Now pick up a JL comic and say that Batman does not achieve those things.

  26. I swear the base characters for batman and iron man are the same, like both rich and normal humans except for fact that Tony has a heart condition

  27. I know you think superhero simply means a person with powers, but i believe its more complex then that. no he dosnt have superhuman POWERS but he is i believe superhuman, his skill is unmatched and he can do far greater things then the average man can do. And you can say "hes just a man" like anyone can do it, but they cant, no one can be batman like bruce wayne making him far greater then the average man therfor i whould say superhuman.

  28. Perhaps not, idk. But the fact that he doesn't have any powers is what makes me really like him. He shows that even if you are limited in your body compared to others, you can still face almost anything with wit and bravery...and a shitton of money ofc.

  29. I would argue that his genius level intellect which surpasses any other human in his universe would qualify as a super power. You are using a very niche definition of “superhero”

  30. He's not just a superhero, he might even be the coolest superhero because he as no powers and is still kickass by using his wits, intelligence, gadgets and martial arts.

  31. While technically a vigilante, the authorities do consider him one of them and do ask for his help. So, yeah I don't think he's a typical superhero, but he does help fight crime.

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