1. i remember one time our teacher was explaining a verbal problem in maths and my name was in there and everyone looked back at to point at me

  2. The fact that you're sitting at the back makes me think you were already cool before your name was found in math problem.

  3. In 3rd grade instead of using a textbook our teacher would make the questions and put our names in them. We're still mad at John for stealing 1/4 of Sarah's apples.

  4. One of my favorite shows but it’s nice that they planned to end it where they did. So many shows don’t give a satisfying ending because they want to leave it open for another season.

  5. Elementary school teacher here. This is literally all kids through 6th grade, and I convince my 4th graders every year that I planned it that way.

  6. One of the main characters of our math book in elementary school literally shared the same name as me and everyone in the classroom did not let that go

  7. My 12th grade teacher literally does this when he puts our name in his notes. Like I understand he has good intent but I cringe so much inside XD

  8. My teacher usually made problems that use all of the students names and so it didn't feel as special

  9. During one of our state standardized math tests, I noticed several people looking at me quickly. Wasn't until I got halfway through the test that I saw my name.

  10. One of my friend's Great-great-grandfather is the inventor of one of the Law of statistics. Was funny to read the little blurb about him in the textbook and my friend was just "yeah, that's ol' gramps".

  11. Here, fixed your meme: every student ever when they see their friends name in the math textbook 😱😲😮😮😮😮

  12. Aight so in a lot of mathematics text books they have examples given for the questions. A typical question might go along the lines of this:

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