1. Fun fact, Paul Revere during the ride to Lexington was not actually shouting "The British are coming!" as it didnt make sense, since they were all British, instead he was yelling "The regulars are out!" and the minutemen all knew what that meant.

  2. "Ahm delling yah, dhere aind nodhing rong widh dhe wey us red blooded amerigans speag! Dhem briddish beoble should jus learn how do speag Amerigan broberly already!!!"

  3. Modern British pronunciation (I know there are like thousands of accents but just in general) is way different than it used to be. The common American accent is more similar to earlier English. Sure when it comes to spelling they can be "right" because they made the language but pronunciation no.

  4. they changed it too much, they changed spelling and overall pronunciation. They did butcher it. American English (English US) is closer to 1700s English than the English themeselves

  5. "You're butchering your own language by speaking it the original way, as opposed to our violently confusing remake! Ours is obviously right because we're the centre of the universe."

  6. There are actually some words where the British changed the way they pronounce them whereas Americans still pronounce them the original way. I don’t think “Z” is one of them but even still claiming that British english is speaking “the original way” is not quite right either, it’s more complicated than that.

  7. I never liked the "zee" pronounciation. I was like 20 when I realised that Americans actually pronounced the letter z like that - I always thought they meant C. Like "DMZ" was "DMC", "LZ" was "LC". Why is it so similar to C??? Very confusing!

  8. Yea it's always some dumb shit sometimes it's cool but mostly dumb but i hate Brits more (they stole everything from us)

  9. That’s valuable life experience. You think you’re so cool but when I’m dodging bullets like the matrix, we’ll see who’s laughing.

  10. People in general realizing that different people use different dialects and none is “more valid” than the other and we can stop this stupid word war.

  11. Obviously they are. I saw another post on this subreddit saying Australia was the “British Texas”. Americans can be so fucking annoying.

  12. I don't understand why people in US would make it sound more like a C when there is already a perfectly distinguishable name for the letter Z.

  13. Well there's some debate about how the American accent is closer to what the English accent was 400 to 500 years ago due to stagnation, while the English accent kept evolving with so many languages in closer proximity to influence it.

  14. This is a pretty prescriptivist approach to language. Yes, it’s wrong for Americans to try and tell us Brits how to pronounce Z. But it’s also wrong to suggest American english isn’t a type of english. English is a constantly evolving language with many different dialects; there is no wrong or right.

  15. They’re both English. Just different styles of it. Spain and Mexico don’t both speak the same way. Yet they both speak Spanish, don’t they?

  16. I am American, I don’t find it annoying, rather interesting how different cultures say things. After living 20+ years in the same place it is nice to know the rest of the world is not the same, and their is always something new to discover.

  17. Dumbass Americans with their bastardised form of borrowed linguistic on their way to “correct” the way countries speak their native languages

  18. I’ve noticed a few Brits saying “zee” and it’s absolutely infuriating. It’s the same when they Americanise “AmazON”. Watch a nature documentary - it’s the “Amuzun” Rainforest.

  19. I (a Brit) call it gen zee. Just because we sometimes use zed instead of zee doesn’t mean every single word which includes a z means we pronounce it as zed

  20. As an American It is quite weird to think about, Although it’s very interesting that such a divide exists between these two English speaking nations. Diversity is the spice of life. And to those arguing in the comments stfu. It’s not an attack on your life. It’s a meme now stop crying.

  21. Shut the fuck up, we aren't special, some of us call it Zee, some of us call it Zed, and we made the fucking language, its late at night and I just want to drink my fucking chocolate milk and pringles goddammit!!

  22. The amount of people taking a joke seriously is ridiculous. Yes, English people cannot butcher english, they invented it. You're not looking smarter because you figured that out, you're looking dumber because you assumed that the another person didn't figured that out, when he was obviously joking.

  23. Technically we Americans butcher English, but I dare say color doesn’t need a u. One might say it’s U-seless bud dum tss

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