1. I haven't been able to eat pizza for over 8 months because of braces and there's even more time left before I'll be able to again. This picture brings me pain.

  2. In Italy, their favorite bread is whole wheat, with tomato spread and sprinkled with melted aged milk

  3. I never understood what pepperoni is, i live in Italy and we don't have that kind of topping here

  4. It's gotta be the 'roni. It's my litmus test for pizza joints. If they can't get that right, it won't matter what kind of artisanal hipster gourmet bullshit they dreamed up for their other pies, it'll be sub-par.

  5. If there's no cheese on it, I wouldn't even bother calling it a pizza lol. It'll be just a piece of bread.

  6. Mfs be like u have no taste buds if u like pineapple on pizza then proceed to eat mashed potatoes with ketchup

  7. I work at a pizza place and one day I brought some fresh kiwi slices to work and put them on a pizza. 7/8 people who tried it liked it so I’d say it was pretty good lol

  8. Same man. Pineapple is my favorite topping, I think the reason people hate on it so much is because they perceive pizza as a dish that can only be savory. If you’ve ever had a good, high quality pineapple pizza with some nice fresh pineapple on it you know it’s great. The tangy sweetness of the pineapple gives contrast to the savory cheese, sauce, etc.

  9. I respect your opinion. (I totaly don’t like pinapple pizza too and is just saying this so that ppl will say the same thing to me)

  10. So, anchovies are amazing on pizza. The fact people think they’re gross makes me so sad. Anchovies, fresh basil, Buffalo mozzarella? Oof... I’m drooling.

  11. I like a variety of pizzas but if I have to pick one I would say chorizo pizza is probably my favorite

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