1. this one is kind of acceptable, in colombia we use the metric system but sometimes in malls or something, they say 3 opossums of distance or one arapaima, its because they are a little endangered here and want people to feel that this animals are symbols or something so people have a sense of belonging and stop killing them, it works.

  2. Yea I think this is what’s going on. Bald eagles used to be almost extinct (at least here in the states) and laws combined with stuff like this has brought the population back up. Makes people think twice before shooting the America bird. Also it’s illegal

  3. Yeah the US parks system has put up a bunch of signs like this one, with different animals. I feel it works fine, because by now everyone knows 6ft/2m, they just need a reminder. And why not highlight animal facts /make some people smile at the same time?

  4. That's a swell and novel idea, keep it up Columbia, and we might avoid stealing more shit from you and selling it to Panama in the future.

  5. My friend's tell their daughter, "crocodile!" when she gets too close to someone. They didn't tell me this at the beginning of the pandemic (we were outside!) and I was confused, and maybe a tad concerned for their sanity...and my safety.

  6. This is true. Early on in the pandemic in Alberta the Chief Medical Officer of Health would say to keep about a hockey sticks length away for physical distancing.

  7. Which makes a lot more sense because people that have played hockey and held hockey sticks instinctively know how far a hockey stick length is without having to measure anything.

  8. Depends on if you refer to the version where you used your feet to move the ball, or the one where where you carry and throw it, when you say football.

  9. A football field lenght varies from 90 to 120 m. Considering a 100m field. 6ft =1.83m. So 1.83m/100m = 0.0183. One bald eagle = 0.0183 football fields.

  10. Well, the Baby elephant was for 1m, I think... Now they say the distance you should keep is the length of a Blue Whale's Penis (2m), which I think is by far the best one to remember and should be used globally

  11. Yeah, this is a sign made by the Missouri Department of Conservation. It's not like this is a pandering sign to help idiots figure out how long 6 feet is, it's a cute sign trying to make some light fun out of a serious and scary situation by trying to theme the social distancing rule to nature.

  12. At the SEATAC airport they got some “stay a chinook salmon apart.” And “stay one moose antler length apart.”

  13. I've seen it measured in cows too. My state has an abundance of cows, so everyone knows how big they are. I for one have never seen a bald eagle up close with its wings spread.

  14. I work at a TV station and we have a full body cut out of our meteorologist that was in a store for an advertisement. We call the cut out flat Grant. They printed out signs in our common areas that say “wear a mask and stay one flat Grant away.”

  15. In parks in the Vancouver area, there are signs like this, and also signs recommending a mountain lion's worth of distance between yourself and others (including tail).

  16. We have those in Canada too. The stupidest one is 2m is the length of a seal chasing a fish. Well that depends on how good the seal is at chasing it, so it'd completely meaningless.

  17. Saw some thing similar at a beach in Vancouver. The sign had a dolphin on it and I thought there were sightings at the beach so I didn't take my eyes off the water the whole time I was there.

  18. Yes, except how many people actually know how long 2 meters is, when you are just standing there? Judging distance is harder than you realize. Most people know how large a shopping cart or a sofa is. Probably not an eagle though.

  19. This isn't all of America. It's regional. In FL we use something that makes much more sense, an alligator.

  20. As an American, I can say I want to use the metric system, but if this is an option I'm all for it.

  21. In all seriousness, the fact that this is a bald eagle's actual wingspan is blowing my mind right now.

  22. WARNING Clumsy has made a new channel with the same name that keeps stealing our memes and removing watermarks and keeps getting away with it

  23. we use the animal comparison here in Canada as well. I do think we have the distances in Meters and feet.

  24. It's super easy if you just remember this: percent to mass, mass to eagle, divide by small, multiply till whole. Remember that Eagle is just a really large number, just think about it as you would a dozen.

  25. That's funny, I am from Czechia and i live in city where we have half a horse in a symbol of the city. So they made a poster with something like. "We have covid here, try to be nearly half a horse apart of each others"

  26. In Canada it's pretty common to see stores use a hockey stick as a reference for how far apart to stay

  27. Hey! Kids just learned that a bald eagle's wingspan is six feet! And to social distance! Knowledge is power!

  28. I still dont understand why americans prefer Pounds over Kilograms like every other country...

  29. I was on a Navy base the other day and they told us to remain one fathom apart! The guy said it so matter of factly as of we should completely understand that a fathom equals six feet...

  30. See everyone complains about our system but it's a whole lot easier to learn than metric because it's all based on household stuff. A foot is roughly the length of your forearm (or if you have big feet just use those) an inch is just a digit from your finger, a yard is basically a pace, cups are obvious. Just because it doesnt multiply cleanly doesnt mean its literal satan.

  31. A long time ago I took a measuring tape and measured various body parts. Ever since then I've been really good at eyeballing measurements.

  32. Child arm? Adult arm? Both have different lengths even with both being an adult which is useless and inaccurate.

  33. The picture was taken at a eagle hatchery in Missouri, so basically it’s just supposed to be a fun thing

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