1. Idk but to me it looks like one of those reusable cereal containers, and he just slapped on a tic tacs logo and filled it up with tic tacs. Could be wrong tho

  2. This happened to me once in 5th grade, a few years ago. I had this really annoying teacher who would ask that question to everyone with food. So when I learned to make some cool origami, everyone wanted one. I spent like 4-5 hours making 75 of these paper ninja weapon things. I came in late that day and the first thing I did was (as we prepared earlier) toss one of them to my friend. He starting throwing it to there people and the teacher slowly got up, looked at me and kind of shouted, "DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH TO SHARE??" I took a handful of them and started passing them out. Everyone was so happy lol. The teacher sat down and didnt say anything.

  3. I think I still have one of those (I’m not sure if it’s the exact one you have made but I know I have one

  4. In sixth grade I did the same thing. I made a crap ton of ninja stars and gave them to everyone in my class. It was going good till one person got hit in the eye, I then cut off all my relations to making origami ninja stars for people.

  5. When teachers don’t understand that 5th grade is a small part of life and it is useless to run a classroom with an “iron hand.”

  6. I work with elementary aged kids and we had a paper airplane making book that had ninja star instructions in it, so I made one for a kid, little did I know that 2 years later I would have made so many that I could do it blind folded.

  7. Bruh are you somehow blind or completely dumb? If you look closely you can see that the tic tac box is obviously held by a transparent string smh

  8. Hahaha that's hilarious 😂 , it's actually so fucking funny lmao 😝 Hahaha i pissing my pants right now 😫 hahaha

  9. This looks like a mix between john cena, mick blue, and johnny sins, and its making me uncomfortable

  10. Do I even have to scroll down the comments to know that there’s gonna be a shitload of you can’t see him jokes

  11. I actually did this in middle school 91’. My uncle work for a distributor that had a pallet of Altoids that the tins got damaged, he asked if I wanted some. I was so excited I planned it out to give each kid a tin. Got 6 cartons each carton had six tins. I knew exactly which teacher would do the whole “Do you have enough to share with class” line. I lugged them around in my back pack till 4 th period. Then about 10 minutes into class I took a tin out while she was talking and opened it like it was no big deal, couple people noticed and were looking at me. I took one out and put it in my mouth closed the tin and left it out on the desk. Bang! She took the bait “Mr. my last name, do you have enough for the whole class.” I said nothing, got up took my back and started walking from desk to desk giving everyone a tin. Had a big as smile on my face. Class went crazy she took it well as I even put one on her desk. My coolness peaked in 5th grade been down hill since.

  12. It was the late 80s and I was in elementary school and would sell candy. For example I'd buy it for 5 cents and sell for 10 cents to 25 cents. So 1 day we were in line and the teacher saw me make a transaction. She said if I didn't have enough to share to put it away. Side note I hated this teacher. So I gave everyone in class a piece and offered her 1 too.

  13. So... do they sell Tic Tacs in a bulk Costco format like this? I need something to wash down that 5lb giant ass gummy bear.

  14. I got detention once because I was chewing bubble gum and the teacher said I couldn't have it if I didn't bring enough for everyone. I got up and started passing gum out. She sent me to the office and they gave me a detention for disrupting the class. of course, this was over 40 years ago when teachers ruled the classroom. I was just happy I didn't get a swat from "the board of education" the name our principal gave to his paddle.

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