1. Yeah similar thing going on with (I believe) the terminus in fitzroy. They used the car park as a beer garden during covid and want to make it a permanant feature. The flats that look out over it dont like it. Not that I'm personally coming down on either side.

  2. I don’t wanna sound like some boomer sympathizer, but turning gorgeous old pubs and hotels into bars/clubs is a proper shit move. And this isn’t just about the noise of amplified music outdoors, it’s also about the obnoxious drunk fucks who will stumble through your suburb at 4am. Hard no from me.

  3. So nice to see that this thread largely comes down on the right side of this issue. Incredibly disingenuous thread title.

  4. I lived less than 50m from a busy pub in Sydney, and never had any complaints. That’s because they moved everyone indoors at 9pm weekdays (later on weekends) and told off anyone getting too rowdy outside. Hence why they were “my favourite local”, and not “that obnoxious fucking bar down the road”.

  5. I think people who paint other people as "the worst type of human" based on a misleading knee-jerk reaction are the word type of humans.

  6. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the plans actually lodged by the developers, but IMHO the neighbours are right to be disgruntled about this plan.

  7. Yeh there's a distinct discrepancy between the way the OP has framed this and what is actually going on.

  8. I'd be unhappy with this too, but is it correct it has always been fully indoors/close at 9PM? Because I remember going to see Crystal Set at this pub in 1988, and theres no way that was as early as 9PM? This pub used to to bands all the time in the 80s/90s.

  9. I was coming to the comments thinking fuck thus community, then you come with context n shit. Thanks for that, btw

  10. You should work for the Daily Mail with that title. This isn't complaining about the pub. This is stopping new noise in a very quiet neighbourhood.

  11. What it is now is quite different to what they (apparently) have planned. I have no stake in this, but I can get why they're not happy. Especially if it's going to be more like a nightclub.

  12. Moving near an established venue and complaining about noise or disruption is super lame but it’s totally different from complaining about an expansion of an established venue.

  13. Just becasue someone has valid concerns does not make them an NIMBY. I protested a commercial development near my old house which was totally unsuitable for the area and it still went ahead.

  14. An open air rooftop “venue” till 3am is very different from living next to an indoor enclosed pub.

  15. As someone who lives in the city next to a nightclub that opens for 3 days a week minimum from 10pm-7am it really is. It’s a rooftop club too. Pretty damn rough really. I wouldn’t care if they shut up shop at midnight or 2am, but 7am is nuts. We don’t even sleep in our bedroom during the weekend simply due to the noise 33 stories up.

  16. I worked at a venue with a rooftop bar in a residential area and there was complaints every week, council constantly visiting to record noise pollution. Long story short, the venue had to put in sound proofing and reduce trading hours on the rooftop.

  17. It's pretty silly to refer to the pub being 130 years old, as if its old age somehow holds relevance to the advent of modern day roof-top nightclubs.

  18. Pub has been operating indoors quietly and now seeking to operate an open air rooftop to keep up with the joneses. And with that comes noise and disturbance. What’s wrong with the complain then?

  19. I disagree. It’s a quiet neighborhood pub that usually closes at 9 or 10pm. The suggestion it’s going to be an outdoor nightclub is ridiculous. Why shouldn’t they be able to expand and try to recoup some of the losses they made over the last couple of years?

  20. Good pub, lived just down the road 30 years ago, but stick the rooftop shit up their asses the noisy fuckers.

  21. Nobody is upset about the pub. But the proposed expansion is going to impact a lot of residents who have a right to be upset about an open air roof top bar which is going to carry sound across the entire neighborhood long past 9pm.

  22. It's a quiet suburb area and not a noisy pub. Of course the neighbours have every right to fight that changing. That's far different to people who move in to St Kilda or Fitzroy and attempt to retrofit night spots in to their inner suburban dream. Especially when Middle Park is a couple of tram stops to St Kilda, not exactly like it's an area devoid of nightlife opportunities.

  23. Going from being residents living in a quiet neighbourhood to residents being subjected to the same cheesy 80s/90s/2ks pop songs 7 nights a week is not a fair compromise.

  24. Having recently stayed next to a place that had a rooftop bar, I can say they are extremely noisy, the sound carries really far. I would be annoyed too.

  25. Such a weirdly disingenuous title. It’s like if my neighbour started murdering people in his basement, and someone said “oh, you live next door to him for 20 years with no issue, but NOW you start complaining?”

  26. No, people who want to open an open rooftop bar anywhere within cooee of anything are the worst kind of neighbor. It's akin to allowing backyard parties until 3am every night everywhere. Why would you? There's going to be loud music broadcast to the wee hours.

  27. This didn't go how you thought it would did it? Living near an entirely indoor pub is one thing, an open air rooftop bar/club that will be extraordinarily loud is another entirely and I think the residents have every right to be unhappy about it.

  28. I didn’t notice that! Probably nightclub as the other commenter suggested. Which is a ridiculous suggestion as it’s a quiet neighborhood pub that closes early, they have no desire to open a nighclub

  29. As someone who lives near a pub that's had a recent outdoor expansion I have the following comment. The owners made every promise in the world before they opened and once they had their extended permits it was a case of lol fuck the neighbours.

  30. A friend of mine lives on Spencer st near the hotel on the corner of Bourke and King St. The bass coming from that venue can be heard rather loudly on the 39th floor.

  31. They live in the CBD, I really doubt it was because they did not have budget to live elsewhere and have a crazy suspicion they choose to live there because it is central. If they wanted to live somewhere quiet why tf are they on Spencer's St? That's coconuts

  32. People democratically participating in decisions that will affect their neighborhoods and lives are the worst kind of humans.

  33. Wrong. They're trying for a major redevelopment, including all night rooftop music and liquor licence. This is not the same as Cherry Bar and The Espy stories.

  34. How do you know they are in the minority? Just because you agree with it? I wouldn’t want an open air rooftop drinking space near me either, give AF how long the pub has been there.

  35. It hasn't had a rooftop bar for 130 years. Here's an easy experiment for you- get someone to make some noise outside while you are outside then get them to make the same noise inside while you are outside. Turns out buildings contain a fair bit of noise.

  36. I live a block away from a pub that recently put in an open air beer garden on the roof. Whenever they have live music the noise travels further than you'd think. It's like having neighbours that host loud parties every week.

  37. So they should be angry. Just cause it’s been there 130 years doesn’t mean they can make changes anyway they want.

  38. Your argument lacks logic… think about it in the opposite spectrum… if time was a variable that trumped commodity, then railways, airports, tram stops, cities, etc… would not be built, because you can argue there is a prevalence privilege for the inhabitants of such land to stop any development. In contrast you cant argue that the pub has prevalence over homes that have been developed in the area.

  39. I mean, sure, but you fundamentally don't understand the Agent of Change laws and the VPPs from 2014. We have these protections,

  40. Go on then, mate!! Name a worse human than someone who non-violently opposes something that will directly impact them and their community, someone who diligently explains their issues and outlines their plan going forward, soomeone who uses due process and the legal system to defend their right to quiet enjoyment of their property.

  41. This is an extension of use. They aren't complaining about the pub itself; they are fighting the using of an aspect of the pub that has (presumably) never been used in its 130 years. The sound of the pub was originally contained within its walls (with the exceptions of rowdy patrons leaving after a drinking session). The open air part is new; with new noises that previously weren't heard.

  42. Not sure these are the worst type of people, there are a lot of pretty terrible people in the world and complaining about building works is not really that bad in the grand scheme of things.

  43. Perfectly reasonable reaction here. A pub is one thing, an outdoor rooftop bar is a completely different matter. If you've ever walked past one you'd know...

  44. An expansion changes your premise in ways I refuse to believe you don’t understand. I know nothing else about this than that OP is misrepresenting it, and that’s plenty enough to put me squarely on the side of the people for this issue.

  45. I think they are doing the developers a favour. No way in hell these changes will be a successful business model. Do not see any demand for it.

  46. No one wants to deal with (see/hear) drunk clowns (Australia has some of the worse ones) while they are trying to enjoy their home. Maybe putting a bar in a residential area probably doesn’t make a lot of sense…and if it’s been there historically then they should try to stay under the radar instead of letting their toxic venture expand to the roof?

  47. A nightclub staying open 1am snd 3am as developer proposes is absurd. Oprn air nightclub changes the dimension of noise and nuisance to residents there. I'll support the petition.

  48. I suppose the same argument could be made the other way. The pub has operated in a certain way for 130 years. It's reasonable to expect that it's method and hours of operation wouldn't significantly change

  49. Not if that significantly effects everyone around them. You can't have it both ways that residents should respect what was there first, but then venues can completely change their impact.

  50. As someone who worked at Middle Park Hotel for a bit there is zero chance it’ll be a night club again. That idea is relevant for pre 2005

  51. I worked on the refurb of that joint back 2001. Was a great job. Little shop up the road made the best chicken schnitzel sandwich.

  52. If I had to guess, I’d say that the people who live near it don’t want to be kept awake all night every single night because an open air loud music venue is across the street.

  53. Is OP secretly the pub owner trying to see if Reddit can work for free to figure out how to fuck the neighbourhood? Sure you could just be on a walk but how does it sound unreasonable to you that they don't want loud music until 3am every night? I doubt you'd want this next to your house.

  54. If I was in the area this would annoy me but it is a great spot for a rooftop drink. If they get 3am licence it will be a chunder fest for the Sunday morning activewear cavoodle set

  55. Meanwhile, in our neck of the woods, what was already a problematic rubbish dump, the Suez in Hallam, will become a waste transfer station, pushing thousands of industrial waste products, that we won't have to be informed about what they are, into our area and huge trucks, thousands per week, will roll into our area from 4 am and until 11 pm, everyday, even though we were promised it was closing. I think a pub would be a non issue.

  56. these cunts should forfeit their homes. i lived in St Kilda, Balaclava and Windsor for many years and saw each suburb have it's culture eroded by yuppies, boomers and nimbys. once it's gone, you can never get it back

  57. Isn’t there a word for this? I know ‘gentrification’ is often used about poorer suburbs turning into dull affluent ones, but this still applies? The culture and history of a neighbourhood being taken over by wealthy snobs who ‘enjoyed the atmosphere’ of a local area then decided to build up. Next minute, these fogies realise that visiting a fun hip area is vastly different to developing and living permanently in that zone which has historically had live music, drunken atmosphere etc.

  58. I work at puffing billy and we get the same thing a lot, locals always complain to us about the smoke & noise as if the railway hasn't been there for 122 years

  59. I had people move in next door to a farm in green wedge zoning and complain about the animals, non manicured grass in paddocks etc. people can be morons, but this isn’t the case in this situation of the pub expansion/change of use.

  60. This is like the people who decide to live in the middle of town near pubs/restaurants/nightclubs that have all been there for years and then complain.

  61. If you move next to something that’s already there, you have lost the right to complain. If it opens after you’re there, then you can complain. It’s like people who move next to the airport and complain about the planes flying overhead. It was farmland only when it was built, so they’ve moved after the airport is built. They’ve lost the right to complain.

  62. But.... If you bought a house next to an airport that operated only a certain number of flights, or certain hours, and had done so for many years - and then wants to expand this you might not be happy.

  63. Hate nimbys. The best cities in the world have nightlife Melbourne could only dream of. If you don’t want noise at night go and buy 100 acres hours away from civilisation, and let cities be cities!

  64. Almost as bad as the peoople that bought cheap property near Calder Park and tried to get it shut down because it's noisy LOL

  65. This is almost like some kind of marketing tactic. The way they've described the pub sounds awesome

  66. Don’t let Melbourne become like Sydney. The yuppies and NIMBY’s ruined our once great nightlife. Fight hard against this shit

  67. Man Melbournes inner-city are filled with the biggest NIMBYs ever. If you want peace and quiet maybe I suggest living in the outer suburbs?

  68. People who move next to the mcg and complain about cars and events every Friday/Saturday/Sunday are also as bad as this group

  69. Middle Park Hotel is a great venue. I’m sure if they expanded to the rooftop they’d need to close it at 10pm and there’d be no problem. Don’t listen to the haters OP - Melbourne would be boring AF if they ran the city

  70. These are the sort of loser Australians who stay home and peer out blinds, dobbing on everyone. This country is FULL of them. Sitting on old money that isn't theirs - they had parents who worked and contributed, often as mayors etc. They on the other hand sadly have nothing to offer.

  71. I'm sorry, but just because you live in middle park doesn't mean you should have any special consideration given to businesses expanding or operating in your area.

  72. Rooftop bars are such a money maker and essential now for establishments. But if they can have the best of both worlds and have a cut off time for the noise I think that’s fair enough

  73. The other one is sporting grounds, where the club has been there for ~100 years but someone who’s been there for 1 doesn’t like the noise.

  74. Rooftop noise travels. It’s not contained so a few streets over or more on a windy hot summers night, they will cop the noise, the people who live around the Barkly hotel in St.Kilda built without Planning permit can tell you what happens

  75. 3 am on an open roof pub in a heavily residential area? Why don’t you show the sign person support and not be a selfish knob

  76. Same thing happened to a bar in Adelaide it had live music nearly every night then some rich people moved in next door started complaining about it and they had to shut down

  77. These people are called "Yuppies " They buy cheap houses and they complain about everything so as to increase the value of their property. Then they sell them at a profit and move on to the next area to start again.

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