1. Posted in here the other day about how much it hurt taking off the bandage from my inner arm. Turns out I actually did damage and bruised myself when I did it which is why it hurt for at least an hour after that.

  2. Feeling accomplished after finishing digitising the last bits of a family tree, I have info going in some cases to fifth cousins and great-great-great-grandparents. It's tedious yet somehow fascinating!

  3. For those looking to change their power bill looks like lumo locked in their power prices for the next 12 months. The reviews for lumo are dog shit though. So just an fyi.

  4. Hope you get out of there safely. Don't feel dumb or bad about it. Love can cloud your judgement. Just glad you are leaving this relationship and can start new. Best of luck to you.

  5. Once gone, get your phone, computer and your car scanned for observation devices/software. Any women's shelter will be able to put you in touch with someone that can do this. Especially if you can pay a reasonable fee to have it done. Store your photos and if you can get a new phone and number. The escalation in your post makes me worry a bit that he's going to react badly, cos pride is at stake, and stalking is a classic injured pride move. Moving on Tuesday is quite a while in the future - easily long enough for him to do something nasty to your devices while you sleep. Sorry if this sounds like over reaction, but safety first is always smart.

  6. You don’t fuck with cats. It’s like rule one. Remember this moment. For when they try sucker you back in. It’s no longer about you. You got a cat to protect.

  7. Went to the Firelight festival today and omg, it was crazy busy. I couldn’t even imagine that Docklands could get so packed. We left pretty soon. It was a mixed feeling, like yay life is looking normal but also wtf this is insanely crowded. We also couldn’t be bothered with all those queues that we seem to love as a city for overpriced food from food trucks.

  8. Why do I feel left out watching people enjoying themselves on IG stories even though I'm not that close to them and have social anxiety anyway?

  9. The app is working as intended, you would be abnormal not to feel anxious. These apps are designed to foster engagement, some people engage through anger, others through judgement, it’s figured out anxiety/fomo makes you engage.

  10. Adding to what others said about deleting Instagram if it makes you feel that way, a thing I noticed recently is that probably most of those people are not actually enjoying the moment, they're taking pics and videos just to share them on Instagram.

  11. Cause it’s designed to make you feel that way. Social media is toxic af! Delete Insta. It’ll change your mental health.

  12. I got off the train at Flinders Street this arvo with my 2 yo in his stroller. The Red Sea of Essendon supporters eventually parted but then a burly bloke almost fell on the stroller - dad reflexes kicked in and I deflected him. I was pissed. He explained a drunk guy had pushed him in the back as he was getting off the escalator. Other people told me they had seen it happen too.

  13. Ordered Deliveroo around 7:30, still not on its way and now the restaurant is closed… if I cancel do they still charge me a fee? I have a feeling it’s not coming :(

  14. I love the beach this time of the year. No people, you can just let loose and get lost in your thoughts while watching the waves, and the sky.

  15. My kid & I both had laryngitis a couple of weeks ago. No fevers, but felt like shit, and had a sore throat and lots of coughing. I’m better but still coughing, which the doctor said to expect.

  16. Hi yea there has been. Some patients I’ve treated in the ward and a few aged care places my colleagues are monitoring have had flu + covid outbreak.

  17. There's both a rough cold and one of the worst influenza strains we've seen in ages going about. Top this off with the new COVID variants and I'm amazed our death rates aren't even higher than they are.

  18. How is low dose CBD oil for pets arthritis? I know where to get it but it's expensive and my budget is really limited after buying her other meds so I'd like to hear from anyone who has tried it. Did your pet have less pain, or feel calmer during household changes/storms?

  19. Jesus one cook on a Saturday night when we normally have 3-4, customer yelled at me and then apologised when he saw me crying lmao. Love being a supervisor!

  20. My menulog order from St Kilda that was supposed to arrive between 6.15 - 6.35 is now arriving 8.30 - 8.50.

  21. A good thing menulog does is tell us kitchen staff not to start an order until the driver is close so at least it won’t have been sitting around waiting for someone to come get it!

  22. Ugh mine is really bad this winter! I’ve been using this Blistex lip cream you can buy at Chemist warehouse - it’s actually for cold sores but it’s been working well and makes eating a burger less painful!

  23. Oh no I know what you mean. I also find that paw paw ointment works nicely to heal it but timing seems to be key kinda like cold sores. The sooner you notice it and put it on the more effective it is. If I catch it soon enough and put a blob of the ointment on before going to bed usually I'm good the next morning but if I've left it a bit late it would take a few days to completely get better. Hope it gets better soon!

  24. I'm fairly new to dishwashers and I would like to know...how the hell is anyone meant to know what can and can't go into a dishwasher once all the labels are off???!!

  25. Most things have a small symbol embedded on the bottom - and when you buy new appliances the manual will say what pieces can go on the top rack and what needs to be handwashed etc

  26. Just don't put good kitchen knives or wooden utensils / boards in (even though we're all guilty of that) you'll be okay. Or crystal.

  27. Been cooking since around 4pm. The pho broth is almost done for dinner tomorrow night. Just pulled out the brisket, which Me Nebula seared and is now slicing up, with many exclamations of joy. About to send some slices over to the neighbours (we often share food back and forth). Cauliflower quesadillas are keeping warm in the oven, have some slaw and avo and that’ll make a very delicious dinner for Stranger Things viewing.

  28. I was meant to go out for a drink tonight, but my relatives pulled out last minute. I am so grateful. I did a very tiring hike today, and I just want to be horizontal!

  29. Just FYI it's a shareway between Elizabeth and Swanston. Doesn't excuse the jaywalking at the intersection though.

  30. Reception isn't chill, considering that 99% of the places are critically understaffed, and people are just agitated and annoyed. Grass isnt always greener, ask a lot of people who first thought bartending was "just pouring some beers".

  31. I've had a rather snotty head cold for about a month and a half. I'm guessing I should probably go have a chat to a GP?

  32. I used to get what I thought were prolonged colds every winter, and it turned out it was my mould allergy. If the virus and infection tests don't show anything, it might be worth looking at allergies

  33. My friend got engaged and I organised a surprise dinner and drinks for her tomorrow! Is there any idea for a fun gift I can kept her? She just had a house warming so bottles of wine are not needed.

  34. I've had friends who have appreciated gifts that can be used for after the engagement/wedding eg restaurant vouchers, movie vouchers, weekend away. They appreciate this because they are usually broke after the wedding and honeymoon and this gives them something nice to look forward to.

  35. One of my fav casual restaurants is closing (Oishi on chapel). Last day today. Very sad. Gonna get my usual order and took a couple of pics of the places.

  36. In my still-slightly-hungover, tired, grumpy state I may have just tried to clean the ‘power’ decal off the ps4. In my defence though, kiddo has been cleaning his teeth in front of the telly so there are little white dots all over the place.

  37. Mine's been low on eggs and certain frozen veggies (obviously most Aldi shoppers aren't the sort to pay $11 for a kilo of fresh broccoli). That's the only problem with them I have right now.

  38. Everyone's I reckon. Supply chain issues and staffing issues I'll bet. The Preston one had 1) no eggs, toilet paper or dishwashing liquid. Very little in the way of green vegetables, but lots and lots of fruit, cheese, meat and roast duck dumplings. The freezer cabinets were an odd mix of very full and totally empty. The chocolate supply seems adequate for now. 2) Tons and tons of camping equipment and tracksuits - probably due to school holidays. Also a fair selection of gardening stuff and composting bins. 3) Dirty floors (the first time I've seen this in an ALDI) 4) Only one checkout operating even though there was a hellacious long line. The grog section was a bit thin on the ground too.

  39. I went with the popular vote yesterday and had Carbonara for dinner, so tonight will be having the goat curry. I might even muster up the enthusiasm to make some flat bread and some raita to go with it.

  40. Oohhh What do you put in your raita? Every household makes theirs slightly differently so I'm always curious!

  41. Thinking of making some breakfast burritos tomorrow to have for brekky during the week. Not sure what to put in them though... I bought some pork mince to try and make something similar to American breakfast sausage but now I'm kind of second guessing that... maybe it will be shit 🤔 Also some refried beans because I love that shit

  42. I usually do a filling that is basically scrambled eggs, with pretty much anything that you would add to a cooked egg breakfast. Pork mince should work similarly to sausages - I would probably make meatballs or patties and then add some slices rather than having loose mince.

  43. I had it last year. I'd sleep for maybe 3-4 hours night after night for a couple of months straight and get up and wander about the house at like 3 am.

  44. Your thoughts are not fact. We are our own worst enemies (I have these thoughts too) and we have to tell ourselves to stop listening to those thoughts sometimes

  45. Gaaahh, that horrible word 'normal'. When I hear it, I flash back to reading Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit where the protagonist's mother (quite dysfunctional) yells at her "Why be happy when you can be normal!". Which says a lot about the mother, and her unending ability to dismiss anything that might cause her to question her own dysfunctional worldview.

  46. Are you an extrovert, then probably not, if not then it's pretty normal. At least it's normal for me, I can't stand being around anyone for very long

  47. My impression of others is that it is not “normal”, but it’s normal for me. I try to restrict social occasions (even if it’s just going out to a gig by myself) to once a fortnight to keep a balance on my social battery (work drains a lot of it).

  48. If you have a backyard or even a small sheltered area of the front yard, he’ll enjoy that a lot more. My cat absolutely loves outside time on the leash, we often go out there and lay in the sun together. She’s her happiest outside. But she gets terrified out the front, so I avoid that. Angry or scared cats can do a lot of damage.

  49. RAT negative, feeling flat and just generally blaaaaahhh. Anxious because I’m “wasting my weekend”.

  50. Winter is hitting healthcare workers hard. A third person who I need to cover has called in sick, so I'm working a 14 hour shift tomorrow. It adds up as 77 hours this week if I count the amount of documentation I have to chase up at home. What gets me through is that I've looked up the specialist I'll work with tomorrow, and they have a side hustle of writing sexy crime novels. I'm in

  51. I just did my last day (ever for this course) of placement today and so many of the staff are off sick. I felt bad for them as “just a student” wish I could help more

  52. 'There was a cool stiff breeze in the library. The softened moonlight casting a suggestive shadow of Colonel Mustard and his candlestick. Mrs. Peacock pauses, aghast at the sight mistaking the silhouette for a lead pipe. "Oh my" she softly gasps.. and reaches for her rope and then in one last adventurous act Colonel mustard is asphyxiated mid deed and is no more".

  53. Is anyone aware of a monitor riser that could comfortably fit a ps4 underneath it? Tiny drawers or cable hold, white/wood design a plus. Low tech, high tech.

  54. can anyone recommend like a general subreddit where you can just can kind of complain if you’re having a shitty day/week that’s got a supportive undertone? I sometimes use this thread and the vitriol or sarcasm I get is not very kind or very useful.

  55. Just went on a walk around Carlton with Gwyn. I love how curious he is about everything he just wants to see and meow and every new person and thing he sees. He’s such a little adventure cat.

  56. I was dreaming of being done with my visa and finally be able to go back home after 3 years, but looks like in August I'll be here and Sigur Rós tickets sold out 😢 (only crazy seating available). How likely it is they'll release more tickets? Never been to Margaret Court arena.

  57. Is there anything worth doing tonight? Outside of work I haven’t even left the house in a week and it’s becoming depressing as hell. Any suggestions?

  58. For the love of christ can some regulations be implemented around protests. Please don't cut major roads in the CBD. I'm for the cause but damn it's made me really hate you.

  59. Yeah seems to be. Are you interested in consulting? My work is looking for people. Feel free to PM me

  60. Day 3 of covid iso...back hurts from lying down so much but I get fatigued walking around...food tastes like I've just brushed my teeth...ughhhhh

  61. I am feeling lonely and seeking some support. This frickin cold is making me lonlier. I am falling back to old patterns and looking to change. Who can I reach out to? Any person/support group will be helpful

  62. My Stranger Things viewing event with my mum tonight is cancelled as she tested positive for Covid yesterday. I spoke to her last night and she sounded like death. I feel so bad for her but luckily she has my brother there taking care of her. What can I do for her from afar? Anything I should send her?

  63. When she's feeling a little better you could do a zoom + teleparty (aka Netflix party) viewing of stranger things together

  64. If I was your mum I'd love a thoughtful care pack with practical things like hydralyte, paracetamol, ibuprofen, throat lozenges, thermometer, tissues, and of course the obligatory bog roll.

  65. I'd say a thermometer and water soluble paracetamol (obviously make sure she's okay to take that!). Bumps body temp down a notch if she has a high fever and is easier to take if her throat is like razor blades.

  66. Another Friday night in the city, this time to visit Lume. Might have been the last person in Melbourne to go, but I really liked it.

  67. Fuck, I just love PBS on Saturday mornings. No matter what mood I'm in, the Jazz on Saturday -> Fiesta Jazz -> Switched On combo always makes me feel great. But honestly I could listen to all of it all the way until Electric Sunset ends

  68. feeling the empties now, at least until the next season. I had a feeling the 'thing' that happened would happen but still a bit of a mess over it, sob.

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