1. As far as I‘ve heard the thing about satan torturing you in hell is a common misconception, he‘s in there being tortured like everybody else

  2. In Dante's Inferno, Satan is in the lowest possible point of hell, frozen forever in ice, immovable and powerless, and constantly feeling the bite of the cold but never being numbed by it.

  3. Satan neither torturs or is tortured. That time hasn't come yet. He is known as "the god of this world" meaning Earth. After the Great Tribulation and Rapture and such, he, his fallen angels and demons will finally be tortured in Hell. As of now, they roam the Earth freely until that day.

  4. Actually not even that. Most notions of hell are kinda apocryphal. I mean the word itself is from Norse mythology. The idea of punishing sinners was just too good to pass up.

  5. Yeah, he's just trying to ruin as many people as he can before time's up. He technically is given an out by repenting and being a better person, as all of us are, but he's so arrogant that it's functionally impossible.

  6. Satan is referring to the voice in your head that pushes you to do the easy/wrong thing. The Bible rarely talks about him being an actual angel and if you take revelations as fact then you probably need a psych eval. 😂

  7. Eckhart saw Hell too. He said: The only thing that burns in Hell is the part of you that won't let go of life, your memories, your attachments. They burn them all away. But they're not punishing you, he said. They're freeing your soul. So, if you're frightened of dying and... and you're holding on, you'll see devils tearing your life away. But if you've made your peace, then the devils are really angels, freeing you from the earth.

  8. Ive always viewed hell (when i was still Christian) as more of a rehabilitation facility/center. You die, go in, "do your time" then eventually go to heaven

  9. I keep strangely coming across Jacob’s Ladder references, might have to go watch it for the first time. It sounds like a great movie though!

  10. i always love a reference to lucifer. best version of christianity lore yet aside from the weird stuff at the end, not to mention the great characters including satan himself lol

  11. Satan hates humans, but is in no way supposed to be in charge of hell. He’s like the Minotaur in Greek mythology, the worst monster trapped in a shitty situation who will hurt you because it’s just what he does. Maybe that’s his purpose for being in hell in the first place, only god knows.

  12. His main purpose for being cast out is laid out in the Bible. Hell is not really even mentioned and most of what we think we know about it has no biblical context. It's from Dante's Inferno.

  13. Lol Satan doesn’t hate humans. The whole reason the war in heaven began was because lucy and his band of merry men were giving heavenly secrets to the humans. God was like “nooooo you can’t just give heavenly secrets to the humans” and lucy was like “haha information go brrrrr” and they battled because Lucifer (translated means “the light bringer”) wanted to share info with the humans to help them.

  14. As I understand it there are two misconceptions here. One, burning in hell isn't actually what the Bible suggests, but that hell is removal from Gods light and warmth. Two, the devil isn't punishing you in hell. The devil rebelled against God and tempts man from God, but the punishment ultimately comes from God, not the devil.

  15. Some other ideas and translations muddy the waters even more. My favorite being, that being thrown in the lake of fire would make our mortal souls eternally dead means we would we would cease to exist on a spiritual level. And that we would actually lay kinda dormant in our graves until the rapture then judged on whether or not we go to heaven or are thrown in the lake of fire.

  16. I’m not sure about the burning thing. Burning and fire are used often when speaking of hell and the “lake of fire” so it does seem to involve burning

  17. It's pretty obvious that God and the devil did a freaky friday... thats why god is all "you get a plague and you get a plague... and you, kill your son." While Satan is like "damn girl, you fly. Take a free will. It on the house"

  18. Also Satan rules the Earth (assuming he is the one tempting Jesus in the desert). And dead people don't go anywhere, they are just dead, at least until some future point when they will be revived and judged and either live with Gid, or away.

  19. It’s less a misconception and more a factual inaccuracy that has been and continues to be exploited by people who like to use fear as a motivator.

  20. Hell is the absence of god, and for christians, that is the worst thing possible To them, they might as well be burning alive for all eternity, but in reality it'd likely be relatively chill.

  21. Jesus Christ says in Matthew 25:41, "Depart from me, ye cursed, into EVERLASTING FIRE, prepared for the devil and his angels." In Matthew 13:42, Jesus says: "And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth."

  22. It's both, actually. The Bible shows in the story of Lazarus and the rich man that you do indeed burn in hell. But it also states in other places that the main torture is the total separation from God. (Which has to be harder since the story of Lazarus shows that the people in hell can totally see everybody in Heaven having a wonderful time while they burn in hell for all eternity.)

  23. It all depends on which version of the stories you consult. Some say that Lucifer / Satan are the same being, some say they're different beings, some say he's lord of the damned, some say he's a prisoner (most popular is Inferno by Dante)...

  24. That’s insane! Honestly the first time I’ve really thought about it in depth and this makes the most “sense” but on the other hand, the fact God is supposedly in charge of literal HELL is scary and changes the light he’s shown in… I’m sure I’m not alone in always feeling safe knowing that the concept of God (whether real or not) always resided over good - the evil that existed was the doing of another being… the fact he is in charge of Hell, clearly opposes that.

  25. If this is true (and I suspect it is), then god is most certainly not Omnibenevolent like most religions would have you believe. A Being in charge of the single most concentrated area of torture and punishment is evil through and through.

  26. There are even some modern theologians (von Balthasar, for example) who suggest that the “fires of hell” are the very same thing as the light and warmth of God. The distinction is that those who are saved find the light of God to be a wonderful paradise, but those who rejected Him, the damned, find His light to be utter torture.

  27. But here's what I don't get. God made Lucifer. And God's supposed to be omnipotent. So in creating Lucifer, he knew Luci would challenge him and really- has to- because angels don't have free will.

  28. Yeah, I’ve always been atheist/agnostic but in college I decided to sit down and read the Torah, the Bible, and the Quran just so I had an understanding about what it is they believe. I mainly wanted to read the Quran since everyone around me kept saying Islam was a religion of hate but every Muslim I’ve ever met was so incredibly kind so I wanted to know for myself what they believe. Not only is most peoples perceptions on Islam completely wrong but a shocking amount of Christians I’ve met have never actually read the Bible

  29. There's a great joke about this. Guy dies and goes to hell. It's amazing. All his favorite foods, hobbies, everything! There's a wall. On the other side, is people screaming, being tortured, etc. the guy asks the devil what that is. The devil replies, "That's the Christians, they prefer it that way". Something to that extent

  30. Guy dies and winds up at Satan’s throne. He can’t believe he wound up in Hell, says he didn’t lead a bad life, etc.

  31. There's a part of the divine comedy (from what I've read/remember) where there's just a bunch of philosophers and artists just chilling and chatting in some grassy ruins above hell. And if there is a hell, I'm convinced that anyone who's not a horrendous piece of shit gets to just relax and vibe like we've always been meant to do forever. Apparently in heaven you're a shapeless mindless form praising God forever which to me, sounds like fucking hell. So Idk about y'all, but I'ma go where there's grass and free will.

  32. Isn’t that Limbo? Destination of those who weren’t Christian but still lived good lives, so they get Hell-Lite. Bit like an open prison.

  33. I don’t like that view of heaven either. In my religion we believe that God is our Father and wants us to have all that he has and we’ll keep progressing until we can become like Him. Satan is in opposition to God and wants others not to choose Him and to be miserable like him. God wants us to choose to become like Him through the changing power of the atonement of Jesus Christ, but he will never force us to be like Him. I think it’s a refreshing view of heaven and hell. It’s not so much about where you go, but who you want to become.

  34. I'm not even a Christian and even I know that Divine Comedy is not theologically accurate, like in the slightest.

  35. wait really? damn thats weird, in islam heaven is literally awesome. everything that was a sin becomes allowed, you can have absolutely anything you want, your backyard is the size of entire galaxies and epic stuff like that

  36. I like this. Satan just lets us all chill but god still wants people to come to him instead, so he spreads rumours that Satan is a torturer. When I’m really only the worst of the worst get tortured

  37. God created hell and through Satan into it. Satan is a sinner in hell. Satan doesn't send you to hell and neither does God. You can only send yourself there.

  38. Because God made hell too. Satan is a fallen angel trapped there. Demons are ribbons of damned human souls, "spirits who think", that were corrupted by the teachings of Satan and sent to spread those corruptions to man to damn more souls to hell as retribution for God's hubris.

  39. Tf is that Scientologist take on demons bro, they used to be Angels too and rebelled along with Satan who tf told you they were ribbons

  40. Atheist/former christian here. According to what I was taught, and I'm fairly confident the bible backs this up, Satan isn't "running" hell or choosing to send you there. He's thrown in there by god and suffering just like you are if you disobey or don't believe depending on what version of christianity you subscribe to.

  41. Just so everyone knows, hell as a place of eternal judgement and suffering and torture and all that isn't biblical. It was created by the Catholic church(aka Roman government) much later. When they refer to hell in the Bible it's a state of being, not a place. Jesus(the historical figure not the son of god) did not believe in hell because the Jews at that time thought the afterlife was a neutral place where everyone went, similar to the Greeks.

  42. Better question: If God has a plan for everyone, why would he make someone a drug addict and send them to Hell to burn for it? One question that could throw a diehard Christian off of their religion.

  43. He is letting them think that he is burning them there, in reality the unnatural screaming is the result of the unnatural parties going on down there. 🤣

  44. Well Satan is being tortured just like any sinner. He disobeyed God and God cursed him to be in Hell for eternity. So Satan decided to make as many people join him as possible by making them commit sins.

  45. He's in hell being tortured...but also comes up to earth to fuck around?.... I thought this was an all powerful god here yet Satan is able to just slip away from his punishment to "make" others commit sins....

  46. It's not because you did the same as he or to punish the wicked or anything really to do with you. but because you're God's creation. One of his most beloved creations. Atleast that's how it was explained to me as a kid.

  47. Yeah, the whole free will argument for evil is nonsense. So I apparently need to retain the capability to rape or murder someone (instead of having some innate biological limitation against doing so) or my free will is impinged. But the fact that I can't fly or regenerate limbs or shoot lasers out my eyes or spawn cupcakes with a thought or any other physically impossible things doesn't impinge on free will? Why is there any limitation? Why can't I kill people with a thought?

  48. Evil cannot live without Good, and Good cannot live without Evil. The purpose of good is to undo what evil has done, and the purpose of evil is to pursue and be hostile to the good, while spreading villany an mayhem wherever it wanders.

  49. I remember once asking a priest how comes God, Jesus and the holy spirit are separate entities but also are the same (since that is what they say in my country) and his answer was "humans are not suppose to know everything and curiosity can be a bad thing" and that's the day i stop believing and any of that lol. (I was around 11 at the time)

  50. It's God that's tossing you into hell to burn along with Satan though lol? I don't understand how this misconception came about that Satan rules hell

  51. This is about the millionth time I've seen this on Reddit, Satan is also being punished down there, he is not the one punishing.

  52. Satan didn’t disobey god, god just needed one of em to rule hell and no one wanted the job so god picked one of em out.

  53. Satan is hells biggest prisoner. The idea of hell is misconceived. It’s not a state of eternal torture, it’s a state of permanent separation from God

  54. Well, Satan fell from heavens because God intended to create us in His image and Satan wouldn't have that. Satan hates us due to his pride and wants us to be separated from God, to get back at God for daring to create us.

  55. Isn’t he just torturing people because they are down there? Like god sends them down and he just capitalises on it?

  56. Because Its not Satan who controls Hell. Its God himself. Satan along with the other demons are obligated to do the things they do.

  57. So what your saying is we can choose what side of the afterlife battle we're on when we die...right, I'll take the fire and brimstone, thank you

  58. The issue here to a critical thinking person is that it makes no sense for Satan to exist in the first place. Angels which are portrayed to have wings, wings for what? To fly? Where and why would you need wings in the after life while God and Jesus are just floating around? So Satan was an angel cast out by God right, well why not just change the guy to his liking or destroy him? He made everything, why not just unmake him? It's a stupid story and there has to be a bad guy for you to fear or it doesn't work. I don't need a story with a hell in it to make me worried, I already have that fear living in this world with stupid unqualified people in positions of power running the Earth into the ground and making it an actual hell before I die.

  59. the better question is why would a god that claims to love all his children condemn them to hell for not believing in him?

  60. Reading through this thread, it’s astonishing the dogma that comes from all sides of religion, spirituality, atheism, and every other whaterism to try and understand our mortality.

  61. He would do that and worse because man has what he never had, a second chance. The sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross makes that possible. He doesn't benefit. He's going to be spiteful for eternity.

  62. When I was a kid, my grandmother used to tell me to roll up my prayer Mat or Satan would pray. I thought it was kinda mean to not let the dude pray so before I would leave for school I'd unroll my mat under my bed for satan to get their daily prayers in. dumb af.

  63. Finally! Why wouldn’t he be like, “Baby girl, We have so much in common! Lets fire this sh** up!”And you skip around causing mayhem, drinking coffee, and eating cheese.

  64. Hell is a metaphor. Demons are what humans can become and are what will torture you. The warning is that you will be trapped on this earth (hell) until you lose all your ties to worldly possessions.

  65. Because hes not the one doing it and also the bible never says anything about burning in hell, maybe actually educate yourself before you try to do gotcha people

  66. The idea of hell it self would make for a god who is spiteful and a sociopath/narcissist. Here have this free will, have these emotions that drive you but DAMN you to HELL if you fucking dont do exactly what I say and when I say to do it. Then why make anyone at all and if you are going to make people then why not just have made fucking robots to begin with. Oh bull shit. There very well is something that drives all energy in the universe im sure and i also love the idea of something that drives us, loves us, powers us, but damn why its gotta be built on fear? Man has fear and wants to be feared. If you took the core of what jesus is, then there is no problem to be honest. His core message was LOVE your self, love your neighbor, love your family/friends and love the lord~ if you took anything else out of it, youre probably just an asshole. People who use religion as a weapon are the ones who deserve the hell they create. Ya got your life, live it as a good person and its a full life. You wont be going to a fairy tale land when its over, or an oven with demons. Its just going to be nothing and its okay because death is acceptance/peace/not existing. It is natural in every aspect as life is. If you believe in nothing, thats okay i guess but i truly believe that believing in something gives you a purpose. Just make sure those beliefs do not poison the well as they all do....Have a great day everyone.

  67. Getting downvoted, but it’s the truth, religion was created to create fear and control and otherwise uncontrollable society. It’s not even “ours” as they stemmed from Islam. Doesn’t even make sense portraying Jesus as white, he’s from Bethlehem… in fucking Palestinian ffs.

  68. Because the question literally relates to biblical scripture and practitioners of Judeo-Christian faith tend to be most familiar with the subject? Duh.

  69. I love how there are people here answering the question as if the devil/Satan/Lucifer/etc. is real. Can we do the Joker next?

  70. To a lot of people they are. When you're raised your whole life to believe this, it's hard to break away from that way of thinking.

  71. That's a pretty weaksauce hell. I can tell why the adherents want to spice it up a bit. Threatening someone with the status quo is hard for missionaries.

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