1. Absolutely. The snail can’t be killed, but I can pay a lifetime of college students to keep in a terrarium as a pet. Well done, getting my click.

  2. i would encase it in the amber resin insects and whatnot from the prehistoric era are found in, and wear it around my neck to keep an eye on it.

  3. College students?? Are you INSANE? Clueless, irresponsible liquor-ridden party animal assholes, who have no idea where to find their own dicks during exam periods?? Would you trust them with an assassin snake hell-bent on finding and killing you?? Jeez…you gotta love life more than that…

  4. I was going to suggest a yacht (super yacht) but between the cost and maintenance you'd be broke in 2-3 years.

  5. I go to California live there for a decade then right when the snail comes I move to New York for a decade and keep switching those locations.

  6. A seriously underrated movie. The premise is so creepy. I've been watching horror since I was a child and this movie, in a nice quiet, dark house was pretty unsettling.

  7. People coming up with ideas like "put it in concrete, then a safe, then drop it into the Mariana trench". This guy has a jar as his weapon of choice.

  8. Yes, but I'll save you the money of the jar. Since it can never die, put a $10mil bounty on whoever can destroy it and let science have at it, you know that thing will never leave a lab. Scientific anomaly and what not.

  9. It also never says it cant be crippled, just that it can't die. So just put it in a jar of salt, that way even if it can manage to break out of a jar, it will be shriveled up and in constant pain

  10. Move to France, act like you're in Supernatural and salt every point of entry everywhere and hope the snail doesn't have the power of gusts of wind?

  11. He can get out of 5 gallons of concrete in a safe? How the hell does a snail open a safe??? It’s not all powerful or a god or something. It’s a snail.

  12. How would the plan change if you didn't know snail's starting position? What's the lowest amount of money you would accept in that situation? Would you do it for $4000?

  13. Never get rid of the safe you lose control then, keep it a days “Slide” away and have it checked every day.

  14. A snail can travel at a speed of 8 centimeters per minutes. I would use my money to move to Finland which is 7116.49 Kilometers Away from my home on the Eastern coast of the United States. This would mean it would take 88956125 minutes for the snail to reach me not accounting for obstacles the snail might encounter or 169.24 years. This is significantly more time than I would need to live out my life of luxury and happiness.

  15. You going to call someone to capture a single specific snail out of all the snails on Earth? The snail knows where you are, not the other way around.

  16. What if they think you were just allergic to snails? Are restaurants liable if don't tell them about an allergy and then order the thing you are allergic to? Otherwise someone with a peanut allergy could so the same thing.

  17. The only danger here is you family who stands to inherent the money once you die. They may help the snail. They will have it in their pocket, and pull it out when to go to shake your hand. They might slip it in your bed before you go to sleep. They may even just sent it in the mail. This is where the term snail mail comes from.

  18. You can always make a stipulation in your will, where none of your inheritors claims anything if the snail kills you.

  19. There are a lot of millionaires and they rarely get murdered by their own family. It's not like the fact that there is a snail trying to murder you would change that.

  20. Problem - we're assuming you can see where the snail spawns at the time the challenge begins, or that if you can't, that there's some sort of indicator which snail out there in the wild is the one that'll kill you.

  21. If it were a random snail somewhere, and I travel across the world randomly and keep my distance from all snails as much as possible, I’d probably be just as likely to just step on some other deadly poisonous thing that kills me anyway.

  22. Scrolled to far to find this. Big assumption you will know which snail will kill you. Also might be an existing snail.

  23. Dang, glad I read this. OP tricked me, I was thinking the whole put it in a jar thing until I read this. Would've accepted the challenge and then realized what an idiot I was seconds afterwards.

  24. Catch snail. Put on gerbil wheel connected, infinite energy at no cost, it's not much but it's honest work.

  25. I think the catch is that you don’t know where the snail is originally. If you didn’t know, would you still take the money?

  26. Assumption: snail is a garden snail and a quick Google search showed that they travel at 0.03 miles per hour.

  27. Made a major error. 11.4 years yet you move at the 10 year mark cross country. This means that when you move again in 10 years, the snail having a 1.4 year head start over his original distance/time would arrive sooner than you expected and get you.

  28. Everyone saying jar .... marianna trench. For $10 million get NASA to find some low-cost rocket to fire it into the deep recesses of space.

  29. I think i saw a film theory on youtube. It's like if you buy 3 different homes at 3 separate locations on earth for like 4 months each during the year, you'd always stay ahead of the snail.

  30. The I saw before was that the snail was super intelligent. If so it could easily get on a few cars and ride them until it gets close to an airport and then get on a plane to where you are. It wouldn't take long really, assuming it was super intelligent and always knew where you were. A week to get to the airport. Another week to get on the right plane. Another week to get to your house and you ded.

  31. I think the original premise is that you are immortal and the snail is immortal. Sure you can fly thousands of miles away and forget about it, but after a few years, you'll always be looking over your shoulder for the snail.

  32. The original premise involved the snail being hyper intelligent as well, so it could strategize against you, too.

  33. Lol I knew I recognized this question from somewhere. A knob on twitter ripping off askreddit for content is just amazing.

  34. Just carry it around in a clear box. As long as it doesn’t get out, I’m golden. I may need somebody else to catch it for me, but other than that, easiest 10 million ever.

  35. This comment. Also cast the clear box in epoxy resin, and display the snail in your house for extra hubris. Then you can brag to all the doge holders that this is the snail that made you 10 mil bro

  36. Have the snail encased in a Himalayan Salt lamp. Give it to a new age crystal shop or cult with some story about how the snail is possessed by an evil entity and it is encased in salt to protect the world. Never let the snail escape, and never let the light go out, or you have doomed the world. Start a 24/7 live stream cam of people watching the lamp to report any movement.

  37. Imagine explaining this to anyone... "There's this snail, right. It is coming after me so we have to move."

  38. All you fools acting like you know which snail is after you. Could be any snail out there, lurking in the shadows.

  39. You do know though You hit every snail you see with a hammer Its the one that doesn't die 10 million To be on high alert till the snail you hammer bang doesn't die

  40. Put glass over snail. Keep him. Love him. He is now your pet. He is now your boy. He cares about where you are. He knows where you are. He loves to follow you. PLUS He is now your suicide option if shit goes bad.

  41. I'll keep the snail as my pet to be safe. Plus I'll die a terrible death if I DON'T take the money. So what am I to lose...

  42. I feel like nobody is asking the important question...is it a regular snail that's just coming to hunt me or is it like a John Wick/ Jason Bourne snail? Can I try to trap it just to have it supernaturally break free? Is it the Snailinator? I know there has to he a catch somewhere!

  43. Absolutely, 💯! Catch the snail. Keep the snail secure. Always know where it is. Security system and hire someone to watch the snail. F€¥ that snail! And f€¥ worrying about where it is!

  44. They only say the snail cannot be killed. Wait until you see it for the first time then capture it in a tupperbox. So nobody can ever release it, put that tupper into a personal vault, have the vault welded shut, and then toss it into international waters from your $1 million personal yacht.

  45. Surround the property with salt. If it still moving, it’s time for you to move to your other house… Conversely this can be like a Dorian grey thing and keep it in an airtight container that won’t break and keep it in there ?

  46. Surround the snail with salt. Imprison him and make him watch your decadent and luxurious life from within his sodium chloride Phantom Zone.

  47. A snail can only travel 200 meters a day. Technically you can build 2 houses 400 meters away from each other and just move back and forth every 2 days or whatever math is

  48. In the spirit of the game: If you fly 12000 miles away, the snail will take 400000 hours to go that far since google estimates the speed of a snail is .03 MPH. Therefore it would take 45 years for the snail to get close to me again. So I'd take the money, fuck off to Australia, and most likely die of old age before the snail could get there. Worst case I hop a plane back to America one time.

  49. I'll just put it in a bullet proof glass container, seal it then keep it where I can always see it. It's better to know where it is everytime than worry about its whereabouts all the time.

  50. If it manages to kill me, would the snail get the $10 million? I need to know if it’s in it for the money or just the killin’.

  51. I've just searched for it: a snail's average speed is 0.02 mph. It'd take 50 hours to move 1 mile. Earth is 25000 miles in circumference (give or take). Simply move half way around the world from it and it'd take 625000 hours to reach you. I think that works out at a little over 71 years. I'm 38. I don't care what happens in 71 years! Bring it on, snail! 👊🐌

  52. Take the money make a donation to NASA and also as part of the donation, donate the snail to them to take him on the next trip to Mars 😹 leave the snail on Mars. Make sure you don't visit Mars

  53. Again? We’re doing this again? Is this fucking platform nothing but repeating the same joke/thought experiment over and over until someone comes up with a new one

  54. How fast and strong is this snail. Get a friend to seal this snail in concrete. Wrap that in Rynoliner. Bury it. Slide friend a cool mil

  55. Stick the snail in a locked Aquarian. It cannot die so I Don’t worry about feeding it. Put on the mantle in my living room to remind me to Live, Laugh & Love.

  56. I need more info. How smart is the snail? Is it like riding buses and hitchhiking, or just slowly sliding along the ground the whole time it's chasing me? Can it open doors? Like what superpowers on this snail am I dealing with here?

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