1. I have to cus I am on the spectrum and I say some overly blunt shit sometimes and I have had friends get really upset when I just don't know how to talk to people lol.

  2. Or "This text is definitely hostile, but being criticized hurts my delicate fee-fees and I can't take it nearly as well as I dish it out."

  3. My brother-in-law thought it meant “lots of love”. There was a woman at his work who would send him emails ending with lol. He hid from her and would politely leave common areas if she came in for months before finding out what it meant.

  4. Have you ever sat across someone in a large event and kept messaging back and forth and you say something witty and they reply with LOL? It’s like “Witch, you didn’t even smile!”

  5. I have never once used "LOL" even back in my AOL chat days. I always went with "haha" or later possibly using an emoji.

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