1. Especially postop. When my early postop patients come back losing like 1lb per week I want to scream.

  2. Go to the state fair and then rejoice at the fact that you'll never have a shortage of patients as a cardiologist (or any other specialty that deals with sequela of being a land whale).

  3. the best part is i dont even think the doctor was trying to be mean or insulting, he was just pointing out an obvious fact that he looks malnourished.

  4. The bariatric surgeon I met was brutal too. Seemed like it worked for his practice though … people kept coming back 🤷🏼‍♀️

  5. Sooooo my sister and I are semi-obsessed with him. She does well for herself and really there's nothing I could think of to get her for her birthday that she doesn't already have, so I paid $250 for a personalized birthday video from Dr Now for her 😂

  6. I once opened a sleeve gastrectomy and there was very recently chewed pepperoni pizza. So much for not eating after midnight

  7. Doctors revenge after they spend money/time for unnecessary"CASPer" test and had to repeat it each time they apply for matching.

  8. Sometimes people need tough love. Nothing else gets through to them. CASPER would rather us tip toe around the problem and nothing gets solved.

  9. I love him. You’re responsible for your health. Your doctor can give you tools and tell you what needs to be done. But your doctor isn’t going to come home with you and do those things for you. It’s your life. Take control of it.

  10. Dr. Now is a badass. General/Bariatric/Vascular trained, and has performed lap gastric bypass, EGDs, and IVC filters on his show in patients who are massive.

  11. There are people on the show who will gain 30 pounds between appointments and say it’s water weight from traveling

  12. She probably is horribly malnourished, due to eating processed foods with few nutrients. Overfed, undernourished. But anyway, I like that doctor's style. Pussyfooting around life or death issues is not going to help her, especially since she is so clearly in denial.

  13. Lol this is the secret to psych patients you. Challenge them when they aren’t meeting goals, a little confrontation is good.

  14. Dr. Now is my hero. My all time favorite was the patient who said they weren’t eating anything and still gaining weight- he called her “delusional.” I think he finances a lot of his work through the TV show and probably has the patients sign a iron clad waiver before appearing. This means he can be honest and not worry about Pres Gainey and corporate patient satisfaction scripting. Yet, I rarely see him giving up on his patients, who are the most difficult of the difficult. True empathy comes from actions not coddling .

  15. God I love when PTs think they know better than health care workers. Like bitch here’s my stethoscope I’m going to lunch have fun in there.

  16. It’s a stupid test that allegedly tests students’ empathy and communication skills before admitting them to med school and screens confrontational and judgemental students out. It’s widely used here in Canada and some US schools.

  17. Being fat will kill you - its just a matter of how much sooner compared to if you were a healthy weight with a healthy lifestyle.

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