1. My favorite is instead of giving students a week off after midterms like in the past, they add a week of required wellness and professionalism lectures. 8-5 Mon-Fri to ensure students were adequately professional and well before continuing with the semester. I think admin personally forgets the best way for students to be well is to have breaks from all requirements (emails, lectures, and studying).

  2. Don’t think they forget, I think they know and dont care. Just a way to have something in the schedule in case they run into legal troubles down the road. We are simply the commodity they recycle every 4 years

  3. jesus christ y'all have 8-5?? my school only does lectures 8-12 each day and then a couple hours in the afternoon for other stuff but usually we have that time to ourselves

  4. It’s control. And when someone offs themself from the stress and bullshit of medical school they can say “look we had resources and wellness lectures for them” and then pass the blame. It’s fucked up.

  5. Never mind the holiday events. Let’s give them a round of applause for consistently scheduling exams on a Monday cuz god forbid we take one weekend off to relax

  6. You forgot to thank them for scheduling like four exams in a 7 day time frame, so that we learn to multitask so that we can do surgery on 4 patients at once, and make more money and save more lives! Tough love is good!

  7. 🙏 and thank you for your continued venture into the Monday morning exam followed by Monday afternoon lecture method, I don't know what I'd do with my free time if I ever had even an evening off

  8. I’m always a fan of when we get sent our rotation schedules literally an hour before we are supposed to be there. And I love how you get your schedule in 1 week increments rather than just giving it to us for the whole rotation at once

  9. I remember sitting for 3 exams back to back and then 2 more the next day. 3 all nighters straight. I didnt even remember I was a human. Passed the exams purely due to muscle memory, word association and may be due to some previously earned good karma. I am usually not very lucky.

  10. Imagine being in a full-time job and expecting days off after every event you personally deem important to you.

  11. I worked 50-60 hours in a research full time job before med school and almost always had weekends and holidays off, along with vacation time. I think the issue here is not expecting days off, but that with better planning you could give med students breaks that would help them perform better.

  12. Last time I checked, I wasn't getting paid to go to medical school. People pay 30-60k a year to learn and such schedules aren't conducive to learning or overall mental health.

  13. the point isn't to have the day off after, it's that you can't even enjoy the event because you have to study for the exam the next day. In case of a Sunday... it doesn't even count as a day off cause the test is Monday lol

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